1. @just a ghoul in the world He was smiling as he watched his ‘loved ones’ invade the Capitol, so you’re right.

  1. I like how they talked about the Dems taking things out of context and yet their entire montage was things taken out of context

    1. @Brusio Music so using ur own logic, Trump saying…. “If you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore” “You will have an illegitimate president. That is what you will have, and we can’t let that happen” “You don’t concede when there’s theft involved. Our country has had enough. We will not take it anymore.” “We will never give up. We will never concede. It doesn’t happen”, would be incitement because lesser rhetoric from dems is incitement, this is the bar u set by saying dems are guilty of incitement, every Trump comment of dems being evil socialists who are destroying our country, gonna take away ur rights, take away ur country, take ur guns, all according to ur own standard is enough to be guilty of incitement, but I’m sure u will somehow say that’s different could understand if said dems didn’t say enough to consider it incitement and use same logic and apply it to Trump but u point at the dems being guilty and go ahead is Trump guilty of incitement? How about the Trump mail bomber that drove a Trump van and sent bombs to every perceived enemy of Trump, or the El Paso mass shooter that quoted Trump in his manifesto, is Trump guilty of incitementing them too, or how about Pence which is worse of all, 2 days prior Pence was his righthand man and Trump sends a couple coward comments and blames Pence for not flipping the election which he couldn’t do anywhere according to the constitution the right claims to live by and people go from waving Trump-Pence flags to invading the Capitol chanting hang Mike Pence and searching for him to bring him to the gallows the constructed, 2 days earlier Pence was a patriot and a few tweets later he’s a traitor and to be killed, but the dems incite violence that never takes place and Trump incites violence that’s taken place multiple times…. so is Trump also guilty of incitement?

    2. @Frank Kraus no, no violence intended. You have a link to your website on your YouTube channel and I sincerely like your work. That’s the type of photography I’d want for my wedding.
      I’ll edit my earlier comment.
      Also, I’m not a member of the democrat party.

    1. @Wesley Buirkle well let me explain you with apples trump knew what he was doing the dogs were the people
      When you said I’m wrong you did understood what I was trying to say
      Now trump did the right thing common

  2. That’s a difference of 1 hour and 27 minutes, his speach was within walking distance of the White House, and he was driven back in a motorcade. It didn’t take 1 hour and 27 minutes for the President to learn of the violence since it had started during his speech, and was declared a riot at 1:48 which would have made it to him….

    1. @The Morose Pittbull you can not legally protest on federal property that is off limits, like the inside of the capitol building. You can protest outside of it, but not inside.

  3. remember: defense lawyers do not care about the truth, they do not care about innocence or guilt, their only goal is to win. like the old saying, ‘99% of all lawyers give the rest a bad name’

    1. and prosecution lawyers? 99%, as you say, are corrupt and out to convince judges/jurys the opposite of the truth. if law was so cut and dry and evidence was so blatant, you wouldnt need either and nobody would recognize the phrase “innocent until proven guilty”. this is where the phrase “witch hunt” comes into play. people have already burned him at the stake. theyve already burned his supporters at the stake. why even bother with a justice system? what difference at this point does it make?

    1. Well lets see, 2 of the lawsuits that where announched have already dropped.
      Somehow the moment they need to bring evidence and speak under oath, they crawl back o.O

      I hope it gets to one, but it wont. Ever.

    2. @Lil Wayne No sir you are incorrect. He has been Impeached twice. There was not 3rd. More and likely he will not be convicted this time either. Also regarding unconstitutionality … you are also incorrect. The vote was taken and affirmed by the Senate Republicans and Democrats that it was Constitutional to continue with the Impeachment. He was the sitting president at the time of the Impeachment so therefore Constitutional. So that is a mute argument already determined by the Senate and begin used as a smoke screen by the defense attorneys.
      As affirmed by 61 court cases both lower and upper, both Republican and Democratic, Trump appointed judges also … there was no evidence of fraud. All cases were found to have no merit/evidence and were dismissed. This election is the most secure election that the United States has ever had. All the court cases and petitions are A matter of public records so feel free to read them for yourself.
      I find in this day and age it best way to make sure that I’m getting factual information.
      Pertaining to main stream media coverage … may I suggest PBS and C-SPAN. It’s actual news coverage and not opinion coverage. The coverage is excellent and none biased. There is a tremendous coverage of COVID-19 and the improvements that are being made for the protection of the American people it also covers many of the other issues and legislation pieces that the Biden administration is working on. Domestic and foreign. There’s actually a tremendous amount of work being done.
      I say this only as a fellow American who wants the facts about what is happening in our Country regardless of party. Enjoy your evening.

  4. He sent tweets instead of troops, refer the entire mater to the FBI and the new AG if real justice is to be had.

  5. “Their final and most essential command was that you disregard the evidence of your eyes and ears and accept their version of events”

    1. They’re not idiots, they’re corrupt and just don’t care about America. It also helps that they’re more afraid to be replaced (primaried?) by their own party than by the voters.

  6. I bet McCarthy wished he’d had kept quiet about the phone call between him and FORMER president, major game changer, but I suppose the cult leader will get his wish and be acquitted.

    1. That’s not accountability to his followers. To them it’ll be a win and will encourage them to go after whoever they view as their enemies. We know it

  7. As a “NON AMERICAN” watching the 2nd Impeachment of Former President Trump on YouTube like millions of others from around the world, I’m disgusted by Republicans !!

    1. @ReisterJP i thought Eversbody needs Justice as base to unite? How can u unite with somebody who just tried to kill U and claims afterwards just to move on in favour to unite? I dont get how your republicans still keep saying sth. like that…

    2. @Timothy Johnson hahahaha right that makes sense. Even the one’s still there seem to play that holy high ground B.S.

    3. @ReisterJP The only way there can be unity is if officials including the president are held accountable for their actions.
      Trump must be convicted and banned from ever again holding office, Otherwise history (Hitler) could easily repeat itself.

    4. @ReisterJP The Chief Justice is required at the trial ONLY of a SITTING president, Trump is out of office during this trial.
      If he’s acquitted again, it does NOT mean he’s innocent. It only means that the cowardly Republican Senators are NOT upholding their oath.

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