83 Comments on "Hear new audio from Kushner on Trump’s Covid-19 response"

  1. Listening to Jared Kushner is like listening to Alvin the Chipmunk.

  2. *_”He went to Jared, we paid the price”_*
    – Meidas Touch

  3. “Overconfident idiots”? Never, in human history, has there been a more overconfident idiot than Jared Kushner

  4. Every American should hear this. There is no way for this country to be great under this family.

    • William Wallace | October 28, 2020 at 7:56 PM | Reply

      We already were until the Chinese, Joe’s partners sent the virus. He is busted now thanks to his ex-business partner coming forward. Joe is disqualified. Watch.https://youtu.be/vP0CYgKe390?t=2

    • @Shanna Sweger China Lied Who Lied and the CDC got the numbers WRONG……The Death rate is that of a bad Flu and ONLY the Sick Old are vulnerable ….Screw the lying Bimbo Fake Reporter and Fake News CNN…FAKE NEWS CNN is bitter cause they had to pay Sandman 250 million for slander because of their FAKE NEWS….

    • @H Cross FAKE NEWS.

    • @Sylvia Colalillo they should how much more they want sacrifice before all is lost that is very important to them? Trump don’t care about the people

    • Alot of them hear it all and don’t care. At this point anyone who supports Trump is a horrible person. Period.

  5. Diane Frohwerk | October 28, 2020 at 4:49 PM | Reply

    “knows their place”, that statement sums up the Trump presidency. Trumps only goal is to the supreme leader, with everyone bowing down to him.

  6. “Thoughtful people who know their place!” Good lord help us all!

  7. Hostile take over, we are loosing our beloved Democracy right before our eyes !!

    • @Mike Dorman Mike get over the past, stop thinking about yourself ya selfish prick 😂

    • @mike mann songs Already voted, Biden Harris 2020

    • That right there, is what really breaks my heart about Trump supporters. They are totally willing to throw away our democracy,to keep King Idiot in office. They’re fine with him suppressing votes. His refusal to peacefully leave. They are willing to silence American voices and make elections meaningless. And don’t even get me started on the ones who want him to get a lifetime appointment, or want the presidency ‘passed down’s to Jr.

    • Whats gonna happen is the next president will know how to make it worse and what they can get away with trump did the ultimate coup on criminality of his crooked business the art of the steal

    • @Mike Dorman Here’s the “blame President Obama” game again. COVID-19 that has now caused over 225k deaths, as well as, over 8 million infected and counting occurred on Chump’s watch, yet Chump says we are “rounding the turn”. Sure we are. We are rounding to turn to even more deaths and infected people as the numbers continue to go up while he blatantly lies to the country saying otherwise, just like biggest lie he told the country when he called the virus fake news and a democratic hoax in mid March when he already on audio in late January early February confessing to the how dangerous and serious the virus actually was. There is your criminal corrupt liar.

  8. Valdene Allison | October 28, 2020 at 5:19 PM | Reply

    Really at this point who cares. We all know this is an inept president surrounded by incompetent thieves.

  9. He interrupts everyone like he’s completely in control and it’s disgusting, disrespectful, dictator like, and extremely unpresidential!🙏🏽🤯😢

  10. “His people [New Yorkers] are going to suffer and that’s their problem.”
    – Jared Kushner, regarding the federal government’s reluctance to help Americans during the CoVid-19 pandemic

  11. Kushner: “… overconfident idiots …” he is talking about himself, Trump and the rest of the inner circle. What a wimp.

  12. “Overconfident idiots” – Projection to the nth degree.

  13. “Over confident idiots” I am sure Kushner is including himself in that list.

  14. George Venckus | October 28, 2020 at 6:24 PM | Reply

    Kushner , when he speaks , he sounds like a failed pseudo intellectual , a fraud , a salesman !

  15. Overconfident idiot = Someone who knows their job in and out, and someone who will not sell out the constitution and become a poodle for Trump.

  16. This criminal family must go! Please vote, and do so in person if you can!

  17. Overconfident idiots BRUH dude just roasted the whole administration

  18. Jared is an idiot. Can’t believe this guy finagled his way into running this country by being a son-in-law. Totally unqualified. Pathetic.

  19. Pure incompetence. Jared Kushner is not even qualified to clean the toilets in the White House.

  20. This should FINALLY prove to skeptics that Trump’s WH is full of “NAZIS”.

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