1. I’m betting if this were occurring at legislatures and courthouses instead of schools they’d find solutions pretty quickly.

    1. Stop talking reality and common-sense. 18th century Americans hate hearing about it and it’ll get nowhere.

    2. do you remember january 6th?? nothing realy has been done about that. and they were trying to hang the vice president and the then president was gitty about it.. smh

    3. @Locate Close with and Destroy So, when the police rush to the site, they’re faced with, “WHO DO I SHOOT FIRST?”

    1. @Bwanika John You’re blaming children for “constantly voting these individuals in places of power”? No one can vote until they’re 18 years old, right?

    2. @John Smith So you think that the trigger on automatic weapons are just held down until the magazine is empty? Is that what you think?

    3. @AllYourBase no its a fact. This is a much bigger issue. What’s the cause? Was it the pandemic and their pointless lockdowns, is it the state of the economy, is it cultural? There are many questions

  2. It’s a shame the GOP isn’t as passionate about keeping guns out of schools as they are about keeping women out of abortion clinics. It’s just another example of how the GOP doesn’t give 2 cents about children after they’re born.

    1. @Communication Failure7600 , as I understand it some of the staff at the DOB school were armed . I guess they need assault rifles also . Sick

    2. @KryptonArcher well surprisingly that doesn’t happen much either . Rather face down a knife than a gun quite frankly . Knives don’t get you from several hundred yards away.

    3. As you religious Americans say. God works in mysterious ways. Let’s pray that this will never happen again.Praying is the only way.

    4. @Locate Close with and Destroy The point also should be that an 18-year-old should not be able to just go into a store and buy a gun You should have proper training proper screening and not be able to just buy anything you want That’s the point

  3. Imagine messing up at your job and you tell your boss “there’s nothing that can be done.” Yet these Republicans can get away with this? Nonsense

    1. @TRUMP JR the border was no different when your boyfriend was in office, a lot of good his half a wall did. 😂

  4. I am a strong Democratic man and how anyone can actually think that voting for insurrectionists and traitors is reasonable is unbelievable.


  5. I wonder if these Republicans would still be saying “nothing can be done” if it was their own kids who were murdered.

    1. @NeEd InPuT seems the cops have been using similar tactics for yrs calling it a means to an end to get justice. 🙄

    2. @Mark Smith show me a video of a man complying with the police officer who get shot and killed anyway!

    3. @Grundle Binglesach: mental health is always trotted out whenever there is a mass shooting. Buying guns in America is far too easy. The Robb Elementary School killer was able to buy two assault rifles and 400 rounds of ammunition when he turned 18. He was also able to acquire body armour. No civilian should be able to do that without a legitimate reason.

  6. Any elected official who believes nothing can be done on any issue, is in the wrong line of business.


    2. Want to know the crazier part? People will continue to vote for them. So the question is why would anyone expect Congressional leadership to help the American public when 75 million Americans prioritize owning the libs over protecting innocent people from gun violence?

  7. When it’s banning books and restricting curriculum it’s “we have to protect the children” but then they’re willing to let this slide

    1. @BlazeofGlory what you say is so true, as long as the black market exists there will be illegal guns on the streets in communities of America. It’s a sad shame, but this is the way it is right now in America. My heart is hurting for all the people who have died a senseless death because of gun violence.

    2. @Elaine Broady but it is considerable harder to get a gun on the black market, and probably much more expensive. That alone would at list help to have less guns around and readily available. Can anyone tell me what one needs one of these guns for in daily life? They are surely not hunting rifles.

  8. Just imagine if the shooter had math books instead of guns. The republicans would be all over it!

  9. They might want to ask why these massacres are very rare in other countries. Countries where there is no constitutional right to be gunned down by young right wing gun nuts.

  10. If there is “nothing that can be done” then get the hell out of these decision making positions!

    1. Well said!! Their positions are too critical for them not to be able to find solutions to real problems. If they can’t. Move away and allow others who can, take those jobs.

  11. These politicians are so callous. You can’t compare a knife with a semi automatic rifle that belongs in the MILITARY and not on civilian’s hands.


    2. @Roland King Other then not admitting that your AR 15 can fire as fast as you can move your trigger finger,which I can do to rattle through my magazine in seconds..

  12. Any politician that speaks at that Nra convention this weekend should just go ahead and consider this their last term.

    1. Yep. I agree. The problem is midterms don’t draw a lot of voters. But these spineless Republicans should be voted out

  13. Good lord… those little kids…
    The blood lies on the hands of 50 senators. THIS IS THE FAULT OF THE SENATORS WHO GET THEIR MONEY FROM GUN LOBBYISTS. My anger is with those that can change things but CHOOSE to not do it to keep themselves in power. This is not democracy and I am sick and tired of thoughts and prayers. No amount of bleeding hearts and condolences can bring these kids back, BUT we can prevent the next massacre. Call your state representative and push for gun laws

  14. Everyone one of them are unbelievable and be this heartless, they don’t care, money is their god, vote them out, save the children!

  15. If your political reps say nothing can be done, then vote for someone who can do something. Nothing is no answer.

    1. Easy if you don’t think too hard about it. Are you willing to train teachers and pay them a lot more for the added responsibility? Will you fire teachers who don’t want to bear arms (most of them). What is the probability of students and teachers being killed by gun accidents? If you want armed guards at school, then raise taxes and pay them a reasonable wage. And do a background check,

    2. @Steven Fry That’s what it says. Nothing to do with “self protection” or hunting or shooting as a sport.

    3. And when your political rep tells you what you should use to defend Yourself that’s also a good indication they don’t have your best intentions.

  16. Republicans:
    “ let’s not try to come up with any solutions to the gun problem in America because I came up with a random scenario where it might not work. “

    1. @Carl Okweef There were two police officers at that school. The only thing they could do was to keep the shooter confined to one classroom until help arrived. An AR15 is a formidable weapon with considerable firepower. That’s the sole purpose of an assault rifle, to fire at the enemy, to pin them down or kill as many as quickly as possible. Assault weapons are not hunting weapons. Assault weapons are specifically designed to kill people, to assault and pin down armed enemy soldiers. In this instance, the police were the enemy and unarmed children the victims.

  17. The criminal argument is just ridiculous. If this is true why did this particular inhuman mass murder choose to wait until he was of legal age to purchase his weapons of choice. BTW In Canada it is crime to sell or own body armor except under regulated circumstances. How can body armor be a 2nd amendment issue? Even this the Disunited States can’t address.

  18. Republican legislators: “Nothing can be done”
    Australia: “We passed legislation within two weeks of a mass shooting which has prevented any further mass shootings”

    1. @JimmyJamesBlueFlames l live Australia, it was done by a conservative (Republican type) PM.
      And it’s worked.

    2. It happened in UK one time, almost 30 years ago. Handguns (which were already rare) were immediately banned

    3. @Boris Probotkin Yes; in 1996, at Port Arthur. 35 people died; John Howard (the conservative Prime Minister) took immediate action.

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