1. if they’re gonna force everyone else to live like this because of their decision, they should also have to live with their policies.

    1. According to our black lesbian vajayjay Press Secretary, a “recession” is now a “recovery” and the now “voluntarily” jailed illegal immigrants from Martha’s Vineyards are now “Inspirational breakfast tacos”. 📺🐑 #LGBFJBMAP+ 📺🐑

    2. @TMM The US does not have open borders for illegal immigration…LOL do you read what you write? Read your sentence until you understand what you’ve said.

  2. We have so many empty buildings around
    And I have seen the same thing in many different places and states
    I have never understood why no one is turning them into shelters or apartments
    Any kind of living places that people could stay in
    They have been cutting down all of our trees and building houses on the land
    I just worry more about what they are going to do when we can’t breathe anymore
    The trees help us and they clean up our air
    They give us air that we breathe
    But go ahead and go out and take a drive
    Just look at how many shopping centers that are empty or have only a few places open
    We waist so much in our Country

    1. @Kingneo True the ones that do rent them have the rent so high per square foot. Because they don’t want to rent them. If a person is not a resident of the city when it comes to these strip malls they should have to have a plan as to what they’re going to with the property provide it to the city. Not leaving the property to become a eye source.

    2. According to our black lesbian vajayjay Press Secretary, a “recession” is now a “recovery” and the now “voluntarily” jailed illegal immigrants from Martha’s Vineyards are now “Inspirational breakfast tacos”. 📺🐑 #LGBFJBMAP+ 📺🐑

  3. Migrants should be assigned to different states on a rotating basis. The burden shouldn’t fall only on border states to accommodate and process them.

    1. @pegger1972 Courtesy works both ways. Sanctuary cities are not obligated to offer any courtesy to ICE agents. Therefore, Texas does not need to provide a courtesy call to NY that illegal migrants are coming.

  4. When you boldly declare you’re a sanctuary city in a sanctuary state shouldn’t you expect the poor and homeless including immigrants. They should say thanks!

    1. Now that you mention it, shouldn’t a so-called Christian nation do so, regardless of which party is where?! Ohhh…not these types, huh?

    2. @Skip Hoffenflaven We’re Just spreading the love around. I’m from Texas, are you? If you’re not, then I’m sure you can understand that a sanctuary city should provide all that is required. Talk the talk, and walk the walk.

    1. @WTF IS THIS 😫 Take care of them, school them to their plights and what is really happening to them. and even give them vouchers to travel to and live in locales across America that need MORE LIBERAL VOTERS!

    2. Yeah…it’s one thing to be a “hero” in a conversation and a totally different thing when it becomes real then you go “wait wait I was told to say these things to look good but nobody told me it can ACTUALLY happen”. Hypocrisy is through the roof unfortunately.

    3. @Tara Blanco well they got shipped to a military base, so no, that’s where they are now…and slave wages? This isn’t the 1800’s 🤣Time to get back in the kitchen Tara😉

  5. Amazing that this Administration is so concerned about illegal immigrants and in the meantime we have Americans that were born and raised here who don’t have proper housing or medical care!

    1. @Merita Tennyson they do not want any thing for free they want to work and become productive members of society dont forget these people will do jobs no body else will

  6. What has gun control got to do with immigration? Your city has stricter gun laws than Texas yet more gun crime carjacking and subway attacks and violence. So how do you explain that mayor Adam’s

  7. He’s actually complaining about getting 2500 illegals? There are towns in south Texas with total populations around 30k dealing with more than that for a couple of years now. Obviously these people have NO idea how bad it really is.

  8. Adam’s: We received 11,000 migrants already and are overwhelmed.
    Tapper: Huh, El Paso receives 1,500 migrants a day, is this a crisis that should be addressed?
    Adam’s: No

  9. Our backlog on immigration is fearsome. We have a statute that says if you enter the US illegally you shall be detained until your hearing. Enforce the law and everyone who enters the country illegally will have to wait in jail on a hearing, and illegal immigrants will stop coming because they don’t want to do that.

  10. What Adams REALLY means by “coordination” is asking permission, to which he would say oh no, we can’t take em today.

  11. A statement like “needs more attention from our country” indicates that the primary response begins with the leader of this country which is the president.

  12. ⭐️ Keep it up everybody and ship those migrants to any politician’s houses that promote open borders. Other countries need to start caring more for their fellow human beings because one country cannot sustain so many people coming in when we don’t even take care of our own veterans, homeless and the massive amount of drug and fentanyl addicted citizens 🌎💪

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