1. My heartfelt condolences to the poor man who lost 5 family members in a day. I cannot comprehend his grief, but I truly admire his steadfastness and the resilience and bravery of ordinary Ukrainians.
    Prayers and blessings to you!!!🙏

    1. @markivrimusic Flagged for misinformation. I know you’re a sad lonely little troll living in Momma’s basement. Looking to piss people off.

      This isn’t the time or place. People are dying. Russia has invaded Ukraine. The world knows. We have the technology. We have satellites, cellphones, cameras, CCTVs, the international news stations, our world leaders special intelligence forces, and the internet keeping us connected to the truth.

      Who are you trying to fool?? I hope you lose your account and get the mental help you need. Honestly. Disgusting. I won’t respond further. Bye momma’s little basement troll.

    2. @Галина, This post is flagged as false and misleading. Firstly, there is no evidence that NATO funded Neo Nazi paramilitary groups or even that such groups exist in significant numbers in Ukraine. Secondly, there is significant evidence that the Russian military has killed civilians, oftentimes in what appeared to be avoidable situations (e.g., rocket strikes on villages with no known strategic advantage or proximity to military personnel/weapons).

    3. @markivrimusic, This post is flagged as false. There is significant evidence that the Army of the Russian Federation is fully operational in Ukraine.

  2. I can’t even imagine losing one let alone five family members together. It’s heart shattering.

    1. I can imagine the fascist KKK Democrats finally meeting justice and being hanged for their multiple crimes.

    2. Youtube seems filled with Russian propagandists, extreme right Putin supporters and just horrible people who is fighting an information war to support these atrocities, always repeating the same anti US statements, the same lies about Ukraine, trying to shift the conversation to middle East conflicts or even pretending Ukranians are sacrificing their lives just to stage sympathy. Is a shame what has come internet to be. This lie show must be stopped, you will not bury the truth or the suffering of these people. To all hones people here. Fight disinformation, tag and denounce these comments wherever you find them.

      Truth is important and clearly they are spending a lot of resources to prevent the truth reaching to Russian people. This is a war every hones people should also fight for. A war of truth against lies.

  3. It’s sad how a child on a wheelchair died. The world has to come together to stop that bad guy.

    1. @pugetwitchI sad and sorry for war any where it takes place.. Why is this war any different from Iraq or occupied areas in Syria.

    2. @Lohit M C you’re clearly another Putin paid Troll. Social media regardless of ownership are platforms where individuals can post whatever they want and even if regulated by moderators, many postings will just overwhelm the moderators. Social media does allow both actual information and misinformation to be posted which is why they are a problematic source of misinformation in a free society but in a totalitarian society that has invoked laws calling anything that contradicts the government as criminal, basically Russia, social media becomes the last refuge of actual information. Your feeble attempts to claim the social media are just US propaganda only shows how you are flailing in your erroneous argument. Propaganda requires control and that is what you don’t have with social media.

    3. @Sören Nilsson Not going to happen without nukes eventually flying around. NATO will not go to war with Russia, the US will never allow that.

  4. This is so cruel. When you actually see the damage it hits even harder… 🙏🏻. Pray for these ppl.

  5. I support the Ukrainian people who have to suffer this unfair and horrible situation. I support the Russian people who oppose this war even if they’re too afraid to say so. Putin is the only person to blame.

  6. This is so heartbreaking. As a parent and wife, I can’t imagine what he is going through.

    1. . . . No one can understand fully, until we have experienced it ourselves.
      Thank God we can have some empathy, and thank God we are so fortunate (for now).

  7. My heart goes out to all the Ukrainian people. The Polish people have really step up with aid, shelter, and everything else.

    1. From what I’ve heard, they’ve been doing a lot. More so than any other country. They know what it’s like to be invaded.

  8. My prayers go out to all of the Ukrainian people! You are so brave and courageous! God Bless You and watch over you! All my prayers go out to you!! 💪💪💪💪💪💪

    1. United State of Hypocrisy. You will never see a segment titled “Hear CNN reporter’s questions for US after seeing bombed homes”

  9. This is so heartbreaking. Poor man, i cant imagine how he is going through right now. He needs a hug and prayers. Prayers for this man and the people of Ukraine. Rip to his families.

    1. United State of Hypocrisy. You will never see a segment titled “Hear CNN reporter’s questions for US after seeing bombed homes”

    1. United State of Hypocrisy. You will never see a segment titled “Hear CNN reporter’s questions for US after seeing bombed homes”

  10. My condolences to the man who lost 5 family members in a day. This war or any war justification is pure madness.

  11. So sorry for his losses. My heart breaks for the people of Ukraine and the Russians standing up against this war.

    1. @spymaine89
      Do they pay you well for those bullshite propagandist comments, or are they holding your family?😏

    2. @KB Peters Are you serious when you say this…i will need more time to list where all of America and your peacekeeping predecessors fought wars..KOREA AND CHINA 1950-1953/ GUATEMALA1954/INDONEZIA1958/CUBA1959-1961/GUATEMALA 1960/CONGO1964/LAOS1964-73/VIETNAM1961-73/CAMBODIA1969-70/GUATEMALA1967-69/GRENADA1983/LEBANON1983-84/LIBYA1986/EL SALVADOR1980/NICARAGVA1980/IRAN1987/PANAMA1989/IRAQ1991/KUWAIT1991/SOMALIA1993/BOSNIA1994-95/SUDAN1998/AFGANISTAN1998/YUGOSLAVIA1999/YEMEN2002/IRAQ1991-2003/AVGANISTAN2001-2015/PAKISTAN2007-2015/SOMALIA2007-2011/LIBYA2011-2015/SYRIA2014-2015….As you can see that thereis a long list..to know this too,America financed the opppsition in Syria to bring about a civil war and then come to liberate them with bombs like it does all over the world….As you can see that in some countries she came back several times,to bring ”freedom” and democracy…..YOU SHOULD BE ACHEMED OF ALL THOSE WHO YOU MENTION RUSSIA AND YOU FORGET AMERICA…I CAN SEE WHO AND HOW MUCH SUFFRING HE BROUGHT AROUND THE WORLD ARE NOT EVEN FOR COMPARISON…..Now count how many countries AMerica has been at war with,here if it’s hard for you i’ii tell you ,33 interventions unlike the Russins who were at war 5 time ……..

    3. @Dea Boschi



      East Germany




















      I didn’t have time to do South America.

      Putin wants the old Soviet territories and colonies back. He isn’t going to stop at Ukraine

    4. United State of Hypocrisy. You will never see a segment titled “Hear CNN reporter’s questions for US after seeing bombed homes”

    1. And the people of Palestine and Yemen and Somalia too! Right wing CNN should report on them too!

  12. A bridge too far. It’s just heartbreaking ..that we as Americans …have to see the horrible situation in Ukraine. Thank you for the update. Heartbreaking story. ☮️🇺🇦⭐️🇺🇸

    1. These type of atrocities are happening all over the world. These are the actions of greedy, evil, egotistical men that have no problem murdering innocent people and putting others on the front lines while they remain safe. Such cowards. They should all be taken out. And still, we have people in the U.S. throwing a fit because they have to pay more for gas.

  13. A man that has built a life, a family, part of a society, a neighbor, husband, father, now gone in a moment. Only left with a overwhelming numbness to the world.

    1. United State of Hypocrisy. You will never see a segment titled “Hear CNN reporter’s questions for US after seeing bombed homes”

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