1. A million years from now, intelligent life from another galaxy will be excavating and studying the ruins of our failed civilization.

    1. @J Groovy Such a non-orientable wormhole would make it possible to turn normal matter into anti-matter on demand, at the moment when we need it for power generation. It would eliminate the need for a safe storage of anti-matter because we could store the mass in form of normal matter.
      Until we can create wormholes there may be another intermediary solution, a new kind of nuclear power. Recent calculations indicate that an entire new periodic table of stable superheavy elements may exist which was dubbed “continent of stability”. The nuclei of these superheavy atoms would not consist of protons and neutrons but of freely flowing quarks. This would represent a much lower energy state of matter, the true ground state of matter composed of quarks. These nuclei would be able to absorb protons and neutrons in a reaction similar to fusion, but 10% of the mass would be released in form of energy, much more than the 0.7% of conventional fusion. These nuclei would be able to absorbs indefinite amounts of protons and neutrons and would slowly grow to heavy chunks of matter which would be denser than ordinary nuclei of atoms

    2. Isnโ€™t that the tragedy? By all evidence, the conditions for life are supremely unique and exist nowhere else. The speed and scale of the climatic changes we are creating makes the long-term survival of our civilization unlikely, as it has only emerged and thrived within a narrow range of ideal conditions. Our success has come through increased complexity, which increases our collective wealth and knoweldge, but as a consequence increases interdependence and therefore vulnerability. Itโ€™s the metaphor of a chain being as strong as the weakest link. At the same time, we are the most adaptable organism on earth because we use evolution and culture. The other organisms currently here are adapted to an ice age, and most canโ€™t evolve within decades. Mammals have fur and no sweat glands, they require abundant fresh water. This is on top of stress from toxic chemical contamination and shrinking habitat. This is all to say, at least one species with a higher intelligence emerged on earth, the bio-diversity loss and coming mass extinction is exponentially limiting the chance of that happening ever again in the universe. It is a unspeakable tragedy, borne of a supreme arrogance.

  2. Let’s see what the oil and coal companies and the politicians who get money
    from them have to say about this.
    My guess is that they will fight it tooth and nail.
    And the billions they give through lobbyists will only increase as it has done for DECADES.

    1. @wreckin ball
      We buy almost everything from China:/ Even phones we are using right now, is made in China:( Might as well buy solar panels too.

  3. Climate neutrality and independence of non-regenerative resources, that will be one the greatest steps of mankind, even of Life as such on this planet! โœŒ๏ธ

    1. @bngr bngr They are the most expensive power generators of all. That’s the last thing we need.

  4. This is absolutely amazing and something rich countries should get behind as the impacts of climate change (caused by industrial revolutions in said rich countries) are focused on the poor.

    1. @robinhood 46 Doing such a feat would require pretty much the entirety of our energy to be dependent on renewables to some capacity. This idea, as of right now, is unfortunately not feasible.

    2. We could have done this since the 90ies with desertec.
      Alas, our progress has been homeopathic thus far.

  5. _”Why isn’t the market doing this already?”_ Why such weird questions? Anyone, just anyone, knows that the market is directing its main effort to the customers that pay what _”it’s worth,”_ according to simple profit calculations. If you want to change the market, you have to be a rich state that year after year can subsidize new technology, till it becomes profitable according to the market. The current turn towards solar energy was due to Germany subsidizing it during decades. Every economist nowadays knows that the market doesn’t do the right thing, it does the most profitable thing, whether it is right or wrong.

    1. Sounds like this proposal would depend on massive subsidizing for the new technology and infrastructure, and then the costs of the electricity would be determined based on the maintenance of what was already paid for. That is the only way they can make it appear to be cheaper than what we have today.

  6. The process of turning it into LNG is old and very simple. It burns leaving NO residue, has calorific value than gasoline. Any country with sewage systems can harvest it quite easily. Oil companies have always managed to veto the idea.

  7. I don’t regret going solar power on both my home and car,100% off the grid, I haven’t paid a power bill or fuel bill in years

  8. I’ve lost all hope that the leadership of my generation will act fast enough to pass legislation to begin reversing climate change. The GQP whines about the necessary legislation hurting the economy (what effect do you think submersion of our coasts will have on the economy?) and/or deny the problem all together while the Democrats can’t act fast enough due to the inordinate political power of the senate minority. Individuals can do only so much to reduce their carbon footprint, the government needs to step up and particularly the big polluters and energy users like the US.

  9. Self interest is for the past; common interest is for the future. D.Attenborough
    Native: Your kids can name more KPop groups than types of trees. – S.Sherman
    Trump: The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive.
    COP27 needs to be held in Tuvalu or Maldives.

  10. Hydrogen power is the way to go. Not electric cars…Hydrogen fuel cell cars.
    The platinum problem had been solved and has been replaced with a much cheaper
    We need to have massive solar platforms put into space to beam back power to receptor nodes in the form of microwaves…that beaming of power had already been tested by Nasa many years ago and retested in Japan by Mitsubishi…and it works.
    China has plans to place a massive solar platform up into space by 2054.
    The Sahara desert can supply a vast amount of energy to the world.
    One example has been what Morocco had done just using mirrors to heat certain liquids
    to generate power.
    See the vid ” Morocco turns the Sahara desert into a solar energy oasis”.
    But I would say Hydrogen power to replace cars are the way to go with the new improved hydrogen fuel cells and using hydrogen Plasma Kinetics to store hydrogen in a solid
    form that is very safe.
    Plus we can use advanced graphene to skin the surface of a Car or building to produce power.
    Hydrogen power coupled with solar is the way to go.
    There has even been a paint like coating that produces hydrogen when exposed to sunlight.
    The tech is there…….It’s waiting

  11. Wow. I thought the title was overpromise, but I was mistaken. That’s excellent… and truly doable.

  12. Summary: Rockefeller foundation is providing solar pv and battery storage to rural areas of relatively sparse population that are currently served by diesel generators. Getting your power through diesel is expensive and competing against diesel in these markets is what many novel energy technologies do until they become cheap enough to power the grid. It is what the market does, but if you are the Rockefeller Foundation you can buy integrated advertising on CNN and claim you are doing something bold and new when you are literally doing what everyone else does in this space.

  13. What CNN calls bold, America calls wasteful spending or inflation! ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  14. 3:15 – What’s he’s saying is that the local governments can’t be bothered to do so and hand it off to the worst ways because they refuse to do their jobs. In that case I say that the governments and the politicians that refuse to do it on their own should be held liable.

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