1. We need more wealthy donors to support projects like this to help at-risk people. The irony is that the girls in this project will be able to read books that are being banned in Florida, Texas and other US States. Hell, all women in the US has the same lack of control of. Decisions over their own bodies as the oppressed women in Islamic nations. But, our women have fewer rights than many Latin American countries that have accepted the Papal revisions allowing abortion and encouraging women to take responsibility for their own health and the welfare of their families. It is now possible for Mexican, Colombian, Panamanian Roman Catholic women to have abortions to prevent poverty of their other children….US men are just like Latin men and run from their duty and responsibilities once an American woman becomes pregnant.

  2. Huge Respect & salute to your big support & generosity for girls’ bright future Joe, best wishes ahead to you all guys 😍👏😮❤️

  3. The women, the girls, the mothers of this world have always been Earth’s best hope for sustainable happy healthy communities. I believe Mothers tend to think more about the health of the children, and community in general, mothers nurture the communities where they are true community leaders. Thank you for supporting this cause and the global mission for equality.

  4. Thank-you both for highlighting this world wide problem to us. Education for girls has a massive effect on the worlds economic situation. Worth learning about this if you doubt this fact.

    1. India and Yemen have both tested programs, paying parents of girls, to keep them in school. Both were highly successful in bringing down local poverty rates. A girl who marries, and starts having children, rather than finishing high school, is doomed to bring up her children in poverty and domestic violence.

  5. This makes my whole heart smile and is a reminder that good people still exist… I needed just that.🙏❤️❤️❤️

  6. Ever impressed with the heart, spirit – and most importantly, actions – of Joe Gebbia and his family. Truly an exceptional human!

  7. In a world filled with evil, it’s so good to experience that there are still good people around. Malala is an exceptional woman, being almost killed by Muslim lunatics for wanting education, she shows extreme bravery and humanism.

  8. Good on Joe for making such a large donation. Coming from the right place, such assistance can have a threefold impact.

    As for Malala, what is there to say other than continue doing what you’re doing.

  9. Thank you for your kindness to help all these young girls who want an education but can’t get one. I hope she can help these girls get the education they deserve.

  10. Malala is truly a diamond most beautiful, and have inspired countless millions of young women and girls whose lives have been improved and their quest for further education uplifted, whose flame burns brighter even after the Taliban tried to silence her, and who will forever be named among the greatest of heroes of our time.

    I champion the call for more female leaders in our society!

    Lady Yousefzai, you are the embodiment of the Strength and Resilience of the World. And the World loves you ❤❤❤

    And Joe Gebbia, your donation for such a worthy cause is the most generous I have ever seen made, and so fills my heart with so hope for the future of our world. I will support AirBnB whenever and wherever I can. I thank you personally!! -wJ

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