Hear Hawley’s reaction to Jan. 6 panel’s video of him fleeing Capitol

Hear Hawley's reaction to Jan. 6 panel's video of him fleeing Capitol 1


    1. @Hugh Jorgan I lived in Seattle. And have been for over 20 years. What are you referring to, when you said what happen in Seattle? It was a protest that like a percentage other protests got out of hand. You didn’t see them fighting the cops as you did on Jan 6.
      And your rebuttal is so lame. It wasn’t one life lost there were others including a young replubican lady. But even if no one had die. Do you really think asking your constituents to risk their live or for a lie to stay in power. If you step out of your big republican shoes that are hard to filled in for you, you would get in touch with hour human part you could see it clearly. But you won’t so, I shouldn’t even waste my time but I have. Good evening

    2. @Hugh Jorgan
      As I’m from Seattle, it was a protest. There was no rebellion against a government, just free speech that got out of control.

    1. so its ok for the capital security to be “so scared they called families to say goodbye” that they are heros – gotcha – a republican does it hes a coward LOL

  1. You can land an airplane in the space between how tough Josh Hawley thinks he is and how tough he actually is.

  2. He doesn’t regret giving a fist pump and he doesn’t regret running. He stands firm in his cowardice.

    1. He is PLAYING all these Proud Americans- WHY can’t these people see ?!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    2. I hate retracting but I think I confused former disgraced Missouri governor Grietens for Hawley. Honest is a must.

  3. “I don’t regret anything, I did that day.”
    In other words, he doesn’t regret, running. 🆗. ➡️

    1. The shape of a grasshopper & the awkwardness of an elephant tip toeing.
      You little alpha male Josh, Missouri must be so proud of you.

  4. This is so unacceptable. This country has fallen so far….imagine a senator, 20 years ago, saying something like this and being as combative towards a committee INVESTIGATING AN ATTACK ON THE CAPITOL

    1. @Kenneth Sloboda “What’s unacceptable is ”
      that trump tried to overthrow the government, and hawlass hawley helped him.

      and here YOU are ignoring an attempt to overthrow the government and whining about gas prices.

      gosh, it’s almost as if you’re being paid to deflect…..

  5. Well, Josh, since you find being attacked by the Jan. 6 Committee a privilege, you’re really going to find prison a real privilege. Plus, Federal Prison is pretty nice.

  6. “A stand I don’t regret and won’t back down from”…. Hey Josh.. no one is asking you to do either… we are just laughing at you!

    1. Hahaha…that’s exactly what I thought. Who’s asking him to back down or apologize for anything? He looked like the coward that he is and now wants to come across as tough. HE IS A TRAITOR AND A COWARD, end of story!

    2. @john bower Ahhh..no! Watch the original statements from the coward as referenced by “Ken Y Sosa.”

    3. @LV Dude!! i did – thats what i was replying to; the reporter literally asked him if he regretted it

  7. That short clip of Josh running from the rioters is what he will forever be remembered for, like, that is now his identity, that’s his legacy! He had no problem supporting them and provoking them from a safe distance, but as soon as it started getting bad he ran, and the ones who didn’t provoke or instigate the crowd stayed and faced off against the angry mob. The real heroes chose to stay put and defend the Capital and some of them even died for it. People like Cassidy Hutchinson, Caroline Edwards and Sarah Matthews knew they’d face backlash and controversy from testifying at the J6 hearings, but they all chose to do what was right and they deserve much respect for it!

    1. so its ok for the capital security to be “so scared they called families to say goodbye” that they are heros – gotcha – a republican does it hes a coward LOL

  8. *This is what actually happened. This video is not for kids, it’s shocking…* ALLTIME.ML
    Mr. Dunn – respect to you.

  9. The arragance Mr. Hawley has in this interview is mindblowing. Where is an ounce of humility in this man. We are not sending our brightest people to represent us when he’s one of them. Josh works for the American people. Here in this interview, he clearly works for his ego.

  10. Josh Hawley isn’t “being attacked by the January 6th committee”, they are simply showing his actions on that day that he “doesn’t regret”.

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