1. The fact that Walker somehow made it this far in the election means we should all be concerned for Georgia, as well as America.

    1. Prepare now for 2024. See what the Supreme Court has before them currently.
      Pressure the Supreme Court Justices.

  2. Please keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result, Republicans. It’s working. You’re sure teaching us Democrats a ‘hard’ lesson. I’ve never felt so ‘owned’ in my life celebrating Sen. Warnock’s victory. It was the same feeling I had when John Fetterman became Pennsylvania’s other Senator.

    1. @Jeremy DeCaro
      Take your hate-speech religious spam down the road.
      Ain’t nobody buyin your nonsense either,

    2. @sirhc snomdeyeah, the House is going to have a major glitch of MAGAs who were involved with January 6 insurrection stepping down and we’ll have that back soon too.

      Stepping down voluntarily or involuntarily depending upon their role.

      Sorry, not sorry, it’s not play time anymore for seditionists, traitors, co conspirators, etc. anymore.

      Open your eyes. You will lose Senators too.

      And btw Senator Warnock won by over 100,000 votes in a gerrymandered red state.

      Jack & The DOJ aren’t entertaining MAGAs delusions.

      No one is. Your emperor has no clothes. Start thinking rationally.

    3. @The Masked Man Thanks for your answer to my question. I, myself find it hard to believe Joe won. Just cannot see how his policies are the right one. I feel it was abortion that cost Republicans. Again thanks.

  3. “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed… and we will deserve it” – Lady G, 2016

    1. @Flapkatt He is SOOO desperate to appear principled and patriotic and moral and righteous, and yet he bends to expediency with the first whisper of a political breeze. What’s that? That amoral gangster Donald Trump is running for president? Why, he’s nothing but a poltroon and a blackguard! What’s that? He’s now the actual President and millions of mudflap goobers slavishly lick his boots? Why, he’s the greatest thing since molasses on hominy! Graham is so transparently UN-principled, it’s hard to see how he keeps getting re-elected. Oh, that’s right; millions of voters have been brainwashed into believing that Democrats literally worship Satan.

    2. The key here is dont nominate Trumph so you wont get dissappointed. Quite honestly he has so much litigation going on he is not worth voters time. He is bad quality candidate. He incited coup against capital and continues to threaten your democracy and now constitution .

    3. @Edward Eckert they steel Social Security so there is more money in government pot to justify tax cuts for rich. Dont you see people,?

  4. “If we embrace trump it will be our downfall” -Lindsey Graham 2015.

    Truer words have never been spoken. 2024 is going to be interesting.

    1. @Jay 4You you named “lying Trump” … Do you have any evidences to prove that President Trump lied ? or you just heard what fake news broadcasting ? Yes, when President Trump was in power, did you see RINOs supported him ? Do you know who Paul Ryan is ? Paul Ryan is the person who hated President Trump to dead. President Trump was very lonely when he was in power. Around him are Rinos and enemies.
      Question to ask how was your life under Trump administration? vs your life under Sìlíp Joe Biden ? You accused MAGA candidates with zero policy, then can you tell me what are the policies of Democ-rats candidates ? Abortion, Open border, inflation act, easy to crime … What else ? . What about conspiracy of Hunter Laptop ? Look at the quality of Democrats candidates like John Fettherman 🤣😂🤣😂 . Stop watching Fake news to much, don’t you 🤔

    2. @Biden is Garbage

      That’s a very VERY weird response seeing as how I’m talking about the collapse of a major political party.

      But ok 👍

    1. @Carl Painter
      “Please do tell…”
      I just love the politely ignorant Dunning Krugers.
      Asking as if there’s no answer to their stupid questions. 🙄

    2. @Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Don’t forget to tell people that if they don’t give up 10% of their salary they’re thieving from God.
      That always wins people over. 🙄

    3. @Tim Knepper
      “…Americans that love America were happier…”
      Americans that love a White America were happier.
      The majority were miserable AF with a racist GQP fascist pretending to be POTUS.

    4. Exactly, lot of Republicans belong in jail for some of the twisted and evil things they’ve done to keep power.

  5. Kudos to the younger voters for getting out there and making their voices heard. They are the future!

    1. @Quinn You lost. Cry harder. And hint: your massas at GQP headquarters are slow, but they are starting to realize they shot themselves in the foot with that anti-early voting crap they sold you.

    1. @Jeff Whitman Do you mean the number of people who would support crazy candidates would be much lower if the party organizations weren’t subservient to lobbyists? You may be right about that, if that’s what you mean…

    2. They DON’T hold him in high esteem though? They know he is trouble? They have ignored all that Trump has done…which would be enough to get rid of ANY other candidates…because they want to win..AT ANY COST. They just have to realise that even GOP voters have had a gutful of the lies, the crazy and the insane? The GOP would probably win if they had moderate, well spoken ‘normal’ candidates? But they don’t. They watched the lies and hate worked for Trump and backed that rhetoric? DiSantis did the same? The immigrant STUNT, the voter STUNT…SAME BS. All it did was show what he was capable of and I know it isn’t what America needs in a president??? DiSantis is nothing but Trump 2.0..but smarter..which makes him MORE dangerous. Florida may vote for him but they are NOT the litmus test for everyday Americans?? He is way too much lie Trump? He has a vindictive, nasty streak that does not belong in the White House.

    3. @Biden is Garbage it will happen, he will be indicted in January for espionage. Then Fani Willis is going to take him to the woodshed. He is toast.

    1. This young man is capable but delusional about what happened in Georgia. Georgian Republicans in statewide elections won handily except for the totally incompetent unqualified Walker. He was a hot mess and YET still almost won. That fact alone tells you the Democrats (and I am one) have a major problem. If in order to win Democrats have to depend on Republicans putting forward people like Trump and his minions then Democrats had better take a hard look at their agenda, because sooner or later Trump will be gone and the Democratic party will have to face the music.

    1. Oh they know what went wrong they don’t want to admit that Walker is completely incompetent to running for any office of any kind

    2. They knew what went wrong it’s just they don’t wanna admit to it all they do is deflect and make dumb excuses to point fingers at one of their own party members instead of blaming trump for backing these amateurs to run for the Senate seats

    3. McConnell is definitely part of the problem.. they need younger candidates who can relate to Gen z .. how long Mitch been in congress ? Since the 80s with his same B.S agenda

    4. @howard damico they still don’t get it talking about if Donald Trump changed about running for the presidency this man is a criminal any of us Americans is watching how they have laws for the rich and not the working class this is BS the man has done too much in this country to even think about trying to run for any government office and now he’s talking about the Constitution we the people of the United States are letting you Republicans know y’all have gone too far violence trying to force us to accept anything that y’all do but if the other party does it it’s a major catastrophe and I’m meaning Trump’s children were involved in wrongdoings y’all swept it under the rug now President Biden son y’all want to use taxpayers money to open up another investigation on Biden’s instead of using the money that y’all claim we have inflation that the Democrats use up for the constituents to have an easier and pursuit of happiness in this life that’s the reason why any Americans that are watching are tired of y’all and no matter what y’all do we will not vote for you

  6. Perhaps someone should remind Lindsey of his own tweet: “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…….and we will deserve it.”

  7. I really like this man, he shows a lot of wisdom not only for someone his age, but for anyone any age.

    1. “It’s not red verses blue, it’s people versus problems.”
      Well said congressman Frost.
      Why is this such a foreign concept to the majority of the house?
      Every time populist policies are up for state referendum during elections they prove overwhelming successful.
      Culture wars don’t win elections. Sound economic and social policies do.

  8. I’ve said it a hundred times, the dishonor of Trump, Graham, Scott, Hawley and Cruz will sink the GOP….and now? I will enjoy seeing it happen.

    1. @kay armstrong There is no fight, you’re just wrong. There is also no socialism that is right wing disinfo and deception. Nobody on the left is a socialist not even bernie he’s a democratic socialist that is a capitalist.

      We already are a two tier country, the rich and corporations are already not paying their taxes, you couldn’t be more out of touch with reality.

      The wealthy and corporations will never pay their share if you go centrist corporatist moderate, or RNC in any form, the only way they will ever even have to pay taxes is if you support progressives as they’re the only ones who want to tax the rich and corporations but I can tell you are about to end this conversation right here thinking I have no idea what I’m talking about and you’ll go on voting for centrists and corporatists and you’ll keep claiming that if you don’t it will kill the middle class even though the middle class is already being killed.

      It really doesn’t sound like you have even been watching left wing corporate news you seem totally stuck on right wing disinfo.

    2. @jim bob Yes. I’ll go on voting non-progressive because I am a realist!! Corporations and the top wealthy can just move away if they have to pay more in taxes. Corporations can take their companies to China, Africa, India, Mexico, etc…as they have started doing. Then you will have no more jobs in America. Good Night!

    3. @kay armstrong When I say you’re just wrong, I mean pretty much everything in this post is 100% wrong:

      “I don’t like McConnel. Time for him to go in 2 years!! ‘m not wild about Cruz, but I very much like McCarthy. Now on your side…at least we agree on loudmouth Maxine Waters, but I LOVE Manchin because he will keep Biden halfway honest and in check. Sinema??? I guess AZ likes her and at least she’s not a rubber stamp for Biden. I would get rid of Warnock because he’s racist and a socialist. And the bald woman from Ohio. And a woman from Missouri who is always talking about defunding the police….well, the entire squad. Mostly Omar and then AOC. To me, AOC is no better than MTG. Always yapping and can’t pass a bill. You forgot Kamilla and Biden. Gotta Go!!!”

      You could not possibly be more wrong, about everything.

  9. Love to see an involved intelligent articulate young man elected to Congress. I’m sure he has new ideas to bring to the table. I’m hoping to see more from him.

    1. @patient marmalade Reminds you of Obama because he’s black and speaks proper English? Obama wasn’t a progressive. Obama was fractionally left of center.

    2. I know there is no ill-will in your comment it was meant as a compliment, but the word “articulate” can be a dog-whistle term for black people, just for the future it’s best to avoid using that term when complimenting a POCs intelligence 🙂

    3. He really represents Gen Z well. They seem like such a smart and considerate generation. They don’t hate (they don’t even use the word!) and they are so solutions-driven. They want to find solutions to everything and without blaming others! Opposite of Baby Boomers lol.

  10. I am Australian and have been watching US politics with interest, and sometimes horror, for some time. I have been discussing social change with my 19 year old daughter for many years, and this year she was able to vote for the first time in both state and federal elections. She is so excited to see so many Gen Z getting out there and voting in the US, and to see this young man getting into Congress. “This is how social change happens, isn’t it”. Yes baby, it is. Congratulations Maxwell Frost and best wishes for your career, I’ve no doubt you will do great things.

    1. The problem is once these young progressives get in to congress, they fold and do whatever leadership tells them. They won’t use their power like the far right does.

    2. @Ronald Turner im an australian resident for more than 15 years and i love the fact i dont have freedom to buy a gun. America has been convinced life will end if you cant have a high powered weapon. The way of life here is do much less fearful and safe. You wont know until you experience it. Mote chance of being hit by a kangaroo than being shot at

    3. The Lord showed me that the younger generations vote would be like knives in the the body of the republican party. In this mid term election, it was they that made the difference. And a scripture came to mind when he showed me his glory was on this outcome…this is the Lord’s doing and it’s glorious in our sight. I relaxed after I saw that. I knew they’d vote his will. It also gives me hope for the future of our country.

    4. The Lord showed me that the younger generations vote would be like knives in the the body of the republican party. In this mid term election, it was they that made the difference. And a scripture came to mind when he showed me his glory was on this outcome…this is the Lord’s doing and it’s glorious in our sight. I relaxed after I saw that. I knew they’d vote his will. It also gives me hope for the future of our country.

    5. Gen X here.
      Gen Z needs to get out there and shape the future of our country and our society for the better.

    1. @Jim Bennett ooooh you’re counting all the candidates in deep red areas that weren’t involved in battleground elections. Yeah I’m sure he did great in the places everyone already knew a far-right MAGA would win anyway. The obvious issue is all the lost elections (especially senate and governor) in close battleground races. Duh.

  11. This young man gives me hope for my party! The Democratic Party is in good hands with people like him!

  12. This young man gave the keys to election voting when he said: “The people want someone to vote for, not someone to vote against.” #2020

    1. This young man Maxwell Frost is very smart young man Democrats congressman elect. There’s no comparison or competition from Republican Party got the unqualified stupid idiot candidate because they thought the voters are stupid just like almost half of the Georgians!

  13. As a centrist, older white woman & a retired veteran I can’t think of a single thing the GOP can offer me. Other than consistently insulting my intelligence & attacking everything I served to defend.

    1. Hello US europe calling.
      Can you please come up with a president that is a little bit younger.
      Say below 70 at the end of his second term. Older does not always means wiser.

    2. @J gibson you know they cashed those checks. And when republicans cut social security, they will blaim democrats, while standing in the bread line.

    3. @Ursa Major – when Obama was running for president the first time, this conversation came up between a staunch republican & myself & he answered: “Why would I pass up an offer to get myself ahead & sabotage any opportunities of my enemies – if democrats want to help me out, there’s nothing that says I HAVE to do the same for them – *#×k the Democrats, I’ll gladly take what they offer & use it against them.” – not kidding, that is actually what he told me; word for word. Back then, I was completely offended by how rotten & sinster somebody could be; but Trump showed me all Republicans are like this deep down and not one of them have shown me something any different.

  14. Brings tears to my eyes to see the amount of young people standing up for what they believe. When I was that age (1960s) we were marching, picketing, protesting for civil rights, women’s rights, voting rights, etc. We did not know if it would make a difference. However, the bottom line was – if we have children, someday, will we be able to say we fought to make the world a better place for them. Thank you young people for making America proud.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. One small point of grammar. One always expresses “number of people” rather than “amount”, which is used to express the quantity of non-animate things, e.g. the amount of egg on the faces of Republicans after the midterm elections.

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