Health Care Workers Bear Heavy Burden Of Rampant Spread Of Covid-19 | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Health Care Workers Bear Heavy Burden Of Rampant Spread Of Covid-19 | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow shares video of Nebraska ICU nurse Nikki Tomlinson discussing the personal strains of dealing with the onslaught of patients deathly ill from Covid-19. Aired on 11/20/2020.
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Health Care Workers Bear Heavy Burden Of Rampant Spread Of Covid-19 | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. BTW, I was moved by your words, last night, Rachel. Susan and you are in my prayers, and those of my family. You were so right. Take a good look at the one/s you love the most, and ask yourself what you’d sacrifice to keep them alive? Then, wearing a mask shouldn’t seem like too much to sacrifice, right? Thank you, Rachel. You have the words

    1. @Ash Roskell I disagree with you on the part about retribution and revenge. We need to start working together with conservatives. Without cooperation there is no Republic.

    2. @Dana Ball : I choose my words carefully. I don’t want, “retribution,” or, “revenge.” A reckoning is an example that stops cowards from deliberately sabotaging our Republic. It is necessary for the sake of preserving that Republic, and the Constitution upon which it stands. It is an unemotional assessment of what must happen, if we are to have any future. And, though I want to see Conservatives and Liberals working together, (as we have been doing in the Lincoln Project, of which I am a member) certain people, including trump and his most egregious saboteurs MUST face justice, or there is no hope for America. Our, “norms,” and, “guard rails,” have proved WORSE than useless against our most determined enemies, and must be codified, into LAW. But, most of all, our laws must now be SEEN to have meaning. Crimes punished, betrayals answered for, and investigations UNIMPEDED. Biden wants to lower the temperature. But, the door swings BOTH ways. Donny should never have used the DOJ as his own defence service and SS unit? Well then? The DOJ should be INDEPENDENT, which means hunting down America’s traitors to the full extent of the law, WITHOUT INTERFERENCE! Don’t you agree?

    3. @Ash Roskell Well said. We’re long past the “both sides do it” argument. Sure, we can debate what’s wrong with the Democratic party…it’s admittedly not perfect. But Democrats, including _President Elect Biden_ and _Vice President Elect Harris_ , aren’t the existential, fascist threat that trump and his Republican lackeys in Congress have become. Not even close. As a former Republican who finally left in 2016, I don’t say that lightly.

      Democrats in Congress are the only ones who’ve at least tried to do their jobs of keeping a check on trump’s out-of-control executive branch, even when it was politically risky for many of them.
      Meanwhile, Republicans have all but abandoned their oaths as they continue to protect and enable trump at all costs to the country.

      As 200+ pieces of legislation sit on his desk collecting dust (including a bill passed by Democrats back in May that would’ve extended help for the unemployed and aided small businesses), Mitch McConnell won’t move on even the most _bipartisan_ House bills, because trump and the GOP care more about petty partisan “wins” than governing for the good of the country.

      Only until trump and his Republican enablers are no longer in power can we start to fix what’s wrong with a system that gave us a crook like trump in the first place.

      But if Republicans like Mitch McConnell keep holding onto power, there’ll be no point in even talking about reform…because the American people will no longer have a voice.

      “Elections have consequences”.

    4. @Dana Ball There’s a difference between retribution and Justice. If a drunk driver crashes into and kills your loved ones, you may not seek retribution if you are the forgiving sort. However, the courts, with or without your consent, will seek justice. Trump and his Confederates have committed very serious crimes and must be punished. It will be up to the FBI, Homeland Security and DOJ to determine the charges, not the media, not public opinion nor partisan politics.

  2. Wow was wondering what was going on with you you are a Beast Reporter!!! Prayers for you bothstay safe for Holidays

  3. These Doctors, nurses, EMTs and support staff are heroes. They put their lives in the line to save us.

    Thank you.

  4. Not to rain on the current parade of vaccine optimism, but covid-19 could turn out to be like the flu in that it changes every season, so the current batch of vaccines may work for the old strain but not for the new ones that may appear. All the more important to quickly install an administration prepared to use science and combat the pandemic.

    1. It could, but so far it does seem to change more slowly than that. If it mutated to be no more dangerous than a cold, that would be best.

    2. People are already having repeated cases, so there’s either new strains, or limited immunity gain.

      The world heath organization is already working on the facts, use every precaution you have not to get it as long as possible.

      Polio had two stable strains and one that mutated for example. The mutated one was eliminated, and most of the rest, maybe the last of it, no new cases in a little while.

      They eliminated that by using vaccines on anyone that could have been exposed with contract tracing, and community vaccination programs.

      Limiting the spread is always required to get control of a disease.

  5. Stay strong , have faith and hope Rachael. My prayers and thoughts for your Susan as well. Goodness will overcome Evil.

    1. Thoughts and prayers are worthless. What doctors and nurses need is compassion. Everyone must take universal precautions and stop spreading Covid. Wear a mask, avoid crowded spaces, social distance, stay home and only go out if you are an essential worker or to buy essential household items. If you aren’t willing to follow those simple measures save your prayers for yourself and lived ones.

    1. @LulaMae21 so true. I’m a nurse with stepdown and ICU experience but my April 8th flight to the US from India was cx. Now here I sit. I’m a travel nurse and one agency offered me $6700 a week. I’m 62 and asthmatic and if I could fly, it’s so risky. Much love to our colleagues on the frontlines.

    2. @Nurse Kathy Don’t let the haters bother you. Funny thing is, the mask refusers are the haters, and they are the most likely to risk their lives by ignoring health officials. Covid is waiting for them.

  6. brilliantly said, ty ms tomlinson and dr maddow. exactly, and they have been pushed to the breaking point. the VERY least we can do to help them is to wear our masks and social distance. btw, so very happy that susan is getting better! you had me in tears yesterday over how much you love her, it was beautiful. God bless.

  7. This is what Trump will never get. He hasn’t got the heart to understand someone else’s pain or the loss. He will never feel that. He will never know. And that is why he lost.

    1. @Nina • Govt officials: No evidence of voter fraud
      • Judges: No evidence of voter fraud
      • Dept of Homeland Security: No evidence of voter fraud
      • Election Officials: No evidence of voter fraud
      • Legal Experts: No evidence of voter fraud
      • Media: No evidence of voter fraud
      • Cyber Security Officials: No evidence of voter fraud
      • _Trump’s own lawyers:_ No evidence of voter fraud

      • Random trump keyboard warrior on the internet: FaKe NeWs! ThE TRutH wiLL CoMe oUt!

    2. @P Muller P Muller no evidence of being able to do simple research! pathetic! The truth does not need you. President Trump will be inaugurated in January. I guarantee it.

    3. @P Muller You’ve shown the truth about the lack of voter fraud, but Trump supporters still won’t listen. Everything that goes against their beliefs is fake. It’s just like dealing with cult members.

    4. @Nina Why are you so firmly supportive of Trump? He’s just a business guy who ran for elected office. What makes him so special?

    5. @Dana Ball The funny thing is that trump isn’t even a decent business man. He once proudly referred to himself as the “king of debt” — trump has always used credit with abandon, has 6 bankruptcies to his name, and has run every business he’s tried to start into the ground.
      Trump is nothing more than a dumb reality-TV host…this is who his followers chose to run the country into the ground, just like he’s done to his businesses. And his Republican lackeys in Congress just sit back and let him do it.

  8. USA suffers through not having a universal healthcare system, the reasoning for that is Americans have been brainwashed from birth that nationalised health equates to socialism. What they are not told is people in those western nations with universal healthcare have the option of using health insurance and private hospitals. Pharmaceuticals in those countries are a fraction of the price.

  9. We are destroying these people with pure selfishness and ignorance. So what are you going to do when the system collapses along with the medical staff? All for the sake of some foolishness around wearing a mask. Just do it folks. Mask, distance, wash – how hard is it, huh?

    1. @Dana Ball just how stupid are you? You believe its real i havent wore a mask since this started. Havent gotten sick one time its fake.

    2. @KING OTTO If it’s stupid to follow the advice of health experts and scientists, then call me stupid. If it’s stupid to follow the advice of Fox News and Trump, then I’ll call you stupid. Glad you’re not sick. Good luck.

  10. Celebrities and Americans are still going to clubs or social activities. It’s not just the orange man’s faulty. Have a proper lockdown where people go out only for food and medical products unless you want to decrease the population. How can African countries who are still economic slaves to USA and Europe manage a pandemic better than the self appointed guardians of the world.

  11. We need to have a general fund for all health care warriors. All their household expenses and utilities should be taken care of by we in the community.

    It’s “our own” who are causing this. There should have been a complete lockdown which would have been once and for all to stop this.

    The virus cannot live on its own. Had everything just stopped completely, spread would have stopped. The virus cannot live on its own.

    Help for heroes is on McConnells desk…in the meantime, there needs to be immediate financial support.
    The government is not working for now. It’ll be two more months…..

    1. True. They’re all Heroes & Patriots who risk their lives in this War, with little or no leadership from 45 & the rest of his Red-eyed brood

  12. I say that on the day Covid is officially undeclared a “global pandemic.” We should have a day to celebrate these workers, kind of like Canada Day or Labour Day

  13. As a retired registered nurse i am most worried about all the doctors, nurses, resp therapists, and other hospital and clinical staff.

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