Hear this Afghan negotiator's message to US lawmakers 1

Hear this Afghan negotiator’s message to US lawmakers


CNN's Becky Anderson speaks with Fatima Gailani, an Afghan women's rights activist and government peace negotiator, about her views on the planned withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan.

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  1. Well, Afghanistan is not a US colony. It is a sovereign country that has its own government, army, has fixed boundaries, has its own language and culture. The time has come for the country to take care of itself. This country had 20 years to do so during the presence of the US military, US military, political and economic aid.

    1. What the hell have the Afghan government been doing that after *20 years* they’re still not ready to take over the security of their own country?! It doesn’t make any sense. How many more years should the US waste there?

  2. They must know it is impossible to get peace. We would be there forever. The only choice is whether we want to be there forever or leave.

    1. It’s not impossible. I’m an Afghan and My grand grandfather was a Soviet Pilot and he died in 1943 and he told his son( My grandfather) that we (Soviets) can’t beat the German and at the time Germany was in Stalingrad and close to Moscow. Of course he died before the war was over but he was wrong and Nazis were beaten. What I’m saying is that nothing is impossible. If I and My people give up hope of Peace then we are nothing. It’s We who have to get rid of Taliban. I hope My words have not offended you.

    2. That’s it. CNN is trotting this politician out to concern troll about women and girls to manufacture consent. Where’s all this concern for women and girls when it concerns Saudi Arabia?

    3. @Taye Owusu Lol. Well I think We both know US don’t care about Women or democracy as long as it’s not against their policies.

  3. I am concerned that things aren’t just gonna stabilize in the region… But I don’t know how helpful we really ever were.

    1. CNN Director Caught on Hidden Camera Saying The Network is ‘Trying to Help’ BLM By Only Pushing Stories That Implicate White People and that reporting about black on Asian hate crimes would “set back” BLM, which they wouldn’t want. This is what editors & producers of CNN say behind closed doors.

    2. We aren’t there to “Help” The USA is there to dominate over the middle east because of 9/11. We aren’t there for resources. Anyone that thinks we are there for resources is a fool, but 20 years, in the middle east. We don’t need to be there. Let to people pick how they want their people to live. Nations raise an fall if they don’t learn from their mistakes.

    1. @Daniel Berger, wtf are you snorting? As Mystery Man said, put up or shut up. Show your proof, and make it a real & reliable one and not the New York Post.

  4. Holy wars are always a losing battle; an imaginary enemy can’t be beat, ever… history proves this too many times

    1. @K Man its only illegal if you state the Kabul government is a puppet. Is it? The Afghans i know i think support the Kabul government.

    2. When things were at their very worst:
      2 Suns, Cross in the sky, 2 comets will collide = don`t be afraid – repent, accept Lord`s Hand of Mercy.
      The first sign – the Earth will spin faster.
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    3. Holy + War , religion is to ingrained in that region to change the hearts and minds . Like Lincoln and his General who served 2 terms , Grant never changed the hearts and minds in the American south land . Make THIS NATION the best it can be , before we send 1 solder or 1 more dollar anywhere . Take care of our own 1st .

    1. At least 800,000 people have been killed by direct war violence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Pakistan.

  5. Hopefully Afghanistan has some preparation for the withdrawal of troupes, like Fatima Gailian said, we knew they would leave someday. Anyway it sounds like she needs to have a chat with the Taliban

  6. We cannot stay there. It has been long enough. I’m sorry but her government needs to get it together. It is not fair for our troops to be away from their loved ones any longer. My heart goes out to the families who have lost their sons and daughters who were there. We can only do so much then it’s time to take full responsibility for your own country and what’s going on there. Decades have passed time to come home.

  7. There were opportunities to partition years ago, but the delusion of total victory obtained and now there is total failure.

  8. Sad to say but it’s time the US worry about its own,we have a war going on within our own country that needs to be dealt with before we worry with other nations for sure

  9. two super powers have been to your country and your country fought to get them out. you said it best one country North and South DMZ!

  10. They want us out by May 1st. Might want to have another chat with them about expediting an end to their quarrels in order to move the peace objective forward.

  11. So powerful. Let’s start here and set an example. Listen to her! The whole world needs to stop all the fighting. Peace my fellow humans

  12. If it wasn’t figured out in 20 years, it’s never going to happen. They knew it was coming for years. It’s time, they need to run their own country.

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