1. Chris showed unbelievable restraint. I wish I could hug him. He looked so hurt (not just physically) from the fact that no one came to his aid. Will had a whole group comforting him, got to stay, received his Oscar, standing ovation and partied with his family and peers after the show. An appalling display by everyone there who condoned the violence. As a child Chris was relentlessly bullied, and I really hope this traumatic event doesn’t cut open old wounds. This incident can easily cause PTSD. Prayers for Chris. May God keep you strong and keep the demons away.

    1. @a lader i never said she deserved it, but it’s incredibly entitled of her to think she’s more off limits than anyone else in that room.

    2. Chris was wrong but Will’s reaction was immature. He should have handled it differently, for example stand up and tell him that the joke was offensive.

    3. @Jenny2tone Mastectomy isn’t a physical illness either, but both are abnormalities that come from disorders. Both affect body image. Why defend Chris Rock’s bullying?

  2. Chris showed his child/children (if he has any) how to conduct himself/herself. I’m so proud of him

    1. @Aussie Tim I didn’t know if chris has a child/ children or if he does if it’s boy or girl

  3. If any of us got caught on even CCTV, never mind national TV, slapping someone, we would be arrested and charged even without a complaining witness.

    1. @a lader No, you are excusing the inexcusable: Battery in live TV. Red card in a football match. Any sport he would be out. In the street he would be in the police station. Only in the Oscars he gets a standing ovation

    2. @a lader obviously the guy is either a drunk or a junkie, there is very little chance that somebody would have reacted in such a way otherwise

    3. @Sonya Gomez lady I am not excusing anything. Don’t you dare put words in my mouth. You comparing the Oscars to sports is plain stupid and you’re coming at me like a crazy person!

    1. @Matthew Alkman don’t worry matt,getting an Oscar from now on means ur a woke kinda guy,and u don’t want that mate

  4. That incident had nothing to do with Chris Rock. That was Will’s relationship with his wife and how he can’t handle it. Chris was the innocent bystander who’s benign joke lit the fuse that was just awaiting opportunity. A cowardly act from a man who can’t face his marital problems.

    1. @Peter Nordquist will was already laughing when the ” joke” landed and I’ve seen plenty of people laugh in anger just before poping off so that means nothing

    2. Correct, if he wanted to slap someone maybe while his own wife was speaking on her “entanglements” with other men and making him a fool, he should have started there. Evidently, he is a push over for her and it will end up being to his detriment.

  5. Shame on the academy, Denzel, Bradley and the “other dude” plus the whole of the audience standing and give him a ovation? Hollywood is sick with their elite privilege! Rock rocks!

    1. At least Denzel seemed not pleased in how Will smith used Denzel’s quote in the acceptance speech

  6. I respect Chris Rock he was so professional if it was me immediately hit him back

  7. Two comedians are the grownups in this story. Chris Rock for handling an awkward personal assault incredibly well,
    and Jim Carrey for speaking his mind on it, with a few direct down-to-earth, wise and even empathetic words.

  8. Chris was assaulted and bullied on stage. He handled himself well but they should take what happened to him more seriously. There is no excuse. Chris has a right to feel safe on stage like everyone else among his peers.

    1. @TheBrothersstyle I don’t think Chris Rock cares if someone is sick or not. He’s a petty bully.

    2. @Sam Miller I don’t think you know who Chris Rock actually is. And I don’t think you should ever go to a comedy show because you will get so triggered and cry

    3. @xXStevesGuildXx I think good comedians know how to read the room. Chris Rock obviously couldn’t read the room.

  9. Chris Rock is a real gentlemen for displaying such patience whilst quietly enduring and carrying on with his life. He is a better class of person than Will Smith and his entourage, and for that matter the Academy and the audience.

    1. Chris rock got wide about will smiths wife n got absolutely leathered by will. Simple. Same thing would eh happened here, in north Berwick. Can’t just get away way being cheeky pal 👍

    2. @Darren Mcposstot but now Will is stain and Chris is more loved and respected than ever, Will is not coming back from this one, “smart” move from him… thinking violence will solve anything you are just asking the wold against you and you or anyone can’t handle that.

  10. This incident makes me feel so much respect for Chris. He smiled through humiliation. A lesson for us all. A class act indeed.

    1. @Sam Miller bully is a word meant to be used to make little kids feel better. Never to be used in a situation involving 2 grown men…this is what they do at every award show, anyones fair game

    2. @Shane O’Mac put Ricky up there and nobody would have d balls to say boo to a goose,its called boys to one real man,let them slap heads

    3. @Shane O’Mac bully is still a word for adults because while you have to grow old, you don’t have grow up. Chris wasn’t acting like a grown man, neither was Will.

  11. We love you Chris, you are a wonderful man! Professional and showed us that you are a master in comedy and truly a good guy. This whole thing is a mess, but you are the real winner here!

  12. Chris doesn’t have to come back on this and talk about it even though he’s a master with words and comedy. He’s already won.

    1. True. That’s my feeling as well. Or if he does need to talk about it, he can make funny insinuations and references to it without once mentioning either Will or Jada’s name. Just like a wink and a nod to the incident.

    2. Master!!!! Think 🤔 ur getting carried away there friend,or just getting giggy with it,will is dead in d bed for that,he can just sit back now and enjoy his 💰

  13. Will Smith crossed the line by slapping Chris Rock. He is 100% in the wrong. Even though he felt he was defending his wife, that was neither a mature nor civil manner in which to do so. It was a joke, not an attack on Jada, even if she or Will felt that way.

    1. Both Chris and Will are 100% in the wrong. Chris comments were neither mature nor civil. Chris was a bully.

  14. Actually Will has a way out of this just by turning on his eye sprinklers, which he can do on que, and pleading “I just couldn’t take it when Chris insulted my wife when she has this disease” bit that he will play to the hilt. As far as getting his Oscar taken away, the Academy need not ponder, Will Smith flushed that Oscar down the toilet his damn self. His Oscar now means nothing

  15. He deserves some sort of award, he could fight back but he didn’t, he could make a sean make disrespectful jokes but he didn’t, he could have just walk away but he didn’t that shows that he strong and mentally stronger than will

  16. I think Chris Rock has won the hearts of many after behaving maturely and professionally. kudos to him from Ghana

  17. To know that Will Smith refused to leave when asked to by the academy is just disgusting.

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