Health Officials Warn of 3rd Covid Surge in Jamaica | TVJ News - April 30 2021 1

Health Officials Warn of 3rd Covid Surge in Jamaica | TVJ News – April 30 2021


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  1. Third wave lol a joke this an unu a tek the whole a UK visitors dem in may onward lol stop scare ppl no one believe covid anymore cause u say one thing and do another

    1. Why the Government don’t control this virus its getting from bad t o worse we can’t even buy food every week the food price go up plenty people not working so how are we going to servive in Jamaica the Government must do better if you test at the air port why it reach in our Country do better.

    2. @Leonie Forbes they’re liars. They are pushing an agenda. All a dem. And scare tactics to keep the people in fear to take the V. Undrew hopeless is a disgrace.

  2. When it hits your family, friend or you, you’ll know if it’s a scamdemic…. This thing is real, take the necessary precautions

    1. @Veronica Facey you belong to the sheep NATION…. so you’ll never question NOTHING….you’ll say yes to anything you hear on the MSM….FEAR already taken control of your SOUL…

    2. Everybody shut up u r been led to the saulgter house like like sum animals n zombies no but u wont c it that way because unnu don’t have no common sense or intuition to realize something is not right vaccine made India so why this madness going on bio weapon chemicals them let go on the people India continue to follow the government n cdc w.h.o n news dem ago twice up unnu brain a confuse unnu hull dunce unnu dem a led all unnu gah stray u idiots have been played by the global elites

    3. @Shandays Plays actually I literally was in Macy’s department store talking to a native of India and she told me that the media is exaggerating the claims. Yes people have fallen ill and persons has succumb to the illness however, it is not according to how MSM has been hyping things up.

    4. @reel gena real yute exactly, a shipment came last week and now this week there’s a 3rd strain? That’s not by coincidence.

    5. @Mimi same thing I was just saying. I spoke to a native Indian just 2 hours ago in Macy’s and she gave me a different account as while.

    1. Mr Government why should you lift the travel ban on the UK you putting everyone at risk

  3. You can see tufton hurting, manipulating the country.
    And allowing travel for tourism…

  4. mi wish a uno in a parliament first catch it, because it’s the fast spreading covid-19 and uno still open up the airport them, and tell we say we wust stay a we yard kmft them nuh want nothing good fi wi

  5. How can they say they want to protect the people of Jamaica an they are going to open up the airport to the people that’s coming from the UK I want to know if the government going to pay our bills because this stay-at-home not working we have light bill to pay and rent to pay also and kids to send back to school what is going on really I thought you guys wanted to protect us but now this is something different how are we going to eat

  6. dem need to lock dwn on the airport’s look at India and they are saying new variants of the virus exist

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