1. Where are the manslaughter charges aiding and abetting and planing for those who died on or after January 6th?

  2. Re: the ability to obtain information from Steve Bannon, does prejudice attach to his conviction, or can he be subpoenaed again for OTHER information, especially since he hasn’t given any ??? HE MAY BE STANDING WITH trump, but he has VIOLATED the Constitution.

    1. @B Bodziak What is the remedy for failure to comply with a legally issued subpoena in a civil case?

      Answer: consult the court rules to correctly file a motion to compel seeking a court order to that effect including various options as sanctions. Including a prayer for relief by way of a finding of contempt in the event that the refusal to comply has been ongoing and belligerent and/or truculent if warranted.

      I sign subpoenas directing the clients of opposing law firms to comply with discovery in civil cases every damn day. My name is on the door of my law firm and it’s on the heading of every piece of paper too. You’re welcome to stop by during regular business hours.

      And why is the outcome of default relative to a subpoena in a criminal case different? For reasons I — and several others — have already explained at length. Different case, different outcome. Distinctions and facts matter. At least to those who can identify obvious differences.

    2. @Emma Willard LOL 🀣 And I’m not even an attorney. Took first year criminal law as an undergrad on a pass/fail (credit only basis) because it was taught by the Dean of the Law School who I had gotten to know through our joint membership on the Board of Student Publications. I was a journalism major. But, heck, it was fun. More importantly it complemented my journalism career by emphasizing the importance of having one’s ducks in a row through methodical, factual research — an all but lost art.

  3. Bannon could’ve chose to follow the rule of law but he chose loyalty to a one term, twice impeached, former president instead.

    1. @WE THE PEOPLE πŸ™Œ nope, you don’t. Your unlettered butchery of the language and your sophomoric immaturity aren’t representative of someone with an MBA.

      P.s. you should have stopped at claiming you have only 1 masters degree not 2 and it might have been slightly more believable.

    2. @Henry McCoy LOL You mean Steve Bannon with a picture of the FT in his hands as intor photo to this video? Newspapers as an educational tool. LMAO.

  4. “I stand with Trump and the Constitution”, I don’t think that makes any sense legally morally or ethically!

  5. Bannon,”I stand with trump”πŸ˜‚. Trump, “I don’t even know him. I took pictures with him. I take pictures with alot of people. 🀣

    1. @Margaret Har That may be so but it’s got bugger all to do with Bannon being found guilty and let me remind you that Trumpet is the king of forgetting who people are when they no longer serve a purpose to him πŸ™„

  6. Bannon crowed he was going to go “medieval;” but, instead, he was quiet as a church-mouse never rising once to speak a word in his own defense. In the end, the one thing he said that was true, before his trial, applied to HIMSELF: “It’s not gonna happen like you think it’s gonna happen.” VERDICT: GUILTY ON BOTH COUNTS …..D’OH!

    1. He didn’t speak because he would have to take the fifth, which itself is an acknowledgement of consciousness of criminal guilt.

    2. @Jao Bidan The trial was not about that… Maybe in the future there will be charges for eventual crimes in connection to 1/6…

    3. This is all a big misunderstanding. Poor little Stevie did indeed go medieval. In days of old and knights were bold, if you shot off your mouth against the guvmint, you got thrown in the dungeon. And that is prezackly what is gonna happen. Regarding your guitar……dread naught, young Jedi, do not fret. Should your guitar go on strike and join the protest march, the best thing to do is join your guitar, and pickit. _(No need to thank me, I’m here to help. I am dedicated to augmenting your knowledge so you will not be diminished. In closing, I advise you to always wear your eyeglasses, so you will see sharp and avoid a bad fall where you might be flat.)_

      *_”Let’s go, Bannon”_*

  7. what really blows my mind is that there’s so many delusional people that say this man is the greatest patriot ever…smh

    1. Looks like bannon will be a free man anyway… thanks to the examples of mr holder and ms lerner πŸ˜†

    1. @Jason Car “I know you are, but what am I?” The exact response I would expect from a cultist.

    2. @Jason Car I’ve listened to Bannon, he’s an obvious grifter with a chip on his shoulder.

  8. “I stand with Trump and the Constitution” should be laughable as the two are incompatible. Yet a large number of Americans see no problem with an obvious contradiction.

    1. @Kenneth Bugbee you keep thinking that. I heard if you say it a hundred times it might come true.

  9. “I stand with Trump AND the Constitution”???? What a bizarre thing to say, it’s like saying – “I stand with NASA and the Flat-Earth Society”.

    1. Well he can stand with Trump but Trump is not going to stand with him because Trump only stands by himself.

    2. *_The coo-coo crew who grew the coup_*
      *_Shall rue the poo upon their shoe_*
      *_They’re overdue for their new zoo_*
      *_(They’ll get no help from you-know-who)_*

  10. the old man with the sign “no one is above the law,” deserves a medal. he has been there every time

  11. 1:40 “I stand with Trump and the constitution” surely is one of the most outrageous and irreconcilable statement to come out of Steve Bannon’s mouth.

  12. Ordinary people would go to jail so fast. Some people just live under a different set of rules and laws. Smh

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