1. Goemert may not be the stupidest republican but he’s in a close race with MTG,and that’s not a race anyone really wins.

  2. Did anyone really think Caption Bone Spurs was actually going to walk to the Capitol with the klan?

    1. It’s starting to look like it. The giant carrot was asking two weeks before if the secret service could arrange it which doesn’t make him look better. Makes it look more like he was planning it

  3. The General public ( Republicans) should denounce all the lawlessness Commited by their Party, restore its former status, or face an Exodus from the Party, which already began

  4. Louie Gohmert , the same guy, while showing how put upon the republicants are, said, “if your a republican you can’t even lie to congress or the FBI or they’re comin’ after you”. All the Texans that voted for him are very proud, I have no doubt.

  5. The 2 Mayor Parties differ in Ideology, that’s Democracy! But they should work together for the well being of the nation

  6. its not the job of sane people who can use logical pragmatic thinking skills to debunk crazy people’s conspiracies in the same way that adults shouldnt be listening to 3 year olds who are giving driving directions

    1. Only the three year olds are having a tantrum and threatening to take the car over a cliff.

    2. @TheDiamond2009 those are criminals, worst enemy is the enemy within. Every lie will be revealed

  7. SO sad Congress is keeping Gohmert, but Congressman Kinzinger, one of the few w/ his integrity intact, is out… Becoming so typical of America

  8. I love how he says Kinsinger’s refusal to go along to crazytown was radicalization.

  9. A conspiracy theorist goes to heaven and God asks ‘Got any questions?’. The conspiracy theorist replies ‘Who killed JFK?’. God answers: ‘JFK was shot in the head, J Harvey Oswald fired 3 shots and acted alone’. Goodness says the conspiracy theorist,…..this goes higher than I thought 😮😮😮😮😮😮

    1. That’s not what happened so that’s definitely not what god would say. Don’t speak for god, God’s coming VERY SOON

  10. ” Blind Belief In Authority is the Greatest Enemy Of Truth.” Albert Einstein. No one should show up…this is a kangaroo court…they dont have that kind of power…rip up your subpoenas.

  11. Everyone ready for the Democrat’s Prime-Time Soviet Era Show-Trial tonight. They could be helping with inflation and gas prices, but this makes them feel better. Enjoy you suckers.

  12. So on the chance that any fraud was committed, who was more likely to have committed that fraud? Biden or Trump? I’m going to lean more toward Trump on that answer.

  13. Get rid of the electoral system and go to popular vote and we won’t have any question about it

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