Hear parents in China react to the new three-child policy 1

Hear parents in China react to the new three-child policy


China announced it will allow couples to have up to three children to try to reverse declining birth rates. It may be a tough sell for some families who think raising children in cities is too expensive. CNN's Scott McLean reports.

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  1. Chinese poll: We raised the child limit to 2 but no one wants to have kids. What should we do?
    Chinese government: I’ve got it! What if we raise the limit to 3 children.
    Chinese poll: sir….. you are a genIuS!

    1. You make me Laugh ..”Populous nation ” HAHAHA ..You are told how many children you can have “DICTATION “

    1. @Eddie G. dumb parents abuse their children 100% of the time. They can’t help it. They’re not smart enough to be good parents. Sometimes highly intelligent parents abuse children too but stupid parents ALWAYS abuse children.

    2. @Spiral Feather that’s funny I’ve seen a lot ,a lot a, lot, of documentaries of well-established educated people killing their whole families and then themselves authorities are baffled they are so well-known.. respectable ,and educated… how could they do something like this?

  2. “…..allow couples to have up to three children….” Yeah. When you’re told how many kids you can sire. Then you realise you’re not Chinese and no one can tell you about having kids at all. Small mercies.

    1. Well, population control measures do make sense. Especially with a population the size of China, where the country literally can’t sustain itself. But they handled it horribly, and their long duration of a one child policy, which was originally intended to stop the exploding population, backfired as now the population is getting too old to work, and there’s not enough young people to fill the workplace.

    2. @Adam Taylor China could easily handle it’s population. They just need a competent government.

    3. @William Springer Competent?There is no competent government more than the CCP if China was a Democratic it would have been 10 different countries and poor like India!

    4. You make me Laugh ..”Populous nation ” HAHAHA ..You are told how many children you can have “DICTATION “

  3. Housing policy has to change. And,
    secondly the argument for a larger population presumes constant rather than accelerating productivity per person.

  4. The policy changes are a bit too late. If they have relaxed it in the early to mid 90’s or early 2000’s maybe they won’t have this problem now.

    1. @BLACK MAMBA Not so sure it was an income based decision but a servicing the population problem.

    2. @BLACK MAMBA That’s true Mamba, compared to olden days you can use the resources and take care of children that you have

    3. Stealing people from other country’s like we do is also no solution , give the problem to your kids.

  5. Any government that thinks that they have control of the people’s mind or heart got another thing coming to them.

    1. @Noily Pratt rich is the same for both parties. I realize I pointed out the republican party, not my intention. the republican party is the fascist party. our government is an Oligarchy witch speaks to the huge wealth gap that was made by the trickle down economics theory witch some say doesn’t work. it depends on what you want, it worked great to form an Oligarchy, so I guess it did what the powers that be wanted. so what do you want Fascism, Oligarchy or something else?

    2. @Noily Pratt And “Americans” are indoctrinated to love being slaves to corporations and love it. And as soon as someone hears, socialism or equality, the Red Scare Tactic of the Cold War activates in these “patriotic” Americans.

    3. @MR GOODNESS Even though the hyper-development of China is impressive, those 600 million out of “poverty” are defined to make $1.90 dollars a day. Now think about it, even in developing countries $1.90 can only provide you the really EXTREME basic. Also, with that “rise” out of poverty, the cost of living has dramatically increased with time, and hasn’t benefited those supposedly 600 million people if we are to believe states or corporate funded studies.

    4. @Jimmy Timmy all I know, the many peoples homes I’ve been in are nice, if you buy there’s a one time property tax it’s like 5% of price of home. they eat out a lot, grocery store inexpensive, the wet markets(like farmers markets here) are great and cheap, street food real cheap and so so good!! and no I never got sick. a couple people I know had cars but to me the bus system was great. sometimes cramped but if to many people wait 15 minutes for the next one and vary cheap. clothing a little pricey but if you went to the flea market back to cheap. and as far as I was told the rich people pay tax. I’ve been to a couple big cities. obviously a city like Beijing is more expensive, but a vary big city like Urumqi in the north west is a lot less expensive. a whole different life, just like in every country and I’ve been to 5 countries, but I’ve been to China many times and Love it. oh and they save money like crazy.

    5. @MR GOODNESS That’s great, I am sure though that for a handful of cities like that, there are hundreds that don’t have that, like any other country for that matter.
      I agree with you. Humanity as a whole must evolve and improve the current DEREGULATED crony capitalism that only benefits 1% of the population, and aspire to something better, not only for humanity but for the planet and animals as a whole. We have the responsibility, as stewards of the planet, to take care of it, and not ruin it just for the sake of a limitless, cancerous profit for a select few.

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  6. Drive-up population to support a booming economy? Tells you what people are for: work cattle.

    1. @The Big Red Leaf You are so enamored with being a slave to someone else, give up your only time for 2 dollars, just for someone to make millions of what you produce. Everyone works, that’s what we do, but who keeps all the money is key.

    2. they cant take over the world with an aging population. why are climate activists not outraged? humans are the biggest sources of pollution and destruction anywhere on the planet

    3. @John Dollar The Singapore solution is better for the world. China seeks power. And not enough care? Organize differently. Unless you think in the corporate mindest box.

  7. you should not only permit people to have 3 children. Other measures, such as lowing the housing price, will be needed. Otherwise not a lot people would have the motivation to have more than 2 kids.

    1. @Sean Yang That’s why the CCP will start forced pregnancies once they realize that the cost of living in China is not keeping up with wages.

    1. You make me Laugh ..”Populous nation ” HAHAHA ..You are told how many children you can have “DICTATION “

  8. Well for them to have more children, the apartments, and houses are going to have to be larger than they are right now. Not enough bedrooms.

    1. @Aburetik If Americans stop trading with China, they will lose 45% of their customers and their economy will collapse overnight…

    2. @Nobody Knows Americans buy 45% of Chinese products. If Americans stop trading with China, their economy will collapse overnight and millions of Chinese will starve…

    3. @Arent blacks lovely Oops, you just fell prey to the “really really really fast fact check” – 45% is NOT right. Care to guess at it again? Or would you prefer me to tell you the correct answer???

    4. @Arent blacks lovely and actual fact, if the U.S. stopped 100% all imports from China, China’s GDP would only dip about 4%. Correspondingly, ours would dip as well. But whereas ours would be slow to rebound, China would simply shift those exports to other countries, India, Russia, Europe, Africa, South America. You know, places where they have more economic and political pull than the U.S.

    5. @Arent blacks lovely No. America cannot rebuild those factories. Many of them are gone for ever. The equipment is gone, the expertise is gone, the workers are gone and the infrastructure is gone, the supply chain is gone. That’s why biden is proposing a trillion dollar infrastructure initiative. But that’s too late. On the other hand, China has very advanced technologies in many areas now, many of which have surpassed usa.

    1. Because our politicians are divided If the filibuster didn’t exist we’d have speed trains under construction

  9. So, what does this mean for the “illegal” kids some families have? Do they get to be recognized as human beings now?

    1. U pay a one time social-service fee. In China so many stuff r free or really affordable cos the government takes care of it, so in my time, the country only gave your first kid this free of charge right, your second third fourth kids need to pay a one time fee, the amount depends on the living standard of where u live, then they are just the same as the first kid.
      I m the second child. My parents paid about 300 dollar for me.
      Hope this helped u to understand how the one child policy, now three children policy really worked in china.
      During my parents generation, it was really common to have 6 7 even 10 kids a household. China now has 1.4 billion people, had china never had this policy, this number would be double, the world population would be 1.4 billion more. U think the world conflicts we r having now are bad, imagine the world with 1.4 billion more people. The fights and wars over oil, food, water and all natural resources would be so much more. China would still be in poverty, and brings the whole world down. All you guys are benefiting from this one child policy without knowing it.
      Look at India. That is the living proof.

    2. @春生夏 That’s very interesting; thank you for educating us. I’m beginning to think the US should have followed suit in that law, perhaps limiting to 3. There are too many people living in the US already. I believe we have become Extremely Overpopulated in this country. That’s why letting people to send their children here from other Countries is a very bad idea; unless they can provide proof that a pre- existing family or family member can take care of them.

    3. This policy of one child was failed in some things and Chinese knew that. No wonder they traffic girls from neighbouring countries.

  10. In other words, The Chinese government just wants the kids to take care of the parents when they get old….

    1. @BLACK MAMBA You didn’t watch the video, did ya? Just out of curiosity, what was your second guess going to be?

    2. this is how you gonna get your retirement income as well in your country. 🙂 There is nothing wrong with that

  11. Hyper inflated housing cost, high living expense, high tuition fees, poor human rights and high political uncertainties. Why would people wants more kids in this situation?

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