1. This is the start of justice…….not the arrival of it! This brought me to tears of joy!!! Rest in peace George, because you’ve changed the game for all of those to follow!

    1. @CHANNEL Q Which one? There are so many and most cliche’s are rooted in fact. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. This isn’t over.

    2. Change the thug game for sure, fake cash, gun warrants, running with gun’s, resisting arrest your now a victim not a criminal hurray.

  2. Guilty was the right verdict. But George Floyd is still not with his family. I grieve for him and his family.

    1. @Dshew89 D you on the other hand don’t seem to have had the privilege of learning how to properly spell in school.
      Low education and racism, they often go hand in hand. You are proof of that. Don’t be an envious low life, be better than that
      No money in the world can replace a loved one who was murdered out of the blue. Even YOU must know that.

    2. He’d probably be in jail anyway. Between the drugs, robbing pregnant ladies & passing fake $20’s. Jail or death was his only 2 options.

  3. He’s right about being so relieved, I hadn’t realized how much until hearing the verdict.

    1. I think it’s because we all really had accepted he would somehow get away with it. It’s relief but also surprisw

    2. @Dixon Uranus I don’t think so. There’s been a shift in the past years. The jury was sequestered. They deliberated and clearly took time to review the case and provided a unanimous verdict. There will be no get out of jail free card for Chauvin.

    1. @luschu lol Nazi? If they were Nazis why are you still here? I remember the Nazis didnt let freedom of speech or freedom of the press but here you saying whatever flows out of that mouth. Pick up a history book

    2. @Williams Nike Have you ever seen a history book let alone read one? Quite obviously not. The Republicans, just like the Nazis are far right wing. Google it and you’ll see.

  4. Thank God justice was served, I feel for the family and especially for his little girl who said that DADDY IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD God bless you baby

    1. There is more justice to come, from the hand of the Most High. Biblical justice requires execution in cases like this.

    1. @baked nacho If you only watch CNN you’ll only get racist reporting. Just look at the Charleston church shooting where CNN made sure to get out there that 9 blacks had been killed but when reporting about the Colorado supermarket killings in which 10 whites were killed, not one mention of their race! NOT A MENTION! CNN IS RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. How about Daniel shaver. By far the most brutal murder by cops I’ve ever seen but he’s white so no ones ever heard of him. It wld ruin the false narrative

    3. @Kyle Ayres that could have been considered premeditated murder, that cop was unhinged. But I’m sick of this defund the police, and they are all bad and corrupt. A cop in New Mexico just got executed along the highway in broad daylight. Between the hate, low pay, danger, and having to put up with assholes every day it makes you wonder anyone would want the job.

    4. @Mark Warren every “unarmed black man killed by cops” has ton of grey area ranging from “shooting at the police” to Floyd who was as close to straight up murder as I’ve seen of any “unarmed black man”. None of them come close to Daniel shaver and the cop that gunned him down has been walking free for years. Democrats don’t care about blacks people and they certainly don’t care about police brutality.

    1. @Williams Nike Hopefully soon fingers crossed! No explosive briefcases mind but I’m hoping to collect some… trophies shall we say when the time comes. 😀

    2. @Claus Von Stauffenberg LARPING hahahahahahaha what’s it like living in a fantasy land? When your life has no meaning that you actually think you gonna take down the “Nazis” lol oh and btw Stauffenberg failed.

    3. @Williams Nike Did he? Your Führer had both physical and mental health problems afterwards. The war was won. Fascism failed, (as per usual). He gets infamous and has a museum and streets built in his honour. Why so salty bro? 🙁

    4. @Claus Von Stauffenberg lol “everyone who disagrees with me is a Nazis!!!” LARP LARP LARP! You’re the resistance! Such a sad life.

    1. Since George Floyd was killed over a thousands blacks have killed other blacks in Chicago alone. Biden does not care about black lives. Liberals don’t care about black lives.

    1. @dayone life is borderline. most people dknt understand this. They think life is god and devil lol.

  5. For those who repeatedly made fun of , mocked George’s life and death and saw Chauvin as a hero . Guess who has the last laugh ..

    1. No laughs or justice in this case at all. There are many victims here….Floyd’s family and Chauvin’s family…What would happen if we come together and mourn all?

    2. @Joe Biden 46 Oh, we have life alright, and we know to keep our friends close, and our enemies closer…and you are way-out numbered!

  6. This is the only verdict that could be reached. Nine minutes and twenty nine seconds on George Floyds neck. =Murder.

    1. @Good Vibes yeah they also watched the news and saw what would happen if they didnt convict. This was not justice at all.

    2. @IControl Gaming it’s clear as day that Chauvin killed Floyd. There’s not the slightest shred of doubt. Yes, it was justice.
      Stop stupidly repeating stupid right wing talking points

  7. Now that is what a leader sounds like. Such a good difference to the last 4 years of hate and division.

    1. @Muddy Water To you, in your distorted disjointed World, only PERFECT PEOPLE CAN BE HEROS…
      George Floyds death will pave the way for The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act 2021….this will help millions of people in America.
      Karma is IRONIC…..

    2. @Williams Nike Having empathy is a basic human emotion required for a functioning society.
      Otherwise you’d have a populus full of psychopaths. The US has more psychopaths than most other countries, and you seem to be one of them.
      And so I need to explain to you, since you can’t feel it: for real human beings, it is possible to feel with people they don’t know. I do fee with people I don’t know every single day.
      Most people do.

    3. @Muddy Water So….his death led to the Policing Act and you will definitely need it one day….TRUST AND MARK MY WORDS!!!!!
      Good Luck

  8. “He that would secure his own liberty must guard even his enemy from oppression, for if he does not, he will set a precedent that will reach to himself.” Thomas Paine

    1. People that rob pregnant ladies are not resting in peace. Floyd is cooking good right now. He will come out the other side a better person when his soul is ripe for reincarnation.

  9. Thank God for sending his angels, the bystanders, at that exact moment! If it wasnt for that video and their testimony..the cops wouldve erased all body cam evidence! JUSTICE HAS PREVAILED!!

  10. This is so touching to hear President Biden and Vice President Harris sharing all of their compassion with George’s family Rest In Peace George. You were a good man, you will live in Humanity and you will not be forgotten, Things will change for the better.

  11. My heart goes out to the Floyd family. There’s nothing that’s going to bring back their loved one. I hope that this officer being convicted on all counts and probably going to prison for a very long time brings them some semblance of peace in their lives

    1. @artistcomplex “it still seems sad to knock a guy over asking for a collective moment to contamplate.”

      It’s called acting. And you better hope the Devil isn’t real.

    2. @Mystery Science Gaming 3000 we all give a persona or mask to the outside world, if you demand and expect full and open honesty from everyone giving a speech then your missing a few core consepts about how human interaction works. Also I need not fear the devil as again, its a very human invention.

    3. @artistcomplex christ what you just wrote is another reason I should have went into politics. what you said is pure nonsense. Trump did not hide a damn thing about his speeches or his motives. I do not either. Normal people do not do that so don’t make excuses for con artists like sharpton, biden or obama. It is pathetic.

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