1. @David Baird Ottawa is clearly being ignored and we are doing well and going in the right direction!

  1. Could I buy underwear and bra somewhere! You closed even in Dollarama some stuff to buy! It is enough now! Let me… take care about my health myself! I

    1. @The Lammens What ever you do don’t buy Athletic Wear underwear buy Fruit of the Loom underwear and buy a size larger than normal. I went cheap and bought Athletic Wear and couldn’t even give a spare unopened package of them away. Two months later I bought Fruit of the Loom. Couldn’t afford Stanfields due to zero interest rates. I used to wear Stanfields when interest rates were ten percent.

    2. you can’t buy socks or underwear at Dollorama but you can buy sun tanning lotion :/

    1. @parkerbohnn thatโ€™s an absolutely horrible thing to say. I would delete this tbh

    2. Cut the government payroll…. politicians, professors,” medical experts”….were all in this together!. I got my Covid shot…..there must have been 200 employees there, suckling the taxpayers teat.

  2. When will they open up the Toronto DUMP?……………………………………and the Toronto Transfer Stations


    1. Adam Becker has 120 pinball machines in his barn up in Keswick but won’t let anyone play them.

  3. We got fucked I legit thought stay at home order was expiring sooner… donโ€™t know if may 24 weekend is going to work either for this stay at home order to expire

  4. When I learned Fat Doug decided to to deny workers sick days based on ideology over science I realized we were screwed….and we are.

  5. We have the longest running strictest lockdowns in North America says Ford. He says it like its a great thing and something to be proud of.

  6. Something needs to done about these public health monsters. They will abuse and destroy our kids if we let them . Disgraceful. They are incompetent and completely dishonest. I dont beleive s word they say.

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