1. This is the only sensible comment on here . The families who are alive suffer and that will never end while the killer / s go free.

  1. Why is it that the guy at the food truck (hoody guy, John showalter (Aka Jack) left that night to drive almost 6 hours to his wealthy parents cabin without submitting DNA? Then was cleared as a suspect? Because, his parents gave him the alibi and got him a lawyer? His parents are very wealthy and contribute lots of money to the University. They now have taken him to Africa🤷🏻‍♀

    1. @Cynthia Copland your right. Off the subject of the murders. Look at what amber heard did to Johnny depp, he had to fight to get his life back.

    2. @Anita Kristensen I
      didn’t follow that particular case bc of the celebrity notoriety. These Idaho students were so innocent 😇, enjoying a night out with each other. I would hate to see anyone else become another victim just bc they were in the area & working a food 🥘 truck.

    3. @Cynthia Copland amber basically cost Johnny his career, with her lies and false accusations. He had to go to court to prove she was lying. He now has his life and career back. I have said about the murders. Some innocent college students are not always so innocent. When they are away from home.

    4. @Anita Kristensen
      Victim blaming isn’t kind/appropriate when describing a victim of a violent death.

    5. @Cynthia Copland truth hurts at times. More ways then one. Maybe she shouldn’t of flaunted herself, like she did on social media.

  2. I am an expert crime stopper internet sleuth. I am as of now officially hot on the case of the idaho college kids killer. I will solve this case!!! Is it possible to see all the evidence??? Why won’t the police share the evidence??

    1. Because they are investigating! I thought u were a crim stopper sleuth!?!? Lol they can’t show all their cards!

  3. To solve this case all you need to do is figure out what guy the blonde girl was screwing. Then find out who his ex girlfriend was. That’s your killer. The motive was fighting over a guy. Cat fight gone bad. 100% a girl is the killer. Now then……where do I go to collect the reward??

  4. No murders since 2015 in a small American town being treated as remarkable, is a very sad statement of life in the United States today. What have we become?

  5. This is so heart breaking💔 I can not believe this 😔 anyone that can do this and why have the police not found them!!!!!! I’m so sick to my stomach may they RIP I PRAY 🙏 FPR THE FAMILYS

  6. That’s why the police don’t tell many details! They are INVESTIGATING! That takes time! They can’t release every detail they know! I couldn’t imagine what these families are going through but if they want justice then hang in there! My father passed on questionable circumstances and it is excruciating to wait but Justice will be survived! Let them do what they have to! Tests take forever to come back! But I believe it was someone closer than people think and possibly more than one to take on 2 people at once with a knife isn’t easy! Social media doesn’t help at all either! I wouldn’t talk to any news/media for anything!

  7. I believe he problem here is that law enforcement, much like many people on social media, are worried about what people think instead of doing their job 😠

  8. I still don’t understand how the roommates didn’t hear anything? No screaming, banging, anything unusual?
    Secondly, the victims were on the 2nd and 3rd floors. This suggests they’re wasn’t a singular target.

  9. FBI should be leading this investigation. Small town does not have enough investigators to deal with this case.

  10. they were so drunk that they were unable to defend themselves against 1 person,,,it must be someone they met at some bars around

  11. Do not apologize for your Papa Bear response to losing your daughter. We are united with you & all who grieve this heartbreaking 💔 loss. Dear Lord, hear our prayers 🙏🏼

    1. I appreciate the Dad’s urgency to want this investigation to be resolved ASAP but he has to allow the PD/FBI time to do their job.
      We don’t know what evidence has been gathered so far. The PD aren’t going to announce anything publicly until they’re sure.
      All that being said, my heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims. I can’t even comprehend the pain they must be feeling.
      The PD seem to focused on getting this case solved, let’s hope they get the crucial evidence they need to solve this horrific crime.

  12. It would take at least two people to kill 4 people in a methodical fashion without anyone hearing eachother esoecialy the two in the same bed. It would take 2.

  13. Of course someone stalked them right into their house killing them but what is a long term stalker or short term stalker ? A long term one wouldn’t of done this but a short term yes because they find victims and immediately kill them while long term are on some perverted mission basically a peeping Tom fallowing you around. He’s be more of a serial killer stalker and they don’t stalk to long just enough to find out where you live and they immediately kill. Unless this serial killer was going house to house looking for unlocked doors and he finally found the back door opened and so that would mean he’s a very dangerous man and could kill again but serial killers wait a months sometimes years unless he’s a sexual serial killer then he’s going to attack more often like Richard Ramirez. If he’s in the mountains or still around keep every window and door locked good. If he’s like Ramirez then he’ll open your bedroom window as your laying there and you won’t hear anything. They will open that window super slow even if I takes two hours. This killer likes creeping in creeping out without a sound nor leaves a trace. He’s looking for open windows and doors. 🤔

  14. Who are the only two people who placed
    themselves at the scene of the crime? Who are
    the only two people who were present when the
    murders occurred? Who are the two people who
    knew that house inside and out more intimately
    than anyone else? Who are the only two people
    who have lawyered up and haven’t spoken in
    public a single time since the murders? Who are
    the only two people who were present when the
    murders occurred yet were miraculously left
    unharmed? Who are the only two people who
    found the bodies, yet never called 911? Who are
    the two people who called friends over to the
    house after discovering the bodies before they or
    anyone else called 911??

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