Health Experts Discuss Need To Increase Testing, Reduce Delayed Results | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. Yet another typical liberal comment. When will you guys wake up and realize this media outlet is just flat out lying to you? The UK is the worst place in the world as far as this virus, besides China, which have been lying about their numbers since Day 1.

  1. America in the movies: The Rock in Fast and Furious
    America in reality under t’rump: The Rock from The Tooth Fairy

  2. In the San Francisco Bay Area, it takes 5 days to get your results. How many people can you infect in 5 days?

    1. ​@BB Wolf and in that study I mentioned (which was the real life release of the virus into a city of 5 million people), testing, super human tracing & isolating of all contacts has meant that in just 3 weeks it’s been possible to reach a point where there are no new cases of unknown origin popping up for 2 days in a row & positive signs that the city might be on track to return to covid-free & re-open & return to fairly normal again. No lockdown, not even masks or closing of pubs, restaurants, night clubs etc to do that. A request for people to please avoid going out if possible for a couple of weeks, but no rules about it as of yet (and won’t be if everyone possibly exposed keeps getting tested & isolating if requested to do so by contact tracers).

      Why hide in your basement when proper testing & tracing can instead eliminate the virus& restore the economy? Businesses will certainly miss the money from anyone who hides in their basement won’t they! NOT a good plan for your country! Just fix the dam virus!

    2. @Lilac Lizard I bet you also believe in those “polls” they keep shoving in our faces lol. Yeah, those polls that said the EXACT SAME THING this time 4 years ago.
      “Hillary leads Trump by double digits” – July 2016
      “Biden leads Trump by double digits” – July 2020. Haven’t you clowns figure it out yet? LMAO

    3. @SouthSide Chicago The way this is going, the winner doesn’t really matter. Whoever it is, the result will be an out of control & angry trump in the whitehouse for the upcoming American covid winter

    4. @Lilac Lizard To even think that Dementia joe has a chance is ridiculous. Try paying attention.

  3. Test! Test! Testing! This simple formula & concept is something even a 74 yr old senile Man/Child should get & understand!

  4. Yesterday:

    The USA did 820,000 tests and saw 63,000 cases. This gives a test positivity rate of 7.7%
    The UK did 166,000 tests and saw 580 cases. This gives a test positivity rate of 0.3%

    So yes, Trump is right that the US is doing a lot of tests. However to try and claim over and over again, that the only reason we’re seeing 60,000 cases per day is because of testing! Well that’s an absolute load of ****!

    1. @Football Nerd Your metaphors are silly. This Kung Flu is not nearly as deadly as liberals have hoped. To even suggest that ANY democrat would’ve done a better job is laughable. Facts are facts, you can deny them all you want.
      “Can you imagine how bad things would have been if Trump was the one in charge of closing down and reopening the states?” But was he? NO LMAO Did pelosi and biden try to veto the travel ban and border closing? YES, they 100% in fact did. Big difference kid lol.
      You liberals play this blame game all the time. Funny how not 1 negative word is ever said about China. You remember China right? The country that lied to the world, arrested their own doctors, and literally welded doors shut, locking in their own people. Nope, it’s all Trump’s fault.

    2. @Lilac Lizard All inclusive doesn’t differentiate. The total is in the file as a reference to the other causes, I don’t care about. This file has data back to 2013 and you will find the weekly numbers on the limited dates list you referenced.

      Covid is a nothing burger.

    3. SouthSide Chicago You pay attention. The UK was one of the worst cases. But they did something, unlike Trump.

      After Brazil and Mexico, Trump’s response is the worst.

      Today is the first time I heard Trump take the coronavirus seriously.

    4. @WDEMMEL Covid is a nothing burger you say?

      Do explain the mass graves, and refrigerated trucks with body’s…..I’ll wait.

  5. Even with comprehensive contact tracing & isolation of all contacts, after fast test turn around, a recent study showed a single case will become 83 cases within 2 weeks with the current virulent virus out there, so obviously that testing turn around time is a problem!

    That study btw was a real life release of a single covid case into a virus free city of 5 million people to watch what happened. It spread over an area hundreds of kms in size & caused new clusters of cases everywhere it landed, from gyms to restaurants to churches

  6. I hope no one thinks the senate is gonna pass it after the house does. They don’t want testing. It will take a toll on POS numbers.

  7. Keep the faith, fight the good fight and stay true to our lord Jesus Christ. Time is almost up. Hang in there, hang in there just a little while longer.

  8. The newly developed COVID test from Monash University in Melbourne is being tried in the UK.
    It will allow quick evaluation of vaccine effectiveness as they are tested.

    1. Go get infected. You have the right to catch the virus, but please – stay away from others. They have the right to stay healthy. Both sides will be happy.

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