1. Proceeds from the sale of these confiscated yachts needs to go to the Ukraine government so they have some more funds to rebuild part of their country with it …

    1. Yes, let’s give zelenskyy another billion in offshore accounts and another mansion in Miami 😂

  2. Think of all the business, homes, and infrastructures also own by Ukrainians destroyed. Why should Russians Oligarchs think their any different. After all its their war like it or not. Next time pick a better leader.

    1. @William Greer Russia is wrong on invasion , but it doesn’t mean US is right on every decision.. I’m telling that

    2. Sai laugh at reality all you want 😉 lol I laugh at you guys who are trying to create your own fantasy work all the time.

    3. @Sai Dheeraj Im sorry, bud maybe you are just slow… I already KNOW the information you are referring too and I know you are incorrect. Since YOU cannot post anything, then you are lying. If the “facts” as you claim are that easy then you should be able to post the links…But you cannot….That means you know you are lying 😉 ( just my humble opinion)


  3. Sanctions is a long term effect whereas advanced missiles and tanks will have an effect as soon as they’re deployed.

  4. Oligarks oppinion doesn’t have a strong gravity in Russia from somewhere between 2004 and 2008. Putin’s regime has steadily increased the influence of state-owned companies, redistributed markets of Putin’s trusted friends like Sechin and Kovalchuks and made the judicial branch totally obedient, so that no amount of money can lead an oligarch to go against him vocally – after all, the money do not matter much if you are in a target list.

    1. But Moscow Mitch and Kentucky are very happy with Oleg Derapaska. Certainly the Trump Organization was!

  5. Regardless of sanctions, Ukraine must be given all possible assistance to remove all Russian military machinery of war and soldiers by whatever means necessary.


  6. Seizing/freezing is weak. Pass a law that allows you to sell/use their assets to repair all the damages inflicted on Ukraine, and I guarantee you, these Oligarchs would all be singing.

    1. @Andrew Wind no that wasnt the “PROOF” i was asking for
      not even close
      you just used my post to launch into yet another bullshit spiel

    2. @Andrew Wind thought they shut you all out of the internet. go back behind the iron curtain.

    3. Why not imprison the Oligarchs for the hundreds of violations of international law in all their corrupt dealings? Their assets might make a small dent in the reparations needed for the damage in Ukraine.

  7. “It’s a PR exercise.” I don’t know that guy but I know there is going to be a gaggle of London think tanks, along with banks, retail firms, real estate agents, and others who are going to be crying a lot about how sanctions aren’t the smart thing to do or that they won’t work. May I suggest to all of those people affected who are used to the easy money that servicing tyrants afforded, get another job. Maybe start a PR firm! You can get paid to launder the image of these murderers, which incidentally, you have been doing anyway ! Ukrainians are fighting the Russians on the battlefield; we must fight their malign influence in the heart of our own institutions. We can’t succeed until we acknowledge our common struggle. Slava.

  8. A Oligarch already answered this exact question on this channel already

    Oligarchs obey Putin, they are pawns to protect him, not the other way around. They have very little political influence

    1. tough, they are still supporting him, and the russian people see that. Whether or not they wield much influence is redundant. They should be vocal, and stop supporting him. Their influence is their actions, and right now they are showing the people that they agree with putin. They need to stop, this will convey to the people that there is a problem and they will start to question their leader who has been lying to them the whole time.

  9. The people who sold these properties should be sanctioned and the money returned to the public. Throw the Oligarchs out, we don’t need them.

  10. All assets from the oligarchs should be liquidated to pay for Ukrainian military and humanitarian support.

  11. Really suspicious when Russia government vehemently deny poisoning opposition. Instead of calling poisoning a crime, and promise every law enforcement agency will investigate, till culprit found, and brought to justice.
    Russia calls Bucha pictures fake. But not offer to support investigation by granting unrestricted access with general’s authority.

    1. @dan mac Dan your spot on. The poster known as jane is being disingenuous while trying to present a russian narrative.

    2. @Dale Hartley intimidate by asking for a meeting? You must be terrified all the time in your life, bud. No one is shilling, honey bun. Learn to walk and chew gum at the same time.

  12. The Ruble came back up in value because of a rather draconian action by the Russian government. It is not sustainable and what they have done will actually crash their economy even harder when it comes down. The value of the Ruble is not an indicator of how well sanctions are working.

    1. @Chris Braeuer There were no interest rates of 30%. About 20% and are already falling daily. And the US and Europe are sure to face double-digit inflation in the near future. It will be a huge shock for them. And the dollar is facing even more serious problems.

    2. We should not forget that according to the estimates of most experts, the ruble has been significantly undervalued in recent years. The economically justified rate was no higher than 50 rub/$. The political risks have already been taken into account. This dampened the situation. During the week, the international reserves of the Russian Federation increased by 2 billion. And this was done forcibly, so as not to collapse the dollar in the Russian domestic market.

    3. Yeah standard of living in Russia is great huh. Your gdp is similar to the state of Texas for your whole country. Look up the numbers bud imports exports standard of living GDP etc. Russia for being as big as it is and having all the natural resources it has is at pre invasion of Ukraine times only the 11 th economy in the world would you like Me to list the 10 countering ahead of you

  13. Of course the oligarchs are going to say they have little influence! If they said otherwise they’d be “disappeared”. These people pay salaries to others in their employ. The shi… er stuff rolls downhill.

  14. ” Russia is going to earn more money from oil and gas this year compared to last year , according to Bloomberg “. Most people will not sacrifice their creature comforts to save the lives of people in other countries. However, they’ll vent their moral outrage while being morally deaf and blind.

    1. How exactly does my going hungry or freezing to death save the lives of people in other countries while yours, which has invaded dozens of them, gets rich by selling LNG 40% more expensive than Russian gas to Europe? Do you sacrifice something or are you one of those who a month and a half ago didn’t know how to locate Ukraine on the map?

    2. Sounds weird but that’s what happens when oil and gas prizes rise while the demand remains constant.

    3. A 300% tax on all Russian exports might be a good sanction to start, with all proceeds going to Ukraine.

  15. CORRECTION: I think you are misinformed about the ruble comeback. It’s the official rate like the one that existed in the USSR. While it looked good, rubles were not convertible currency. You can’t buy dollars at that rate, only at the black market at a much higher rate.

    1. If the trend of doing business between countries using national currencies will continue, dollar will suffer significantly. So, I wouldn’t bet on dollar in that circumstances in the long run.

    2. @Viktor Khramtsov on the contrary. the dollar is being held up by the oiltrades(the petrodollar). and the same is true for any international transaction. The US is garanteed a steady influx of foreign currency, and inflation will be averted as long as “the convention” is supported(by whoever that is). the convention is the agreement we humans have, in this case that the dollar is worth so and so.
      It was/is only the uncontrolled quantitative easening that has been going on for years now, that is causing actual inflation. Whod thought that?? print dollar 24/7, and somehow the dollarbill become less valuable. ?? mindblowing eh

    3. @martin winther But have you heard that Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE and some other countries are thinking of getting rid of petro-dollar. Russia is already selling its oil and gas to China and India using national currencies. So, if the trend continues, I don’t know what will happen to those green papers. 2/3 of the world’s population are either supporting Russia’s actions or staying neutral. What will happen if all that inflation will hit US instead of all the countries using it now?

    4. @Viktor Khramtsov 😉 “have heard” – saddam hussein was attacked a week after he announced he would use Euros instead, Venezuela was embargoed and infiltrated a few days after they announced they would move to euro or yen.. Ghadaffi was hunted down after 30 years of dictatorship, – a few weeks after he announced he would stop using the dollar. China opend the “gold bank” (a “bank” where the idea was you could pay as many dollars you want and get them out in whatever currency or raw material you want. Effectively ending all existing ties or hooks any valuta would have to any given valuable(gold , diamonds, petrodollar etc), but was met with import/export restrictions and a changed narrative; theyre now the bad guys, the enemy, the dangerously aggressive expansionist etc. youve heard most of them alrdy. the restriction meant they couldnt live up to their promise; dollar/euro/yen for whatever tradable unprocessed resource youd want.
      And the US quickly caught the opportunity to call russias reaquisition of the historical and strategic important area Crimea for an aggressive annexation, followed by focused support to one of its neighbours where an covert campaign aimed at strengthening Ukraines nationalism, open support/training for a modernisation/upgrade/restructuring of its military forces, including direct supply of forcemultiplying weapons capable of fending off a less organized behemoth, help to instating a very trustworthy and likeable president while painting the russians as a danger to the world,.
      Ukraine found a large deposit of oil and natural gas only a few years ago, and they planned on trading them with Eu.
      Both russia and the US dont like that; russia will loose “local” power(germany /eu and even china is local in this context), and US will loose control over the currency used for trading energy.

      Yes, I have heard about the russian/xchina/india attempts at creating a new way of trading oil/energy.
      But ive also heard about all the finnicky ways to prevent it from happening.
      The inflation of the countries who use dollar to trade oil would be largely unaffected.they get them from other trades or from buying from the US national tresure bank.they dont care if its 10 or 100 dollar bills. What matter is what they can get for it

    5. @martin winther Looks like you’re pretty well educated on the subject. I guess, we’ll see, what’s gonna happen this time. I have no doubts that US economy is heading toward massive crisis right now, tho.

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