1. After nearly 50 years I first heard of them it’s refreshing as cool water to listen to Woodstein. Such a clear thinking and bringing the thinking on the point.

  2. I am a strong Democratic man and how anyone can actually think that voting for Trump or his insurrectionists and traitors is reasonable is unbelievable!

    1. @Jamey Stone Trump did a good job driving them down !!!! And yes I do but you seem like you think you know because of your statement…. But ok Biden has no power , we all know that 😂 .

  3. If you consider yourself a patriot, you owe it to your country to watch this hearing. The truth is important even if you don’t like the truth. It is a learning, teaching moment this country needs to hear. The truth will be told, we should not be afraid to hear

    1. @AlexYounger maybe if I talked like your president u would b able to understand me better. He is surely the face and mind of all of u. Willing to bet your just as smart. Did I spell everything right sally?

    2. If you consider yourself a Patriot, you would denounce the lawless, divisive, condescending, racist Democrat party. Democrat-party is systematically-racist, racist back then, racist today, so if you’re a democrat, you are America’s racist citizens of today.

    3. @Peter Hallett And were they up against does weilding semi automatic weapons?
      Get a different analogy.

    1. @Cat Cassie Faux “News” reminds people they’re an entertainment channel when they get sued for lying.

    2. @Jayyy Zeee You are just angry because people prefer to watch the factual 2000 Mules. You’ll be alright. 😂

  4. You had courageous Republicans condemning the president’s crimes this time, but their spines crumbled a few days later when they visited him and kissed his ring.

    1. @Sad Kangaroo sad little Joey. Mother and father kangaroo were siblings, weren’t they? 😢

  5. “I just want to find 11780 votes, which is one more than we have.”
    —Former U.S President Donald Trump

  6. Thankfully we still have some of the OG”s around to school the current generation on history, integrity, and the honest Truth. Let’s hope there are enough good people out there who are willing to listen.

  7. The difference is the lack of people of integrity. People want the power at any cost. The actual nation and Constitution is secondary.

    1. Power and money and fame and etc etc etc…

      The nation and the Constitution are far down the list from secondary!

  8. How nice it is to have Woodward and Bernstein to give some historical perspective to the January 6th coup attempt. They’ve been in the business a good long time.

  9. The dark shadow of an entirely unelected President Ford pardoning Nixon without even a trial is what haunts us.

    1. No Jody, President Ford was never elected. In 1972, Nixon was re-elected with Spiro Agnew as the vice president. Agnew resigned on October 10, 1973 when he was exposed as having accepted bribes as governor of Maryland before becoming vice president in 1969. He pleaded no contest to charges of tax evasion and resigned the vice presidency.
      Gerald Ford, who was Speaker of the House, was next in line in presidential succession and was appointed vice president to fill the vacancy left by Agnew.

      When Nixon resigned in August 1974, Gerald Ford as vice president then became president to fill that vacancy.

    2. “Our long national nightmare is over”, he said. Then, Ford pardoned Nixon so we could ‘move on’ and restore our faith in our government.

      THAT didn’t last very long.

  10. I love Bob Woodward,he is a fantastic author and his books are so very interesting.Thank you sir for all your interesting books👏🏾🙏🏾

    1. Bob Woodward is a strong ideologue and dare I say a demagogue. I take very little of what he says with much credibility.

  11. Mr. Woodward and Mr. Bernstein are from simpler times when politicians cheated to win elections but still respected the the results of elections and the American Constitutional system.

  12. From Ireland 🇮🇪 he shouldn’t be free to still be able to spew the lie. How much more evidence is needed to indict him?

    1. None at all. The more Chump talks, the easier it is to indict and convict him. He’s like the clap, a gift that keeps giving!

  13. God bless Bob Woodward—he is a True Patriot among many PATRIOTS who want to see justice served…

    1. He also had on tape Conald Caligula admitting that Covid 19 was a killer and he said nothing. It has been the first time I have ever felt he put a profits over the public’s right to know.

    2. Unfortunately, he’s another one with the books. Keep their mouths shut until it’s time to make some more $$.

  14. This trial can not happen soon enough! Thank you for this interview. Two and a half years the American people have waited, grieved, worried and wondered, “ When will justice be served?” We need to know our government is protected and honored in order to actually believe again in this country’s morality and humanity! Remember the scars, the wounded. Remember that our government is the PEOPLE’s representatives! WE WILL NOT TOLERATE WHAT HAPPENED ON JAN 6, and we can not be at peace until Trump and all of those who participated are punished severely.

  15. An excellent segment with a couple of old Americans speaking from a place of great wisdom, a wealth of historical knowledge, and laying out why watching the hearings is important for us to be well-informed and to be part of preserving our democratic republic by following through on the rule of law and seeking justice for those who’ve violated the law no matter how powerful they are.

    1. Law? Like in Portland or Chicago. You a nut? Stop misappropriation of words and the definition of them.

  16. There were so many great lines during this interview. The one that really hit home was the very last line “They do what Tucker tells them.” Nothing could be more true. 2 men own GOP, Trump & Tucker.

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