1. I had to go outside today and take a walk just to remind myself how fortunate I am to be able to do something as simple as that without living in fear. Those people giving food to a captured Russian soldier who is invading their country and having him call home. Just incredible and at the same time touching that thousands of Russian protesters who all have different talents, and all the people who probably haven’t done anything wrong..🧡

    1. @Ross Reich you must live in another United States, the one I live in starves its people and gives all its money to Nazis!

    2. If he nukes us and hits California, I think the world’s problems would then be solved and we could work out some sort of peace with Russia

      I think if he took out that robot lizard thing that runs Facebook , we can honestly solve this war over disinformation. That’s ultimately what he wants 🤷‍♀️

    1. @Canal do Russo America is going to be friends with Iran when potato head Biden cuts a deal with them

    2. @Tsrif Tsal
      Are you saying you want Biden to cut off all oil from Russia and anything else that would stop his income?? Or are you going to use that as a weapon too??

    3. If Putin can be stopped, let it be done before he goes all out on Ukraine. As far as am concerned, he is still being merciful. I am aware that dey have all d missiles and nuclear weapons to completely destroy Ukraine. Let something be done before he plays his trump card on Ukraine

    4. Martin Luther King would cry out against the Nazis of Ukraine who murdered entire Russian families in the East for 8 years with impunity.

  2. How refreshing to hear a politician addressing the issues and problems without making it about politics!

  3. Marco Rubio actually had a good point, we shouldn’t even be at a point where we rely on russia to a point where they could have control over us, in any way

    1. I don’t think USA relies on Russia that much. They don’t have control over us. We just have to be careful. Marco is a BS trump head.

    2. Just because they call it news and it’s on tv makes it true? May as well ask google or Siri a question lol get real CNN what a joke

    1. @Дмитрий Кэшев putinhead’s tactics: Send your troops in with no water, food or fuel for a return trip and tell them to conquer the country or die. Send the grunts and junk in first to be sacrificed for putinhead’s oligarchs.
      There is no way for the Ukrainian people to win this. Either live under Putin’s thumb or see their country turned to rubble. Putinhead has both the strategic and tactical advantage as Ukraine is bordered by putinland.
      What putinhead wants is total control of the Black Sea. Turkey is on putinhead’s radar unless they have already cut a deal. Black Sea liquid natural gas terminals are being planned that could supply eastern Europe with more western natural gas.
      This was all a done deal between Adolph putinhead and agolf twitler the treasonous traitor while they were in Finland together for their secret meeting. putinhead is gaming Wall Street again and making his short positions good. adolph putinhead might end up with the Ukraine and their natural resources as well. Putinhead gamed the world’s capitalists again by borrowing money at high interest rates and then hoping to repudiate his debt by being removed from the SWIFT system. You deal with a criminal you get burned by the criminal. Capitalists rarely make a long-term bet.

  4. The people of Ukraine have not only shown how brave they are, but they have unified the world against the “man” known as Putin. They are some of the bravest people in the world, and everyone stands behind them.

    1. If the Ghost of Kyiv would just come back.. He shot down like 87 Russian fighter jets.. 32 tanks.. They need him..

    2. Dude let’s secure the Mexican border maybe LOL you can’t even find Ukraine on a map… This all NWO globalist biz … Don’t let them dupe you

  5. I agree with everything kinzinger said here. We have a right to go in and set up a corridor because we were invited in by the legitimate Ukrainian government. Nothing Putin says can change that.

    1. @Ronald McRae
      You must be stupid if you dare to write but not knowing data.

      Have you heard for Finland ? Have you heard for Russian proposals about missiles ? Have you heard Russia talking about EU?


    2. @Kevin Golding no fucking kidding. Do you think that nato isn’t involved already? Have you seen the amount of arms ar ammo sent? They are just buying time.

    3. Putin has about 6000 Nuclear missiles, stock piles of biological and chemical weapons, so he has a lot to say but your to stupid to understand that. Ukraine has about 45 million people and Putin isn’t going to kill even a fraction of that but Nuclear war will not only seal those 45 million peoples fate but erase billions. It may even end mankind altogether.

    1. Millions of innocent civilian were killed in the middle east and in south east asia. Millions were injured and millions lost their homes. American dropped 280 million bombs on Laos, a poor country of 2.8 million during the Vietnam War. And Laos was not even part of the war. About 100 million of the bombs did not explode during the drop, and today the unexploded bombs are still killing and maiming the people of Laos. All are just collateral damage.

    2. Friends, Volunteers from the Usa and Europe ❗ Please help Ukraine in the fight against the Russion aggressor ⛔ Detailed instructions 👉 FIGHTFORUA❗Come to Ukraine, thank you 🙏🙌

    3. Millions of Millions Refugees are knowing the truth ,,,they Spreading the truth about Nazi russia

    4. @Дмитрий Кэшев i Hope i find more of you outside russia, 😘 already ,12 Putin lovers in Germany are ,☠️💀☠️💀 including their families 😘a nice way to Show you my hate

    5. @william pierce you voted for a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein, one who also can’t be left alone with underaged teens. And you’d blindly follow him like a sheep if he said age of consent laws were “communist”.

  6. I am a long way from being a Republican, but LOVE Adam Kinzinger. He speaks his mind, doesn’t use drama, uses reasonable arguments and is not afraid to go against Trump, but not for theater, just principal.

    1. So Biden sends Kamala Harris, VP Giggles , to represent the United States at a meeting about war in Ukraine?
      Is there anyone that is asking ” Is the person we want to keep our country out of WW3?”
      PS is an X politican . Wacko

    2. @Roberto Ketters Spot on! Has anyone heard the leaders of say France, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc speak on Urkraine? Just WTF are they doing BRANDON?
      So Biden sends Kamala Harris, VP Giggles , to represent the United States at a meeting about war in Ukraine?
      Is there anyone that is asking ” Is thIs the person we want to keep our country out of WW3?”
      I though Kamala’s time is securing the US Border?

    3. You “LOVE” a neoconservative warmonger like Kinzinger? Good God. Trump Derangement Syndrome has really warped a lot of minds.

  7. Kinzinger makes sense. He’s not a crazy Republican. He’s level headed on this subject at least and I like him. Signed, a liberal.

    1. @ggofthejungle He’s not and your wrong. The fact that you know nothing of his policies or the many lies he has told means you are ignorant to his history, or you know his history and pretend you dont. Your like the person who comes to the end of the party saying the drunk guys a nice guy after the fact you missed him having wrecked the party and been a A hole the whole time.

    2. @John Rawlings you’re right. I don’t know his policies, but what he stands for recently, I appreciate.

    3. Starting a war with Russia isn’t level-headed. Biden is level-headed. Sanctions and supplying Ukraine is plenty enough.

    4. You want to sanction oil import on Russia? Are you crazy? As he pointed out, that’s what Russia is making $$$ on. People like you need to realize that being on ,,bandwagon” of sanctioning Russia is not going to end well. By the way, Ukraine had a chance to have nuclear power but they said they didn’t want to. It is not our fault, and USA should stay out of that war or anything to do with Ukraine at this point. Now, IF Putin attacks NATO country, then yes, we should respond, even with sanctions on oil.

  8. If I was American this guy would get my vote. Unlike apologists who are too scared to back a no fly zone, Adam Kinzinger stands alone and explains clearly why one needs to be enforced.

    1. Why should we do it? Why can’t your country do it? We’re already spending so much money on Ukraine.

    2. @KesArt Americans lol, to begin with , USA isnt américa lol, América is a continent lol what a miss conception….. Most yankees are Illiterate

    3. @Prinz Eugenius that u should have said to ur polititians over the pass 60 years. Ohh what do u think it was gonna happend after USA army destroyed many countries around the Globe? It’s just karma… USA suffering high prices un gasoline, wait for the balloons to start dropping. It’s just KARMA for so mauch wrong doing by USA

    4. @Seven Stars of the Dipper Since forever The Soviet Union (now Russia) has been named The 😈 Empire!!..This invasion confirms the horrible title they still have…

    5. @Javier Medina I’ll keep my comment Intact and will appreciate you give your advice to one of your kind…with the same opinion …

    1. 1 – I have no political affiliation nor do I think this does or should have anything to do with politics. The idea that everything can and should be politicized is exactly the kind of world that Putin wants. He wants a world where there are no rules, where everything can be challenged. A divided world.

      2 – The best thing everyone can do for themselves is to watch The Putin Files interviews. These are experts on Vladimir Putin. You will get a detailed picture of the man and the Russia he created, and the world he has started to manipulate us into.

    2. Yeah, let’s cause nuclear war! No thanks. We’re doing plenty as is. No more wasting resources on wars.

    3. Do you want a nuclear war with Russia? Is Ukraine’s “freedom” worth the risk of nuclear confrontation? Kinzinger is an idiot.

  9. One of the smartest and respectable GOP members who Isn’t afraid of standing up against his fellow GOP Trumpers.

  10. This is heartbreaking, and our perceived “pain @ the pump” is a drop in the bucket to what is going on in Ukraine and to the people. Anytime we might feel that pain, all we have to do is think of what the Ukrainians must be experiencing…it certainly puts things in perspective.
    This is also one of first wars (could even be thought of as a “world-affected” conflict) that has been covered 24/7 + cell phone video in real time. I’m hearted to see so many countries, businesses and people uniting as a reminder of just how brutal dictators can be.

    1. Agreed. I don’t like paying high prices for petrol but will happily pay high prices if it can help the Ukrainian people and end this invasion.

    2. It would be patriotic of Big Oil to agree to phasing in the extra costs over a year long period. It would help ease into the strain. (Think of cities trying to budget fuel costs into plans when revenue is down.) I doubt they will, because $$$ is the king of this world. (They have already done more than I expected!!! For which I give them just due.)

      We really have no hope of checking Putin unless we get ahead of the curve. As long as Putin calls the tune, and we dance to it, we won’t be safe. He’ll use the nukes as a magic lantern to summon the genie of success from now on. And to him, success is domination.

      I personally think there is more danger in appeasements than action. “Little man syndrome” is driving Putin to irrationality and it will only grow worse with time.

      We might invade Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine all at the same time with a western “special military operation” of our own, and let him see how people respond to real liberators. And warn him loud and clear that any Russian interference could lead to all out nuclear conflict. (He now knows just how ill trained and poorly maintained his equipment is, so why would his nukes be any better?)

      China is watching this play out. They’re taking notes on every detail. They too have ambitions to acquire other real estate by force. And they too have nukes. (Can anyone guess where they will be ruling soon, if we show weakness?)

      Every day an inevitable line draws closer, and a limp weak hand cannot stay the day of the four horsemen. Only the courage to toe the line will carry us through these perilous times.

    1. @AnimeShinigami13 we have to figure nothing. Ukrainian President had to. And not hiding behind the civilians. The escape corridor was compromised by Ukrainian’s Nazi and Azov white supremacy’s. They are afraid to stay and fight 101.

    2. @HELP UKRAINE ya. Help to Ukraine. Because all men want out but president told them to stay. I am just wondering why you have to order to all 18-60 y.o not to leave and fight. My understanding if the country is so good and taking care about own people why you have to order. So stop this BS.

    3. @Hello Haha Ukrainian men are in place and protecting the country❗ But we are few, we need help from Europe, for which we are FIGHTING ❗❗❗

    1. @MrDICKHEAD28
      Your name says it all.
      Additionally, your commentbhistory shows this account is nothing but a propagandist sockpuppet troll account.
      Do they pay you well or are they holding your family?😏


    3. Yeah, man. You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists..er, I mean, the Russians. Kinzinger is just Bush 2.0. Another warmongering POS.

  11. I gotta at least say it is refreshing to hear one of our elected officials be well spoken

  12. Finally a patriot and a Republican I will listen to. As a Democrat he’s one of the only Republicans I respect as a politician and as a human being. I may not agree with everything he believes in but I would be able to work with this man!

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