1. CPAC should use an eight by ten foot glossy of President Vladimir Putin behind them to help rile up support.

    1. ​@Eduardo Oliveira one term Donnie will surely fail again and again Blue wave 🌊Donnie dementia 🖐.

  2. Well, it’s important to note “what’s behind” what is said. Pompeo knows it don’t take a weather man to tell which way the wind blows.

    1. There goal is power and wealth. The hell with integrity or basic human decency. Good luck with that. Khama

    1. @corn pop was an orange dude I bought it when Obama gave us all the lowest interest rate ever seen. Then Trump caused it to rise twice as much. Best investment ever.

    1. Are you talking about Dems/Libs? Because it sounds like you’re talking about Dems/Libs.

  3. Pompeo told the Saudi’s that don’t worry about that Jamal Koshogi thing. Horrible and scary.

  4. American politics has turned into a third-rate freak-show thanks to GOP`s such as Donald Trump, Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, MTG, Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz et al. But George Santos is the icing on the cake.

    1. @Trumps Deranged Supporters Are you still clinging to that after all the 100s of gaffes your hero biden have provided for our entertainment? Where’s Jackie? Hahaha

    2. Bwahahahahahahaha! Have you looked at the Democrat clown show with a critical eye? Obviously not!

  5. Joe Walsh he is right all these candidates want to run for the White House and fear of criticizing Mr trump they are not going to make it

  6. As a whole the GOP is good ,let them express their frustrations , we managed to gain a little democratic support with enough bipartisanship the division can be healed, then america will be 1000& restored ,from the 2016 russian intrusion

  7. They don’t scare me. The millions of loyalist to them scares me more. We’ve got to fix education, especially in rural areas.

  8. If we are not taking this seriously then we are not paying attention. We should be very concerned.

  9. As an Australian I don’t think he means just Trump I think he means everyone which is the truth.

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