1. @Dirk Diggler. . .Every item you listed as going up in price has been going up since March of 2020. The economic trends are available for everyone to see. Life must seem very mysterious when you don’t understand numbers, am I right?

    2. @Devo ok, so then we agree.. I don’t even watch these videos, I just have evidence on Trump from my own research and on here looking for Trump supporters to teach a lesson to in person. I took an oath to defend the Constitution in 2004, and I will go after anyone that supports a coupe attempt, election fraud extortionist

    3. @Devo I also have issues with men that abuse women as my own father did that to my mother, then when I turned 14, daddy dearest got whooped by a kid lol

    4. @Teflon Tom
      You have nothing but a foundation of lies and charbroiled crust in the eternal pitt

    1. @John Mcsorley Yes accusations, just like the accusations of Russian collusion (false) or impeachments (false) or inciting insurrection (false). The IRS are not involved. This again is a total nothing burger, organized by the left who are currently and clearly afraid of what Trump knows and what he is planning to do with the info.

    2. @Scott Allen Don’t think so, snowflake. Presidential immunity didn’t save him from two failed partisan impeachment convictions, lack of a strong case and evidence did. You’ll lose this time, too.

    3. @Sam Engelberg I don’t think you understand our justice system very well. That’s why it’s called innocent until PROVEN guilty.

    4. @soylentdean Yeah I understand it perfectly. Maybe you haven’t heard the expression “you can tell alot about the character of a person by how they behave when nobody is looking”…..

      Are you not aware that you are GUILTY of “speeding”, for example, just because you were not ticketed and convicted?

      My comments are about being highly truthful, which is Greek to Trump and his cult , who instead spend their limited mental capacity trying to defend the indefensible.

    1. @JoeBidenSmellsHairHunterBidenSmokesCrack 1234 Read the f*cking indictment for the list, and there will likely be more. This is just SDNY crimes and doesn’t include election crimes in GA, federal crimes, or crimes against humanity that the international court tried to investigate when he was president, but he obstructed justice for that investigation too.

    2. @JoeBidenSmellsHairHunterBidenSmokesCrack 1234 Lol how many old Republicans in FL do you think vote by mail?

    3. @Twindad93 see here’s the thing Donald Trump is not getting arrested not now not in the future CNN’s ratings are in the toilet they got to keep this going as long as they can and I’m being serious I’m telling you truth here now.

    4. @Twindad93 nor soon enough. But USA has never been a fair place for anyone but it’s crooked government and the corps. Who keep them in money.

    5. @LB Walker how scared are you that mail in voting is gone and mandatory ids are a thing???

    1. @Joshua Tree – oh sweetie time to grow up. Unless you live in a cave everyone pays taxes. Why should you pay taxes if they don’t? Think, stupid.

    2. She might trigger a new fashion trend with celeberity prison overalls and make millions of that clothing brand name and even franchise it

    3. @Sleep Smart Smash Stress Only if they are made in China. Getting patents there was easy. Remember?

    1. ​@Dirk Diggler
      Font size UP 50%

      HAPPY 4TH OF JULY FROM D I R K D I G G L E R !!!!!!!!!!!!! 776

    1. @T.J. Cunningham
      You can call me a Trumpet! I like that, actually.. Better to be a Trumpet than a misguided, gullible, candy *ss liberal daisy, I suppose. Trump runs circles around any liberal out there, that’s for sure. When you put libbos “in charge” then things turn to MUSH

    2. @Dominique Brasseur You think that corporations absorb higher taxesthey pass the cost to their products bought by the poor

    1. Well according the historical accuracy, He is simply not breaking the law. Either every world power, resource and lawyer is not enough to convict trump because he is a 4th dimensional chess player or he simply is innocent and the cleanest president in history.

    1. @Dirk Diggler Well, first of all, let me say that I think that Kim Jong Un, or Chairman Kim, as some people say, is looking to create a nation that has great strength economically. I think he’s very much — I talk to him a lot about it, and he’s very much into the fact that — he believes, like I do, that North Korea has tremendous economic potential like perhaps few other developing nations anywhere in the world.” (May 27, 2019)
      “Kim Jong Un has been, really, somebody that I’ve gotten to know very well and respect, and hopefully — and I really believe that, over a period of time, a lot of tremendous things will happen.” (April 11, 2019)
      [Kim] wrote me beautiful letters and they’re great letters. We fell in love.” (September 29, 2018)The”person, woman, man, camera, tv” genius

    1. @S Suwandi Trump has nailed prosperity for himself, that’s for sure. He could care less about anyone else’s prosperity. Also, the great economy was inherited from Obama. The economic growth started in 2012, and continued through most of Trump.

    2. @Dolores Reynolds chrumpsters have selective memories. Mexico didn’t pay for the wall ,chrump tried to have 5 innocent men put to death for ra pe they didn’t commit , he was impeached twice, but let off by republican controlled senate while republicans blocked evidence & witnesses,chrump & his father were in a class action law suit for restricting ethnic people from renting their apartments, chrump appointed a right wing Supreme Court judge weeks before the fair election when the previous presidents appointee was blocked on the basis of it being to close to an election.
      Lets not forget when the kkk is a regular at chrump rallies ,you need to question does his base have the county’s best interests at heart. (& no blm is no where near the same )

    3. He was just a man who was there when my dad ran the company & I was too polite to get rid of him.

  1. Trump on Allen Weisselberg: “Don’t really know him. have not heard good things. Not a fan…”

    1. Wake up people and look what’s happening the media puts out stories like this because they need Trump to stay relevant so they can have a rematch the next election and continue fooling the American people into once again vote for one of the two parties.
      Here is how the whole system works the media uses the old war tactic of divide and conquer they use propaganda, disinformation, and fear mongering, to divide the nation among the Left and Right encouraging a us versus them mentality getting people to argue amongst themselves distracting them from seeing the true enemies of democracy.
      They then limit people’s choices by only focusing on the two parties they establish a mindset that people have to support one of the two parties. They don’t allow Independent parties to participate in the election they will not give them airtime or allow third parties on stage so they can debate the other candidates. This is because if people found out they had other options many would choose them and they would lose power.
      The rich own the media networks supporting only candidates they know will represent their interest.
      If you want proof of this just look at the voting records of today’s Politicians 99% vote along party lines this indicates they are looking after their party and rich investors interests not the American people’s.
      Both parties have been corrupted by corporate greed, Career politicians do not make millions on government salaries, they get all that money by selling out the American people.
      If we want change we have to start electing those that are not in the pockets of lobbyist and special interest groups we need to start supporting more third parties and vote for people not a party.
      “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein
      The insanity that people expect change from politicians who profit from the status quo is beyond belief.
      Do the nation of favor stop being brainwashed and vote out the two parties and end this corruption.
      By voting for more independent parties we can slow down party politics encourage diversity of people and ideas and also may get people who care about representing their constituents.
      Because they are not incumbent they are more likely to represent our interest as they know if they do not do a good job they will be voted out next term.
      Only together can we end this two party Dictatorship we need to demand that independent parties have equal footing and airtime and expand our democracy to include independent parties without your support we will forever be stuck on this merry go round of corruption and corporate greed.
      Tell you’re friends and family to use the only power we have and vote third party spread the word the media won’t help us as they are bias and just as corrupted as the politicians.
      Both parties have held power for too long
      “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority, still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority. There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it.” – John Dalberg

    1. @sammy boy love your kick back, and the troll probably does think Biden called them all but that is a Trump action. Lol. Geez these trolls Crack me up , so incompetent.

  2. I love how everything is called a “witch hunt” but not talking about the actual crimes that were found.

    1. @Mason Dill Bring on the Banana Kings and keep “the people” “happy”. Give them each a gas guzzler car and/or megatruck, a widescreen TV, and a phone and American flag made in China and they’ll howl for whatever.

    2. Have patience. The results of the AZ audit will take time. There is an awful lot of information to cross check and verify.

    3. @zenoist2 The Fraudit has been taking forever. It shouldn’t take this long. If there was fraud they should have found it by now. Also that has nothing to do with the Trump org being indicted.

    4. @zenoist2 Lots of bamboo shoots to chew on. Yummy .
      China delicacies Too bad Putin “forgot ” to send the good caviar. Will sardines do?

    5. @Paul Bat Send it to Bidens handlers to write on the teleprompter as his next speech. They’ll just love the relevance to rising crime and rising inflation. Be aware Biden might not be able to say anything correctly though.

  3. I wonder how Trump’s cult in the Senate and Congress will react if Trump himself gets jail time.

  4. The people who screamed “Lock her up” are now crying about investigations becoming too political

    1. @Brian McManus
      I know, all democrats are lucifers army and all their AI and bots killing the very fabrics of life itself

    1. whoa how sad, CNN still titles the videos here what Trump is saying without any actual quote or even audio from Trump, and the video still gets the most views from all other CNN videos in the past week. Really sad. Thanks.

    2. Trump and the Vile Offspring (with suitcases) at Putin’s door in Moscow…
      “Hi Vlad!! You can put us up in a spare room for a little while right?”
      Putin on the phone, “Hello, I need polonium 210 immediately for pest infestation.”
      Putin at the door,. “Welcome, Mr. President!”

  5. That ding-dong said, “This is what Putin does!” Uday Trump strikes again, what a nut.

    1. Just when I thought it was safe to read the comments I came to yours and almost wet myself and have coffee on my carpet to clean up. Thanks I needed a good today. Happy 4th of July

  6. Trump: “I have many words, the best words”
    Trump: “Witch hunt, witch hunt, witch hunt”

    1. isn’t it an actual witch hunt when he has walked out of 1,000’s of fraudulent court cases brought up from the left? They can’t convict the man of a singular crime in over 5 years with every resource and lawyer the world has to offer. World powers can’t touch him in court. Either he is the single greatest 4th dimensional chess player of the game or he is the cleanest president in history. Witch means you as a leftard has to acknowledge his mastermind intelligence as a criminal or his snow white clean history and record. its can’t be both or neither.

    2. But cliche cliche Bigly!! And buzz word buzz word buzz word Covfefe!!!
      Slogan slogan buzz word cliche talking point. And I’m the Annointed One!!!

  7. Donnie Jr. saying this is like Putin isn’t going to help Daddy’s relationship with his BFF.
    How selfish! Weisselberg not flipping. His grandchildren having to visit him in prison. trump will never support him!

    1. @gap949 They had 6 months to scour over his financials and the best they could come up with was his CFO handing out a few thousand dollars worth of “perks” to some employees and you Fukwits think he’s going to prison………Your stupidity is amazing as well as hilarious

    1. He stopped before adding “….we saw what he did on a daily basis when we were visiting to rig the 2016 election!”

  8. The pettiness of it all: Privileged people with boatloads of money, stooping to these sordid little lies and schemes, just to save a few bucks.

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