1. To Walkers excuse: he does not even know that Texas and Georgia are two different states…
    With an IQ of a box of rocks he won’t understand that…

    1. @ZennbubbaBiden has a speach defect and frankly he’s a hell of a lot better speaker than Vampire Dude.

      And it’s obvious that you don’t care to get informed. And I’ll back that up with hard facts.

      While Biden has to put extra effort into speaking about Security and the economy.

      Your Vampire Dude, shows his intellect by rambling on about cows and bulls in love!

      In addition, at least Biden tells his son he loves him.
      Your Box of Rocks, pays to abort his kids!

      I honestly hope you live in GA. And either see first hand Warnocks ability or suffer from Walkers inability!

    2. @Paul Beaudoin What distinguishes them is, that like most Republicans Walker makes mistakes and those mistakes make him look stupid.

  2. So is he lying to tax officials or the public? He’s clearly lying. At the least he needs to be investigated for tax avoidance crimes.

    1. Pointless discussion. The candidates genuine qualities have NOTHING to do with why the GOP votes.
      As long as Democrsts dont win, they would vote for a shaved squirrel.

    2. Its so ironic. Elon Musk allows Ukrainians to use Starlink internet during war, but Apple restricted air drop feature for Chinese to be connected during protests using iPhones. Now you can see that Elon Musk is supporting democracy, but Apple not at all…

    1. @DeLaura McRae Isn’t this kick to the crotch!! Some of us live by rules while others just $hit where they please and walk away!!

    2. That sounds alike what trump did.
      His base is the one supporting Walker. That’s where he got all those votes.
      But Walker making a serious senate job look like a standup comedy gig.
      He have no message.

    3. @Mike Henningsen You are confusing apples and oranges. You can own as many homes as you can afford wherever you want, but you can only claim ONE as your primary residence, and you can only vote and run for local public office from there. So far, Walker is the only politician who wasn’t vetted before being nominated for office by a political party. Trump’s influence, no doubt.

    4. @Faith Worldleader If your home is your primary residence, you have lower property taxes there. Walker screwed up his own candidacy to save a few dollars by claiming primary residence elsewhere than Georgia.

    5. @Zennbubba That’s about all the requirements Mr. Walker meets. The poor man doesn’t know heads or tails about politics.

    1. @Anon One you some stupid…he been around for decades and earned his place as president…he is doing a marvelous job with the shitshow trump left him

    2. @Anon One Oh, it’s definitely a possibility. He is the best republicans have to offer and it is a red state.
      While it would be sad for the country to see someone like him get elected, I can see how it could be funny to watch republicans twist themselves in a knot every other day as they try to excuse away this or that thing Walker says or does. And in the long run it might actually be better for the country since he (along with a few others in the party) would definitely make younger people think twice before joining the republican party.

    3. @101perspective ,
      It is a very sad state of affairs when a once highly-respectable major U.S. party tries to put this badly brain-damaged fellow to a six-year term, simply as a pawn in their quest of naked greed for power.
      “Sure, I’ve taken a lot of hits, but I’ve got a very good brain just like president Trump and I’m not afraid to use it if I have to.”
      —Herschel Walker, U.S. Senate candidate

  3. When Herschel Walker first announced that he was running at georgia, even the Georgia GOP called him a carpet bagger from Texas. They knew that he was Trump’s pick to run in Georgia.

    1. With some of these poor canadates the gop pick, I cant help but thinking that maybe they really want to loose … Remember Trump was a democrat his entire life, and all that we see is just a show for the American public…

    2. Calling somebody a carpetbagger and them actually being a carpetbagger it’s two different things.

      Fact of the matter is if your opponent is calling you a carpetbagger that’s political mumbo jumbo with the media calling you a carpetbagger is a straight-up lie if everyone knows that your favorite son of the state.

      Dude was born and raised in the state and then you want to call him a carpetbagger — how stupid is that.

      The US Constitution does not require you to be a resident of the state until after you arer elected to represent that state

    3. Another one of MAGAs boys headed to prison with the oath keepers and those waiting to go to prison to spend Christmas for the next 10 years or more.

    1. @Ligma Johnson When Walker is speaking I’m not even sure what language he’s speaking. He talks like a football player that’s had a few too many hard hits to the head..

  4. Investigate his tax return records which should identify his “residence”. Why this is even being questioned should disqualify him IMMEDIATELY!

    1. @Truck Taxi  The letter of the law that was quoted was indeed the US constitution. It says you must be a resident of the state you are going to represent. You can’t be a resident of the state of GA for election purposes while also being a resident of the state of TX for tax purposes.

    2. @Truck Taxi, wtf are you talking about? Besides your comment to me, there is a total of ONE other comment in this thread that is directed at me which consists of two sentences comprised of thirteen words!

    3. @Truck Taxi, so just out of curiosity, where did you come up with that bs of yours that you only have to establish residency WHEN you are elected to the US Senate and that you aren’t required to have established residency before hand?!?

    4. 🤣🤣🤣 yall are funny this is like comedy.. he’s black so you can’t say he’s racist so you’re going with him owning 2 homes lmfao get a life people or what ever you identify as

    5. Its so ironic. Elon Musk allows Ukrainians to use Starlink internet during war, but Apple restricted air drop feature for Chinese to be connected during protests using iPhones. Now you can see that Elon Musk is supporting democracy, but Apple not at all…

  5. To claim the homestead tax deduction, which he applied for in ’21 & ’22, it must be your primary residence. It gets a little sticky when you register to vote in Georgia, but your primary residence is in another state. That could be voter fraud.

    1. You got three different things working in your statement:
      the first is homesteading which asked about primary residency in the past,
      The second one is voting qualifications
      And the third one is election qualifications for United States Senate

      It is easily possible for him to have homesteaded in Texas for a particular tax year then moved to Georgia prior to the requirements necessary for voting as a resident of Georgia.

      Nevertheless, in order to qualify to be elected as a US senator for Georgia he doesn’t have to live in Georgia, and his primary residence could be Texas he only has to live in Georgia AFTER he’s actually elected.

    2. @Pat Colin wrong, the United States Constitution says that you don’t need to be a resident of the state that you want to run for US senator you only need to be a resident of that state AFTER you’ve been elected to that office.

      Herschel Walker is presently a resident of Georgia therefore he currently qualifies

    3. @Nightwatch when he registered to vote in Georgia where did he live?

      If you was living in Georgia then he was a resident of Georgia if he got that registration in before the deadline for voting then he qualified to vote.

  6. “Goats are like mushrooms If you shoot a duck I like toasters” – Herschel ‘Braindead’ Walker

    1. @Robin Lillian how do you scientifically prove that Herschel Walker has a brain?? I can’t tell from his speeches

    2. Maybe the GOP should have a jellyfish as their candidate. At least everyone knows jellyfish don’t have brains instead of people like DJT & Walker thinking they do have brains erroneously.

  7. His situation seem different than just “carpet bagging.” One there is tax fraud or two there is voter fraud. If he is a Texan, how can he vote in Georgia. If he’s a Georgian, how can he get a primary residence tax break in Texas.

    1. @Len Thomas Oops! One thing I can honestly give thanks for is seeing so many Americans getting it!, seeing that the emperor is naked, calling the emperor on it, and making the emperor pay for it. My fellow Americans we almost lost our democratic Republic, our beloved U.S. Constitution, our United States of America. Thankful that the RINO’s (Republican in name only) McConnell, Flimsy Graham, Benedict Donald, Gym Jordan, Matt (my girlfriend is 17) Gaetz, are but a few that come to mind, picked people that have little to offer, little courage, little intelligence, little minds, and lie a lot! One of the only races that I think ought to beg a second look would be the race for U.S. Senate seat in Ohio. I’d a thought the good people of Ohio would have slammed dunked that T-rump bootlick and voted in Tim Ryan, somebody might want to look into that one?

  8. He has split personality disorder, also known as dissociative personality disorder. He said so himself in his biography. The questions are: which of his personalities live in Texas? Which one in Georgia?

    1. The vampire personality lives where it is night, and the werewolf personality lives in Georgia at time of full moon

  9. Based on his tax filing in Texas, he has either committed tax fraud by knowingly claiming a tax benefit he isn’t entitled to or committed election fraud by running in Georgia. The tax filing makes one of those things true. The tax filing is in the public record and indisputable. This means that he is provably guilty of one of those two crimes. There is no scenario where he is innocent of both, but we all know he will face no consequences for either.

    1. @Robin Lillian If you think he’s in big trouble you haven’t been paying attention. For crikey sakes the orange ex freaking president didn’t pay taxes and he’s not in trouble. The GOP is not in the business of holding anyone accountable only retaining power. That they do nothing with to govern people. Sad sad sad state of affairs. Morality has no place in the GOP. Like that horrible ex president of the NRA said she doesn’t care if Walker is aborting baby eagles they just want the seat.

    2. @Tom M His filed documents in two states may be logically at odds, but that does not necessarily make them “fundamentally” at odds, in the sense that you appear to mean. Walker fulfilled the residency requirement to run for office in Georgia. That residency does not necessarily preclude him from having a “primary” residence in Texas in the eyes of the Texas taxation authorities according to their regulations. There is no inherent connection between the two. As to whether the facts underlying his residency in Georgia for purposes of running for office might demonstrate a violation of tax regulations in Texas, given the papers he filed with Texas tax authorities, I don’t know. I’d be glad and think it was fitting if so. But, regardless, there is no election fraud in the picture because he satisfied the residency requirement in Georgia. That was my only point. I do share your outrage and disdain for the man and I hope that somehow or another some trouble over these matters catches up with him.

    3. @Gojo for income taxes, property taxes are not the same. You don’t file a tax return when you pay property taxes or file for a homestead exemption, which is what this boils down to. You can only get a homestead exemption for a primary residence. Duh.

  10. How the hell can this be a close race? Warnock is an intelligent individual who talks sense, Walker can’t string a complete sentence together. What is wrong with these voters?

    1. @R Pach I think all Republicans lie on their taxes. They sure bitched when Biden wanted to add 87,000 irs agents.

    2. @Richard Taylor when any republican loses, it’s fraud. when they win in the same election for another race in the same state, it’s a non issue. cherry picking votes. hypocrisy at it’s best. when dems lose, they don’t cry about it and move on.

    3. @R Pach Really ? Hillary has not shut up about how she was cheated in her loss to Trump. Neither has Stacey Abrams in her defeats. The democrats lie about voter suppression,and are the ones that encourage voter fraud by wanting mail in balloting on a huge scale,along with ballot harvesting and not requiring voter ID. The difference is that there is actual proof of fraud when the Republicans lose.

    1. Yeah, it’s mind-boggling and upsetting, but it’s actually close. It does not matter if a person is qualified anymore. Republicans just vote Republican forever. Sad situation.

    1. Fun Facts: James Brown was also a sometimes GA resident with numerous illegitimate children that he did not acknowledge, and a history of domestic violence.

    1. @firstof3cooks Well, Walker isn’t a Senator at this time. So until that ever happens, from what I’m understanding is that he can claim *any* state as his residence. (I’m a Texan, and not a Walker-as-politician fan. Thank God he isn’t running in Texas!)

    2. @Truck Taxi if you are correct about Georgia, and I doubt that but taking you on your word, its not voter fraud in Georgia, its tax fraud in Texas.

    3. @Truck Taxi Your first paragraph is absolutely correct. Now, if you actually believe that Walker intends to establish a true, authentic residency in Georgia after the unlikely event of him winning an election, well, sorry dude, but you would be dumber that even Walker appears.

  11. About the house in Georgia (in his wife’s name only). She has been collecting rental fees on it for more than 10 yrs, including yrs 2020 & 2021. Walker put down that the home was his primary residence on the papers he filed to run in Ga. So he lied on the papers.

    1. I hope Warnock wins, but his campaign needs to be outed on what a sloppy stupid job they’ve done fighting this clown.

      Unless that was their strategy all along. “Hope Twizzlefuck endorses a no win moron who is totally brain dead. Then we let him get the nomination and we skate to an easy victory”

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