1. Hiding statistics is REALLY SICK. I googled today cdc website for death overview. and 3.4 percent of deaths for 2021 are for under age 45. Hmm the least vaccinated group. Ask cdc????

    2. @lauren vega-cruz Yep. Fed tax dollars. Then our health insurance costs will all go up as insurance companies cover losses from antivaxxers.

    3. @Patrick Murphy Yea , and to top it all off there are groups forming in the unvaccinated circles that throw blame on the vaxxers, and are set to target these vaxxers for retribution when the mandates finally come down. Life In this country ain’t gonna be no fun at all I’m afraid , fear will be the only daily occurrence.. but that’s what everyone seems to want , I guess that’s what they’ll get…..

  1. DateLine North Mississippi.
    The part with hospital’s every 4 county’s.
    1 1/2 years ago a couple I know BOTH graduated from Nursing School with RN license’s.
    There not interested in Medicine or Medical care these days.

  2. The frustrating thing is those beds are full of idiots instead of folks who didn’t have the opportunity to get a simple shot to prevent their illness.

    1. @MyndGod AndPsyche The overwhelming majority are the unvaccinated. They report this every single day.

    2. @Claude Boily 3 things that cannot be supplied as a business

      The US has been greedy with its healthcare for at least 160 years and 30 Presidents because *it’s inherent in the US economic system.*

    1. Absolutely! I feel the same. So VERY glad I’m out of the health system and don’t have to put up with these idiots that are roaming around spreading this! Do they really think they are bulletproof?

  3. When you think that back in last year’s fall Mississippi had lower infection numbers than today despite having no vaccine, it’s mind blowing

    1. @Nathan K No, they protect others from me in case I am sick. I wear my mask to protect others. Glad my comment bothers you so much. Bless your little heart. Let me count the ways IDGAF what you would prefer.

  4. Yep, I’m hearing of and know personally more and more people coming down with this Delta crud. It’s spreading faster and seems to not be a respecter of age, previous health issues or anything else. Yet, so many people are walking around as if this pandemic is over. Sorry, but It’s not.

    1. @Sandi Harris What? I heard one caught Covid from his neighbour from ¼ mile away, while he is working on his front yard, and nobody else within ¼ mile.

  5. So basically the hospitals, for all intents and purposes, are now closing in the South. If you don’t have staff you don’t have a functioning hospital. I wouldn’t blame these severely overworked and publically abused doctors, nurses and support staff if they all just went home, they’ve had it with the fool patients.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the grid collapses like it did in TX, but this time, it’s by the virus.

  6. I got vaccinated and continue to wear a mask in public, because I am not a murderer. How many Americans fall short of that simple benchmark?

    1. @john wallace I challenge the medical care, protocols from CDC are try nothing but ventilators for the most part. You could try pumping rich vitamins into the blood as as example

    2. @Sandi Harris notice that ruth depew is oddly silent due to her own obesity. she wears 2 masks from dawn to dusk because she fears covid, but she chokes down cheese& butter without concern

  7. get the anti vaxxers to manage the bed …. they shud witness 1st hand the results of their superimposed liberty

  8. It’s not surprising, these anti-VAXX people are crippling our medical infrastructure, and it can happen as fast as it did in Kabul. Dr’s & Nurses can only take so much. NOT Fair! 😡

    1. I googled CDC 2021 death stats. Under age 45 makes up 3.4 percent of deaths. Hmm and under age 45 is less vaccinated. Ask CDC????

  9. some wont get the vaccine, some won’t mask.some won’t let their children mask up, still others insist on not socially distancing , Covid is thinking “America has been very, very good to me”.

  10. You must get vaccinated with the highly effective “vaccine” or a vaccinated person might get sick
    From the virus they got vaccinated against because you’re not vaccinated
    Makes sense to me.

  11. You must get vaccinated with the highly effective “vaccine” or a vaccinated person might get sick
    From the virus they got vaccinated against because you’re not vaccinated
    Makes sense to me.

  12. A “vaccine” so effective, you need a booster… 2 months after taking the first 2
    Makes sense to me.

  13. When they say “Delta” what they really mean is;

    We need more fear to get people to take the experimental 💉

  14. The frustrating thing is we are bringing over Afghans that are untested and unvaccinated in a city near you

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