1. @Harms Way If its fantasy you’re looking for then the republican party is for YOU, because you won’t find facts with them. Violence like this is a result of poor education, crappy family morals aka illiterate republican families or worse homeschooled haha

    2. @Jay Steve he can say he did it and save himself tule away from camera time and hateful eyes on him. I really wish she went down swinging tho, that’s the only silver lining here.

    3. He’s an actor. This is a psy op like most everything else. The situation being reported is dead give away. Think about it.

    1. @Cody Russow They always find a way to bring politics into it. They are so far off the charts. I hope they find a new hobby instead; something worthwhile.

  1. there’s so much evidence. It’s almost like he set himself up. He wanted to get caught. that’s why he’s so calm

    1. I don’t think he wanted to get caught, because I imagine he wanted the insurance money. But I think he’s proud people know he killed her, now that he has been caught. I think narcissists work with what they have, so now that he’s caught, he’s “owning” it proudly. If he had flown under the wire, he would be calling for her death benefits daily lol 😂

      It’s sad that she was so close to getting away from this sleeze.

    2. He’s a malignant narcissist. No matter all the evidence he left for law enforcement to build their case, he still believes he will get away with it. Too bad Massachusetts tax payers have to finance a trial for this sad excuse for a human. I hope there are relatives and friends to help the poor children. 😔

  2. He step by step described what he was doing. Gave the police the exact timeline 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    1. @David J he left P,B & Jelly sandwiches, milk…and a hand-written journal…AND a vlog of the whole thing

    2. Yep what a goof.. did he really think he was gonna get away with this with all the evidence he left behind.. the google searches says it all.. crazzy how dumb some people are!!

  3. She was the mother of his 3 kids, did he think about them while he was sacrificing their mother🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. And he has ruined the lives of three little children forever I mean really and truly. That should be as criminal charge of some sort.
      I’m not a person who is a hater but this man, should be hated.

    1. *+ he using his own reply to a comment above, as this thread–Maybe he’s related*
      @M He step by step described what he was doing. Gave the police the exact timeline 🤦‍♀🤦‍♀🤦‍♀


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      5 hours ago
      This guy didn’t leave bread crumbs, he left whole slices of bread.

  4. This will be the shortest trial in history. He needs to just plead guilty and save us all his misery and tax payers money!

  5. Throughout the prosecutor’s presentation, the defendant is entirely expressionless. It’s as if he was watching a baseball game. He’s one cold SOB.

  6. He looks like he knew this was going to happen. He gives up on pretending to look upset or surprised, because he knows the whole account is accurate. He’s done, caught, locked up, never getting out.

    1. Or they think someone goes missing and just cuz they say she left or watever people are going to stop searching lol it’s like they don’t even think like normal rational human being

    2. This guy didn’t stand a chance! Who the hell murders thier wife and after he googles all that crazy stuff.. did he think the cops wasn’t gonna look at electronics in that house.. this dude is a goof and needs to be put away for life!

  7. Guilty on ALL counts! Of all the things he could have been searching for, he searches for how to murder and hide his crime. May his kids and family find mental, spiritual, and emotional healing for the trauma that they will experience for the loss of their mother.🙏🏾🙏🏾

    1. agreed ( obviously innocent until proven guilty in the court of law) but we have seen this sad movie before and know how it ends. Reminds me of the Jennifer Dulos case

    2. @Cinday L0Ve most dudes are searching up porn, woman are searching up their guys ex girls friend or weight loss – this loser is searching up disposing a body and inheritances

    3. @Cinday L0Ve He’ll probably try and claim he’s becoming a mystery writer and he was doing research. It’s just a coincidence that the victim in his story matches his wife.

    1. What about the wife???? Anyone feel sorry for her? She was butchered in her own home by her husband and dismembered alive. You feel sorry for her? Anyone? In America, why is it that we talk so much about children and kids that we look past adults? You know cute kids turn into adults eventually, are they not worth anything when they are no longer children?

    2. @Shipwreck I don’t think their feelings of pitty for the kids necessarily negates any feelings of pitty for the adult woman.

      I’m wondering why you assume that they are mutually exclusive, and what that indicates about your past.

    3. @Shipwreck of course what kind of a question is that? Like seriously like you said she has more than likely passed now the kids won’t have a parent these kids are so young

  8. The fact that people still think murdering another human being is an option and think they’ll get away with it when making such revealing online searches is mind blowing.


  9. The epitome of evil and selfish. No care for himself, her or their children. Just leave. Why kill her? Why do this to your kids? My love and prayers to them. God I hope she didn’t suffer and is resting peacefully with God and found soon for a proper burial🙏🏽

  10. My heart goes out to those poor children wickedly deprived of their mother. As per him, I hope the jury finds new ways to invoke HELL on his behalf. 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  11. I am literally in tears right now. So many questions that may never be answered. Those poor babies will never see their mommy and will know that their daddy is a murderer. Daddy killed her because he cared more about money than an actual person. There has to be something, somewhere that says she was worried about her safety, doesn’t there? I just can’t with this. This man is pure evil. Nothing at all behind those eyes. Just darkness.

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