Hear what happened to Fox News’ ratings without Tucker Carlson

CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy breaks down the newest court actions in the Smartmatic lawsuit against Fox News, as well as the ongoing fallout from host Tucker Carlson’s departure from the network. Wolf Blitzer is then joined by the attorney representing Abby Grossberg, a former Fox News producer suing the network. Fox has denied all of Grossberg’s claims. #CNN #News


    1. @Alison Lambert I’d like to thank Joe Biden for allowing men to participate in women’s sports and crush their hopes and dreams.

    1. @Chris McIntyre “you realize that the Democratic Party could also choose to release the videos right? Why haven’t they?” — No they can’t, they are not in control of the house, it is the Republican’s that decide!

  1. Based on the way this second case is going and the way Fox has to hand over even more discovery, this will probably be ANOTHER 3/4 Billion$ as well. That first one with Dominion certainly set the standard.
    If Fox caved to Dominion, how can it possibly defend against the Smartmatic one?

    1. @phatmhat opposition is one thing, people who outright lie and foment violence is another. learn the difference child.

  2. “Fox agreed to turn over documents…” Well, that’s a very euphemistic way of saying “Fox is compelled by law to turn over documents…”

    1. @Edward Jons
      What country are you from?
      Those are big, irrelevant, IFs.
      Since “Fox agreed to turn over documents”, obviously there was no “court order to disclose documents”. There is no such thing as being “compelled by law”. One can be compelled by a final court order after exhausting all possible appeals, but that’s obviously far from what actually happened.

  3. Didn’t Fox say they were going to win the Dominion case as well? I read that despite Carlson’s huge ratings he was unable to generate advertisers. Fox runs on advertising revenue which Carlson couldn’t generate.

    1. @Domino EP
      Of course no one can fill his shoes, is that post supposed to be useful to anybody?

    2. @Jonathan Sterling You don’t know “Pillow Guy” refers to Mike Lindell who owns My Pillow, is in the ads, and is also being sued for lying about the election?

  4. The surge of viewers is good News for NewsMax ! They should keep the cash because their Dominion / Smartmattic bill is coming.

    1. @join the conversation yes they are, along with Mike Lindell, Sydney Powell, Rudi Guliani and 3 others.

    2. @jason fuchs they said that Newsmax has seen a surge of disappointed Fox viewers tuning in. Even though the guy admitted lying to them and fox just got charged for it. It seems that they can’t survive without being lied to.

  5. They should go after all the hosts and mouthpieces as well. Journalists who know full well that they are propagating lies should face some kind of penalties.

    1. , you must be talking about the days before Reagan. When he took off the velocity from the news media and allowed to be ownful and run by corporations who had invested interest in making their stocks rise and playing a strong hand in American politics. Way back then foxwood of Lost is FCC broadcasting license and the newscasters would have never found the job again. Does anybody know what the awards called for outstanding journalism?

  6. “We’re all pretending we’ve got a lot to show for it, because admitting what a disaster it’s been is too tough to digest. But come on. There really isn’t an upside to Trump”

    – Tucker Carlson Fox personality
    Don’t forget Fox was never more vulnerable from their viewer’s than when they actually told them the Truth.

    1. When Snarlson and others at Fox told the truth, they did so in private, and told the opposite to their viewers.

  7. Why do these people like being lied to? How can you make decisions about your life based on lies? It’s one thing for them to enjoy the hate and fear. It’s another to want to be lied to.

    1. @GearGeek PDX
      Can’t defend what?!
      I will defend it!!!
      No idea what the poster is talking about…

  8. If the executives at Fox weren’t able to predict this drop in ratings they should be politicians, not business leaders.

    1. anyone suggesting Fox didnt know is deluded- They knew back-lash and stock drop would follow

      Tucker brought in HUGE ad revenue too- His viewership is not only 3.3m the vast majority of them are in the sought after age range 24-54 – which advertisers pay 4x as much for. Since 2018 Tuckers show brought in nearly 700m in revenue from Adverts alone. big Media networks have the best money can buy in lawyers and other experts- And also Fox viewership dropped by these numbers after Jan 6th- and Tuckers own numbers dropped 45% after he called out Sidney potter on Air for her claims- He slammed her for not producing evidence to back up her claims- History despite CNN covering it at the time wasnt a big backer of election claims- CNN reported even Tucker is not having the claims- FACT

  9. In one of Tucker Carlson’s texts that were released in the Dominion case, he stated how he couldn’t wait for the time when he could stop talking about Donald Trump. Well, I’m waiting for the day we can stop talking about Tucker Carlson, may he stay gone.

    1. @Tio Swift so he’s deluded as well you’ll more than likely see him on ruZZian TV.🤣🤣🤣

    2. 84 moon dance… And here you are talking about Trump and Carlson. What a well rounded world you’re in.

  10. I remember not long ago, Rudy was daring Dominion to bring its lawsuits saying discovery would be bad for Dominion. Yeah, Rudy must be a prophet! 😅

    1. Dominion took only 1/3rd of their suit- if the case was a open and shut case why settle for 1/3rd

      going to court was a risk that dominion would have to answer questions about the machines they want to keep to themselves- which was a real possiability

      so Rudy’s point was valid

  11. Rating is the least of their problems! And when they have to OPEN THE BOOKS it’s gonna get down right horrible!

  12. So basically everyone decided to go watch a network that will tell them all the lies they wanna hear😂😂😂

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