1. Wow I’m not surprised that Turtle man went back into his shell instead of standing tall and defending his wife.

    1. @Lisa Hahah, don’t talk to Bill as if he thinks name calling is wrong. Look at the word he opened his stupid comment with.

    1. WWE combined with a desire to be Rockstars (without talent) and Hollywood aspersions. Hard for me to take them seriously as Nation Leaders when they’re acting like entertainment.


  2. Mitch was talking about Herschel when he talked about “candidate quality.” He knows Herschel is bad news but party power country. And he lets his wife be demeaned by a man he will happily vote for. Elaine deserves better. Cruz lays down for the wife bashing too. Cowards!

    1. @L 1) She’s Taiwanese not Chinese. People of Taiwan do not consider themselves as citizens of china.

      2) Mitch not defending his wife shouldn’t be because of her race/nationality, You defend your spouse because THEY ARE YOUR FAMILY! In the words of Justice Clarence Thomas; “I listen to my wife’s opinions & choices. Remember one of her choices was, you.”

      Therefore, if these so-called “men” WON’T defend the honor of their spouses & members of their families should give you a good indication to you what really they think of people & the COUNTRY’S needs within this country! If “they” WON’T defend their FAMILY’S honor against these bigots, clearly shows their lack of honor and how they “won’t” uphold the Constitution that they swore to uphold & defend.✌️

    2. @Vicki Daniels Depending on the source you check, it varies. We’re almost always somewhere in the bottom ten, if not bottom five in education. I just Google it myself, and got three different answers from three different sites. The highest ranking we recieved, or lowest, depending on your perspective, was at number nine.

  3. They didn’t take concussions seriously, when Walker was playing – and the result of that is now running for the US Senate

  4. McConnell has had many chances to have a backbone. Sad, very sad that McConnell is the best they’ve got 😢

    1. He left his shell behind a few decades ago. Methinks he just forgot it somewhere and is too embarrassed to look for it.

    2. He’s the most effective person in the Senate.. he has so much power and when he’s the majority leader..he’s gonna do exactly what he promised.. just watch

  5. McConnell ALSO said, he would vote for Trump again, if he was the candidate… These people are disgusting…!!

  6. There is nothing more pathetic than someone who doesn’t stand up for their family. Gutless and shameful!

  7. Mitch McConnell really is a miracle of modern medicine. Up till now, it was believed impossible for a man to stand upright without a spine.

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