1. @Matt W This is the internet. No one is embarrassed because we will never meet one another. If you think comments on YouTube represent a sense of reputation, you have a sad and lonely life.

    1. @simon kenton Sure, but you declared him an hero after his last book. Not 50 years ago, not 25 years ago, not one week ago. So one is inclined to think that his heroism is derived or confirmed by this last book, something I have my doubts about.
      Sure it is good he published it, but it would have been better if him and others told what they knew when they learned it, not after they signed a contract for a book.

    2. @Maurizio Vitale I find your claim to know what I was doing 25 or 50 years ago laughable. The ‘ONE” you reference is just you. Please keep any contemplated further pecksniffian mutterings to yourself.

  1. Adam Schiff said that if the Republican Party didn’t hold Donald Trump accountable during the first impeachment, that it was going to get much worse and he was going to feel empowered to push the envelope even further next time. Adam Schiff was 100% correct

  2. We are in so much danger because of this man n the Republicans that helps him. We cannot let these people win in November!

    1. @Joan Frellburg Yes but Trump is only a loser in the eyes of irrational trump-haters. Why should that matter to sensible, fair minded patriots who just want to work and raise their children?

  3. If he’s so tough he needs to show up and testify. Talking smack amongst your friends then running away when the heat comes is the antithesis of a tough guy.

    1. Great idea I’ll meditate on that he is his own lawyer. That would be the most watched event on TV.

    2. ​@Eliza Grogan If he slides on down the list to Craigslist, we’ll know he hit rock bottom!🤣😂🤣

    1. @Anna-Marie Starr Fortunately Woodward even thou he’s a journalist .. He isn’t STUPID and he hasn’t REVEALED this INFORMATION..
      He fully understands how dangerous to the world that could be.

    2. @Bonita Rothman ….. You are spot on! Those voting Republican apparently can’t comprehend that in the long run, they will suffer too.

  4. he is ALWAYS trying to impress EVERYONE any time he speaks! ANYTHING he does is “the greatest, or most amazing, or perfect” thing ever done. and he knows more about EVERYTHING than ANYBODY.

    1. Between him and the Kim family in North Korea, I think there might be a big disagreement over who knows more. My opinion is that Kim Jong Un knows more because he talked to Trump, the man who doesn’t know when to shut up!

    1. He said “have” as subtitled. Tape quality is low enough to achieve “perceptually ambiguous stimulus” and in particular for one syllable you can literally hear what you want. What you can’t hear, obviously, is Trump saying anything other than “America has big bad secret weapons” which is not a secret nor confidential, obviously.

  5. Being „tough“ is a clear sign of a psychopath.
    Actually thinking it through, more likely a sociopath.
    Quote from a forensic:
    „A psychopath is like a trained guard dog,
    A sociopath is more like a dog with rabies.“

    1. @Tommy Diaz If I had been talking about Biden, I would have named him. I was speaking of presidents, generically.

    2. @Hal Weiss like who exactly were you talking about? I wanna know the president that made the right decisions in your book.

  6. When I heard that interview a couple of years ago, I thought why is he divulging that information. No one said anything, so I thought I may be over reacting.

  7. Non-disclosure agreements DO NOT APPLY to any person working at any level of our Government, Local, State or Federal. The actual reason is that even though we are not their “boss” we, the taxpayers are technically their employer.

    1. There are various non-disclosure agreements and laws that are vitally important to national security. They are not DJ Trump non-disclosure agreements!

    2. ​@Me MyName Um.. those aren’t the kind of non-disclosure agreements that would prevent you from writing nasty things about your boss in a book.
      He was clearly talking about corporate style non-disclosure agreements.

  8. “I don’t like giving money to somebody then they say bad things about me…” — It’s NOT YOUR MONEY! — WE paid Don Jr’s paycheck that “next week”.

  9. “I don’t like people who take your money and then say bad things about you.”
    – Mr. American Carnage

    1. @Nagroddy No. But he believes the people in government work for him, so he is paying them, it´s his money they are taking. In his mind he is not another public servant, he is the boss, accountable to no-one.

    2. Thankfully I was sitting in my chair empty handed when I heard that one(Trump’s comment),otherwise I might have had an accident.

  10. When all these “tell all” books first started I too was like “why now”. The answer is law and order. Every word in all of these books have the authors signature on them. Signed sealed and legal documents.

  11. Scary! I don’t think that the ordinary US citizen really understands how much danger our democracy is in right now. Very concerning.

  12. Kid Rock of all people,said Trump showed him classified documents and Kid Rock was like,should I be looking at these documents? And even though Kid Rock tells the story in a joking way,but his questioning of looking at classified documents was right.

    1. The President of the United States can show classified documents to whom ever he feels like, he can also declassify ANY documents at will. Too many people seem to grossly misunderstand that the President of the United States has full control over all classified material. Everyone in the government outside of the Judiciary and Congress works for POTUS not the other way around. Not a single government employee can tell the President of the United States how to handle classified material. Why is all of this so hard to understand?

  13. Federal Employees should ABSOLUTELY NOT sign any additional Non-Disclosure agreements whatsoever, except those that come with Federal service. They are bound by the US Constitution and the US Code and serve THE PEOPLE, not any one individual.

    If it’s not a standard Federal Nondisclosure form (ex. SF-312), the courts should step in and declare them invalid.

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