1. For people who don’t know.. Vitali was a former heavyweight boxer who had won multiple championship belts.. his record was 45-2

    1. He is a real man a brave not a chicken he has balls not hiding in bunker like that traitor dictator to poor innocent people.

    2. @The Official Channel Wrong brother. That was Wladimir Klitschko. They have a daughter together.

  2. I’ve never seen a nation stand together like this in modern times. Its like something out of ancient lore. Stay strong Ukraine 🇺🇦

    1. @#issuesthatmatter I knew you were going to insult and say a bunch bs , and the racks that you speak of are not so simple like your mind, and really their facts cause you say, please you get help, nite

    2. @Bluefallon omg listening to senile joe right now for state of the union talking about why we don’t need high power guns, ar15s he is referring to while Ukraine citizens had to go to government to get guns last min for this war because they can’t have rights to guns as we do, is seriously the funniest $^it . Best part is we don’t have a 2nd ammendment for just deer hunting, also I do hunt with my ar. It doesn’t matter how many it holds, bullet only comes out if you pull trigger each time.

    3. Yes, and yet allies refuse to fight the Russian soldiers. Ally cowards. Take out Putin, i see no other way, do you?

  3. Vitali is a tough man but I can hear the pain in his voice,god bless him and the Ukrainian people. He’s a HERO 🇮🇪 🇺🇦

    1. Now there is the question: Should Zelensky leave Kiew for a safer place ? I think the worst thing for the Ukraine now would be Zelensky dead, murdered by the Russians. I think he should indeed leave Kiew in time.

    2. @The Connoisseur My guess is that Zelensky is already in a safer place. Some Ukrainian cities might fall, but Ukraine won’t. Putin will have to kill every last Ukrainian for that to happen. The most he’ll get is a temporary occupation. And now the Russian economy is collapsing as punishment for all those dead Russian sons and Ukrainian civilians. Putin’s not much of “genius,” after all.

    3. The West was silently encouraging the rise of neo-Nazism and Russophobia in Ukraine and covering up the crimes of the Kiev regime in Donbass, which in the end led to the country’s tragedy

  4. “We fight for our Country! We fight for our dream! We fight for our future!” Continued prayers 🙏🙏🙏

    1. @ken g hey my man I’ll give you something that won’t lie 😏
      Look at Raytheon stock price the market is shiz today but look as far back as you can till today. All time highs even over all our 20 plus years of war.

    2. @ken g if you ever want to have an honest conversation hit up my YT I’ll converse with you.

    3. @ken g Joe is a weak president, he has only made putin stronger and richer while hurting the US energy we were once independent on energy under trump. Facts matter

      1.On his first day as president, Biden canceled completion of the Keystone XL Pipeline, taking away thousands of American jobs, reducing domestic energy production, and driving up the cost of oil.
      2. One of Biden’s first actions as president was suspending oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and New Mexico.
      3. Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reinstalled regulations that restrict domestic energy production, including resurrecting the “Waters of the United States” rule that limits how farmers and ranchers can use their land. 
      4. Last month the EPA announced new regulations for methane emissions from oil and gas production, transmission, storage, and distribution. The American Petroleum Institute estimated that the Democrats’ desired ban on oil and gas development on federal lands would cause nearly 1 million Americans to lose their jobs, and cost the U.S. $500 billion to import gas.
      5. Biden’s EPA is also pushing a new rule regulating greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. That regulation is estimated to raise the average vehicle price by $1,000.
      6. President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, citing its harm to American jobs and the U.S. economy. Biden rejoined the United Nation’s globalist project, which will result in more energy regulations and restrictions and drive up the cost of domestic energy, including gasoline and heating.
      7. Biden’s decision to put a moratorium on oil and gas leasing on federal land and his goal of banning hydraulic fracking will no doubt please Russia and OPEC as the U.S. loses its energy independence and increases its dependence on foreign oil and gas.
      8. Biden vowed to prohibit fracking, which will cause a massive loss in American jobs. “Banning fracking, as Biden has promised to do, would eliminate 19 million jobs between 2021-2025,” according to the House Republican Policy Committee.
      9. Biden’s policies have resulted in skyrocketing prices at the gas pump. A year ago — in November 2020 — the average gas price was $2.11 per gallon. By November 2021, the national average gas price had shot up to $3.42. Americans paid 61 percent more for gas as inflation soared to a 30-year high.
      10. Biden’s Build Back Better plan would spend taxpayer dollars to force utilities to use more expensive forms of energy (as called for in the Green New Deal), reducing energy choices and raising costs for American consumers.

  5. Mayor Klitschko was the champion politician of the people during the revolution of 2014. He stood with the students who were killed by federal police when the larger government was owned by Russia.

    1. @ Дмитрий Кэшев, everyone gets to have an OPINION. Truth is something you can prove to another human thru evidence.

      Posting a youtube link as “truth” is as naive as using wikipedia in a research paper. Anyone can make and edit a video on youtube, which is why there are also videos on youtube that suggest god is real or bigfoot exists…

    2. @Дмитрий Кэшев The truth here is, putin is lying by saying NATO is expanding, it’s Ukraine that wants to join. There is a big difference there. You can try to blur the lines all you want but the world knows pupsqueak putin started this war based off of a lie. We are all going to pay a price for this but the people of the world are willing to pay higher gas prices if it means they get to take part in fighting corruption and evil.

  6. This is the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen. Absolutely heartbreaking.I’ll never understand why military from around the world is not able to join in the fight against Putin. Please dear God protect the people of Ukraine.Save Ukraine. Amen.

    1. @G Demolished Only if specific countries are attacked or a line is crossed. Pressures from the populace are likely to influence decisions also, if **** hits the fan.

    2. @Jose manuel Segura Just a guess, but it’s likely she’s not in command of any military forces.

    3. Now there is the question: Should Zelensky leave Kiew for a safer place ? I think the worst thing for the Ukraine now would be Zelensky dead, murdered by the Russians. I think he should indeed leave Kiew in time.

    4. @Lucpol1986 Yep, I think you would see a much more active NATO military role if Putin tries to go into Sweden or Finland as he has threatened to do.

  7. Vitali, was always one of my favorite boxers. He was one of the best in the ring like his brother Wladimir. It’s great to see, their both still fighters. This is their most important fight EVER!!!! Prayers for all of Ukraine 🇺🇦 🙏 ❤ and it’s citizens.

    1. Well I wonder why WEF condemned Russia’s actions today? Straight off their website. Also wonder why Rothchild claimed Putin was a traitor to the New World Order. That pesky propaganda just keeps you guessing. Weird you’re so sure.

    2. @Nishant Saurabh I have done more than paying lip service…I have put my money where my mouth is. My uncle, whom I loved dearly, was from the Ukraine and in his honour and his children’s honour I will do everything I can to support the Ukrainian fight for freedom from tyranny.

    1. @T You don’t give prisoners guns when they are released from jail. Do you really not see the problem with that?

    2. @RektScrub The Ukraine government won’t let African and India natives on a train to leave Ukraine until all Ukrainians have left. How does that make you feel?

  8. *”We was in U.S.S.R. We don’t want back in Russian Empire! We see our future as democratic modern European country. That’s it. No discussion! It’s our goal. We’re fighting for that. We’re fighting for our country. We’re fighting for our dream!”*

    *”People, it’s unity. The world unity, can stop the war. We don’t need the war. We’re peaceful nation. Peaceful people. We never was aggressive to anyone. And this war we have to stop all together. Thank you! Big congrats to the United States!”*

    That was so extremely heartfelt.

    The Ukrainians grit is echoing what Klitschko just stated by their actions of standing up to their aggressors. They don’t want back into an authoritarian society. They want a new, better, free and serene way of life for their peoples future. What they are going through is horrible, but yet, they refuse to be forcefully pushed back into that awful way of life of the once Soviet Union. They are fighting for their democratic yearning.

    The Ukrainian nobility is overwhelming!

    Sending best wishes to our Ukrainian brothers and sisters!


    1. @Jan 6 was “Wall Street Putsch” part 2 Доналд Џон Трамп (енгл. Donald John Trump; Њујорк, 14. јун 1946) америчка је телевизијска личност и пословни човек који је био на функцији 45. председника Сједињених Америчких Држава, од 2017. до 2021. године.

    2. Ukraine is nazi state. You genocide Russian people. You may stop war in your territory. You may stop Nazification in Ukraine. But you kill Russian people, and we defend Donbass and true

    3. Ukraine need to have a leader like Lee Kuan Yew who work to enrich the island and despite surrounded by Muslim Majority country, Singapore stay neutral and not antangonising any of the neighbour. An old saying your neigbhour is the one who will save you or scotch you if you know how to handle the neigbhourly relationship. unfortunately Ukraine did not have such leader and it went into spiral decline and it is a disheartening to note after becoming independance, the problem never goes away..

  9. As heartbreaking war is, it so amazing to see people and allies band together! The strength and resilience of the Ukrainian people reminds me that there is still good in this world! What are we all fighting for? Oh wait! An egotistical, greedy and evil ( the only adjectives I can drudge up at this time) person is behind it all! My heart and prayers go out to them… I wish I could do more to help ❤️ Stay strong and pray for peace ☮️ 🕊

    1. You could add “moniacal monster” to your list of adjectives. They all describe Putin to a “T”.

  10. What a Hero. This is so sad that they have to go against the types of people they are all because of a Sociopathic Bully. God be with the people of Ukraine 🇺🇦

    1. @rdecredico name me the exact line that was propaganda. go ahead. If you dont reply I’ll know you’re a uniformed coward who hit a wall and ran away

  11. Know that most of the world is with you Mr Vitali Klitschko, your words are an inspiration – you are Champions and Heroes.
    Ukrainians are shining a brilliant light over our crazy, mad world while fearlessly and courageously going head-to-head with a psychopathic Goliath.
    Ukrainians not only speak their values, they LIVE their values, an ideal that others can aspire to acquire.

    Whatever happens, Ukraine is carving out a legacy of unity, bravery, honour, loyalty, sacrifice and truth, truly rare gems that live on forever and will change the future of the world.

    1. The politicians in all other countries are gutless cowards otherwise they’d be helping destroy Putins army

    2. @MrBoon You know that any direct military action by other countries, will start WWIII right? A lot of people seem to think that Russia, is bluffing…that is a bet they would lose.

  12. It’s difficult not to well up with tears of sadness, outrage/injustice and extreme admiration for the Ukrainian people and global support. Let’s keep the pressure up on the now fully exposed madmen in our midst.

  13. I’m heartbroken for the innocent civilians on both sides. The people don’t want war. They know it’s never the answer. 🇺🇦 💙🤝❤🇷🇺

  14. How utterly heartbreaking; having to fight so hard just to live, just to be peaceful. Ukrainians have truly been inspiring, we should never take our democracies for granted, ever. Standing in solidarity with Ukraine 🇺🇦

  15. When he said “we are fighting for our dream” at the 3:14 mark, I seriously got goosebumps. How much more can you show leadership than by going on the frontlines as he, his brother, and President Zelensky have done? I stand in solidarity with our Ukranian brothers and sisters.

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