Hear Mike Pence call attempt to decertify election 'un-American' 1

Hear Mike Pence call attempt to decertify election ‘un-American’


Former Vice President Mike Pence rebuked former President Donald Trump on the question of overturning the results of the 2020 presidential election. Pence also said he will "always be proud" of his role in affirming the election results on January 6 following a deadly riot of Trump supporters at the US Capitol. CNN's Whitney Wild reports.

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  1. So Mike Pence grew a spine 6 months after the fact? How impressive that isn’t.

    1. Better late than never. He probably wanted to avoid getting lynched too by going into hiding. He had to because of Trump.

    2. @John Bohica I cannot take you seriously. I think you are just trying to yank someone’s chain. And IF you believe this to be true, I would ask you to seek help, but with this one, you may be too far gone.
      As for nostrils, they change if you are stressed, excited, winded, lose weight or have cosmetic surgery. All of which are wayyyy more possible than your explanation.

  2. Poor Pence. His party has totally rejected him and the Democrats don’t like him. He’s homeless.

    1. Well pretty sure he was part of creating this problem … trumps vice President and supporter him all the Way

    2. Perhaps Trump lost legitimately, but I’ve seen more weird $#it in this election than in all my 60+ years. And even the most hard core leftist can’t say that Biden isn’t being propped up like a ventriloquist dummy. You can almost see the hand working his mouth, and if you watch real close, you can see Obama lips move.

    3. seohuyllakcuf, the best part is these morons believe that Trump won this time after killing 600,000, infected 10% of the population, and presided over the largest point drop in Wall Street history, largest drop in GDP in history, highest unemployment figures on record, and was the first president to lose jobs since the great depression, 8.3 million. They haven’t any sense if reality.

    4. @John Bohica when it seems the “base” has reached the depths of stupidity John speaks up to let us know they have still not reached the bottom

    1. @Mot Doai Oh look who it is. Haven’t seen your spam since January. I see you no longer preface your shitty links with a two letter word.

    1. @No name necessary btw I’m not a Democrat moron. I’m a center left progressive independent. I do not belong to either political party and I’ve voted for candidates on both sides of the aisle as well as 3rd party candidates. I was simply fixing your errors in your original posting.

    2. @ZionistsUsingBlacks ToDestroyWhiteChristianCulture Trump was a never was president cause he sure wasn’t any good at it. Was the worst president in my time and I’ve lived thru 12. Reagan was the last good Republican president the party has had in long time

    3. @Martin Dread Standard Trumpist rubbish, that particular combo of lies has been disproved too many times already, you need a new lie to pursue, IF any of the BS you promote had any substance whatsoever why didn’t your pox ridden lawyers present in the numerous court cases.

      The answer is simple, there was and still is no evidence of voter fraud, of falsifying counts, wake up, Trump will soon be yesterdays news, the problem is that his legacy of distrust, division and suspicion will take longer to clear.

  3. His poliical career is over.

    He’s just trying to salvage enough respectability that the country club does ‘t throw him out and his church eill still let him be an usher.

    1. @Q911 ♤ There is zero chance of Tre45on being reinstated.

      There is no legal path to do so, anyone trying an extralegal coup will be mulch.

    2. @Q911 ♤ You are a pathetic keyboard warrior.
      As an American, I am ashamed that wr could produce such an intellectually bereft waste of skin.

    3. @Q911 ♤ Some of you bipeds believe in one god (or is it three?) but we canines know better!

    4. @Q911 ♤ Sorry to break it to you, but er held a meeting back about 6 months ago and fired him due to substandard performance.

      He is not eligible for rehire.

    1. Well its too late for skumbag Pence because he will always be a red hat MAGA Trump cult member.

    2. oh yeah nobody will forget how complicit he is and was. but this did take a little courage. doesn’t change my mind about how damn sorry he was and that this was the minimum we should expect but I can see that he puts his own life in danger by saying something like this.

  4. “MISSLEADING.” Pence states any “one” individual having the “power” to overturn the Election, not that overturning it is un-American.

  5. Little too late, when you always granted your little boy in everything bad he asked for, you build a monster in his head there is nothing you can’t not do for him.

  6. As a WH poodle, he rolled over for treats and showed doinky. Mysteriously one night he morphed into a house fly. Enter the McPenceFly.

    1. I did enjoy watching him chase his tail… And then catching it, like a dog, and not knowing what to do with it.

  7. Pence, spoken too late. After going along with his leader for so long, anything he says now is as if he was throwing hot air at the moon. Might as well save it.

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