1. I had to turn off the volume as he spoke and eventually stopped watching the video because I did not want to hear excuses.
      The anger is beyond words.
      Police departments around this Country should have these type of school shootings figured out, planned and had the police pre- trained.
      No reason why every police personnel should not know that school with their eyes closed and know exactly what was preplanned as a response with a active shooter.
      Every single town in this Country needs to make sure their local police have a plan for these type of situations.
      Make these schools lock all doors and have them on magnetic locks controlled at a security office in the school.
      This includes classrooms. Every door should be locked once class begins and every class should be monitored on surveillance.

    2. oh definitely not mall security! no security would be better than anything they could offer.

  1. Very disappointed those law officers who fail us and didn’t do their job to save children lives. Sorry for parents loss. 😓😥😭😢

    1. @Refresh2b they didn’t do their job. Their job is to protect the citizens. Their were nineteen of them. One for each dead child. That’s 9 SUV’s…… there were more than enough. They just didn’t want to. Except to get their own children out.

    2. @Martuccia You should not feel empathy if you dont want too. Its a very difficult time and this shooting was beyond normal human understanding. I am not aware of cops taking their children out and leaving others and thats seems almost even more incomprehensible and if thats the case then I fully agree with what your saying. What Im trying to say rather badly is 20 cops are a reflection of society at large. They may not represent you Martuccia but they represent society as the law does. Laws generally represent the views of society at large other wise they would not stand. That 20 cops stood outside for 45 mins which has never been heard of before in America as far as I am aware is saying something about society. I dont know exactly what but Im taking a guess that it is as much to do with the fear of making the wrong decision in society today is so high the people in society are starting to make NO decisions. Yes for sure it may be as basic as they were all cowards and calling them that may help some people understand but I think its more complex than that. But perhaps now is not the time for any debate at all. The world is yet again speechless at this event and we are sorry for what this is doing to your country. We love America especially here in Ireland. Love America and Americans.

    3. @Refresh2b Supreme Court ruled that Police job is not to protect, it is to make sure the law is being obeyed. It’s not there job to protect us from bad guys. We should be doing that our selves.

  2. A human reaction from a elected official. Making an effort to bring real support to this shattered community. How refreshing.

  3. And on top of this horrific mass murder of young children and teachers, we find out that the police just stood there and listened to the children being slaughtered. What an unbearable nightmare. I pray for comfort and consolation for all involved and peace for the souls. We have to ban assault weapons in this country. The Founding Fathers envisioned a “well-regulated militia” not psychotic teenagers with assault rifles hunting innocent children to kill.

    1. @Joshua Castillo if he walked into the school with a knife, or a baseball bat or any other hypothetical weapon the teachers at least could have had a CHANCE at overpowering or disarming him, some children could try to run away from a knife. What are you people not seeing? A militarized gun eliminates all chance of survival for the unarmed. This is vile.

    2. @navy He wouldn’t attack a group of people with the knife, he’d prey on the weak in the dark. They find a way regardless.

  4. When a another child comes to pay his respects to kids his age, it tells us that other kids DO know and understand things we think they don’t. And honestly, we need to listen to them more…

    1. @American Patriot I would assume by its name that the Second Amendment was added to the original Constitution. If that was the case then wouldn’t that mean its possible to add another Amendment.

    2. These school terrorist attacks have been happening for too long. These surviving kids will grow up to be voters. I’m pinning my hope on them.

  5. What gets me is that a town as small as Uvalde, they spend 40% of their city budget on law enforcement, and have a full blown 13-man SWAT team as fully equipped as any large city. Seems like there ought to be a federal investigation as to what they are really doing there.

    1. @SGT. NMI That was kind of one of the same problems I think parkland had too, the spot of the school crossed over several jurisdiction but they weren’t sure who had the top level for that situation so they hesitated.

    2. @tsunamis82 Well, then don’t you see? That is the world we live in. We do what we can to follow safety protocol, do our part. Then, when or if some criminal wants to do harm, he will do harm whether he owns a legal possesed firearm or not. But by doing our part, like keeping doors shut, we don’t make it easy for them. Just like we lock up our homes. Yet, who knows if he would have tried to shoot the door open, it would leave him out in the open to be seen and shot at. He was shooting through a window too they said. So anyhow, when the left (Democrats) go about blaming Republicans and politicizing this matter, it just doesn’t make sense, and this is what shouldn’t happen at all.

    1. @Denis Means The bad guy with a gun has no scruples to use a gun.
      The best way to stop a bad guy is not to give him a gun.

    2. @Hueffel Ideally. Trouble is, who are the bad guys? We’ve seen ordinary folks do the unthinkable, including police officers. The prison has many of these folks, perhaps folks that wouldn’t be there had it not been for a gun.

    1. @American Patriot he came here ten years ago. Could have been a native born American. Your ignorance is disturbing.

    2. @J.B. Delaney Thanks J.B.

      Imagine if we used this forum as a place to improve democracy. Ah well.

      Look after yourself.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks Texas Department of Public Safety has not been transparent during this whole ordeal and if they had any ounce of integrity, they would hand over the investigation to the US Attorney’s Office or the US Department of Justice?

  7. It’s amazing to me that people are surprised by the fact that there’s a culture of liars in the police department.

    1. There really is no argument. The second amendment will need to be seriously revised. There is no need for any person to own an automatic weapon without strict laws governing purchases, maintenance and licensing. Without licensing it should be illegal to be in possession of such a weapon.

  8. Kids should be having fun at school, learning and doing show and tell, not crying while they hide and die.
    Our children deserve better!

    1. funny, that is exactly our kids here in Europe do ( besides the ones in Ukraine), but we dont have guns so we are not a good example for Americans…

  9. Texas needs more Senators with basic empathy like this guy. He’s not giving up on this community

    1. @Patrick Aalfs sorry, both words sounds the same in my language, but are just written different….
      and our public school education isnt so bad as yours!

    2. He’s there drumming up votes! Remember, the November mid terms are just a few months away!

    3. @Jan Hankins “The entire country need more Senators and Representatives with basic, empathy, integrity, and some sort of moral compass and a soul.”

      You could have just said “Democrats.”

    4. @Red Rick Can’t disagree with you there–with the possible exceptions of Sinema and Manchin.

  10. That was an honest heartfelt interview!! Can’t stop wiping tears!! Wish all interviews felt from the heart!!

    1. @Chris Cordray I agree with you. To me it was compassionate. Most interviews are defending what happened. My opinion is, the minute the grandmother called in, the 911 dispatcher should have put the school on lock down…immediately!!

  11. Republicans: “Bans don’t work.” The rest of us: “So no bans on abortion, right?” Republicans:

    1. @Brenda Lamoso lol silencers only reduces the sound of a firearm by 30 decimals max. It goes from dangerously loud to the level of jackhammer. It’s still pretty loud.

    2. @Ray Jay He probably got it just over the border in USA. If they were not legal to purchase in the USA he would not have had access to it. There has to be some sort of background check at least.

    3. In uk only ones who legally have weapons are army and some police, and we live fine over here ,

      The us say ow it’s in the construction

      So tightening up the laws won’t change your constitution you can still bare arms just make it at a different age like 21 and do background checks ,

    1. Too many voters are more interested in voting for candidates who hate the same things and people they themselves hate. That’s the most important thing.

  12. Wow, need more people in positions of leadership with this kind of empathy. Hope he is able to get what he needs for their community. No one should have to go through things like this.

  13. Those who took a sworn oath to protect and serve failed in the line of duty. They failed in protecting the lives of precious young souls and in protecting two adults who devoted their lives to teaching and, in the end, in trying to save the lives of children. The lack of protection and the dereliction of duty is unfathomable. One must always look to the top of command for answers. There can be no excuses for their lack of action, none. They must answer for this horrific tragedy and be accountable. I cannot possibly imagine the overwhelming devastation and grief of the parents of the children lost and that of the entire community and beyond. My heart goes out to you all with great sadness and with my deepest condolences.

    1. Pure cowardice and lack of any sort of backbone, The Law enforcement (19), sat and listened to kids getting shot. I have never sworn an oath, but to protect and serve was the exact opposite of what these cowards did.

  14. This is a real senator who is doing his job. What an absolute heartbreak and outrage this is.

  15. Poor and disenfranchised ethic communities have been screaming this for years and it’s sad that events like this need to happen to bring even more exposure on the deceptive, incompetent and dishonest law enforcement culture in towns all across this country.

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