1. I admire his strength, to protect democracy from those wishing to strip it away, and to live with the pain and torment others put him through

    1. @Kyle Nolan who has been charged for breaking the windows…
      Specifically who has been accused of this act.
      They caught a bunch of grandma’s taking selfies but couldn’t catch the ones that actually destroyed property.


    2. @Kyle Nolan
      No lan…
      Even from the inside at the capital a key is needed….its not your school exit princess.

  2. Constitutionally we are a country self governed by the rule of law. “We need to return to the rule of law”. No one is above the law.

    1. @Dawny WartHog Justice should be a free market like any other. More money means you get better justice.

  3. We MUST have the rule of law as Fanone has said. Without it will just make us another Banana Republic.

  4. If anyone has the right to demand justice it’s the men and women that were attacked that day for defending the “people’s house”…

    1. @Alan Moore Nothing says “justice” quite like waving around the flag of slavers. You didn’t fool anyone.

    2. This is so sickeningly insincere and contrived that the rank hypocrisy of it has fouled the air in this room. Later.

    3. @wayne myers I thought that bad smell was the Trump supporters brains rotting away… each to his own

  5. A smart man and real patriot. He has one of the the most clear and coherent descriptions of Trump’s crimes. And he has a the best idea of how the DOJ should respond.

    1. You made a very good point,for someone that suffered a traumatic brain injury,personally, he is way to clear and concise to have suffered a brain injury. It took me years to recover my ability to speak with any clarity. Its been 15 years and I still cant tie my own shoes,let alone have a normal conversation. Just saying.

    2. @james summers Sounds as if you might not have been given the OT or PT you needed then. Sorry about that. To be fair though, folks seem to respond well while others don’t. I ‘lived’ with folks for 5 weeks who had head/brain traumas for various reasons so I witnessed a lot of variables. I wish you the best.

  6. Control , Power and Seditious Conspiracy not only did Trump know he had lost he knew he was going to lose , including his allies , seeking pardons , and must be held accountable at any cost for their treasonous Acts !
    Cassidy Jacqueline Hutchinson , Thank you , you are a true American Hero.
    Never forget January 6th 2021

    1. @Michael Blumenreich The DOJ must give those people metals. They peacefully protested , burned nothing down and only made capital police cry on CNN

  7. There HAS to be accountability.
    There is nothing Political about inciting a mob to storm the Capitol!
    THAT is a crime!

  8. Officer Falone is a national treasure, saying Trump wanted “a crossing of the Delaware moment. ” Priceless!

    1. Michael Fanone still voted for Trump in the past, he’s definitely not a national treasure.

    2. Dems: Whoite men shut up!!!

      Also Dems: Hey let’s listen to this whoite man….he’s “brave & stunning”

  9. I agree completely with Mr. Fanone, all people that planed, incited, and participated in the 1/6 insurrection need to be held criminally accountable for their actions. Not some slap on the wrist like we have seen too often with these terrorist but serious prison time.

    1. @Kimberly Morgan dozens of people were murdered during those protest. David dorn was one of many others.

    2. @Ronald Bagwell right on, I’ve never heard of gung fu. I assume it’s a branch off of kung fu?

    3. @Tim Karcher flag poles, bear spray, tasers, brass knuckles, riot shields, metal barriers, metal batons, spears

  10. “We need to return to the rule of law“ if others are not held accountable leaders of the January 6 insurrection, Merrick Garland is putting the public in an unsafe environment. He might think that he’s avoiding a public clash, by not charging? I like how this guy said it. Things have changed, rules of engagement have to change,” Newsom said. “You’ve got to take the fight to them”

    1. @Michele Kett may I amend that, please? Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Religion is the last refuge of a despot. 😉

    2. @Patt Henry Could not agree more with your comment. Too many scoundrels and despots not being held accountable.

  11. I agree with Fanone on this for sure !!! Let’s see if there is a rule of law and / or justice for these entitle powerful rich people ….

  12. I love this officer. He went through so much and some Repubs turned on him which is horrible.

    1. @Tom “The TV turn off, you should” That’s the difference between you and I, I see the problems in person, you read about them or watch CNN, most of you do, you talk about ending slavery, or woman voting, it’s 2022 do you have anymore antiquated takes for me to decipher? Are you 106?

  13. this fella displays tremendous courage. he was assaulted yet has the clarity to grasp the situation now with calm and serenity and speak truth.

    1. @Anne Balderston he’s handling with such grace and standing up to what may be his fears

  14. I thought no one is above the law …. This should be a great example for the country to show that no one can act against democracy not even a sitting president….
    If nothing is done, that really will send a message for the country .

  15. If Trump did want to join his army at the Capitol then, to me, there was one reason. He expected them to overwhelm the Capitol Police, neutralise any opposition, take over the building then he could walk in as the Great Dictator and declare himself as the sole ruler of the country and probably declare martial law.

    1. @Bill Bazen True or untrue statement? Who held the ultimate military position of Commander-in-Chief (CINC), yet, wanted to give himself a military title? Who dodged the draft for Vietnam not only once, but 5 times? 🤷‍♂️
      I’m a card carrying, life-long Republican, but I’m also a retired veteran, who has worked at senior levels of government, done protective services, and see well through this cowards bullying and lies. I’m a real leader who calls it like it is, which is backed up by years of actually leading soldiers, not acting on tv shows and demanding through positions of authority my will be done. Fool me once, but not twice.

  16. I am always tortured by what our country has become when I hear this dear honorable strong clear-eyed man speak. We can’t just hope for justice. We have to DEMAND it.

    1. @Mark Crook he’s also not a cop anymore cause he has ptsd and suffered brain damage in the Jan 6 attack… did you not even listen to the interview?

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