1. Depends on what you mean. We all need to learn lessons from the past so that we don’t repeat them in the future. Thinking of Trump.

    2. As some one stated: Yesterday is only a memory. Tomorrow is only a promise. Today is the arena we operate in. (Not quite word for word, but close)

  1. This thing she said about ‘getting our house in order’ is imperative if US is to succeed in defeating the dangers posed by autocratic regimes, all Americans at every level must understand the US national interest is at stake and pull together; no reason why US and it’s democratic allies cannot defeat the China/Russia bloc if their citizens take their unity seriously in this epic struggle.

    1. @Will Smith, slapping Xi Jinping ::

      I addressed all of your fallacious points about the International Community ; about the Country that violates International Laws more than any other Country ; the Public-Reations term of “Community”. I provided sources for you to verify my comments ; instead, you claim your ability to furnish information to counter my points, but conspicuously list none of your sources ; instead, resort to calling me names. That isn’t how debates work.

      Sight your materials ! And stop wasting valuable comment-space with obfuscation and attacking the messenger instead of providing facts to refute what I typed ; otherwise, what I typed in regard to _opinions,_ are just opinions, without foundation and without a foundation, your opinions have nothing that can be supported by historical facts.

      _It’s really that simple._

    2. @Cliff Gaither
      Maybe in your mind you did. But is the pot trying to call the kettle black? Are you being racist?

  2. I think saying “They are doing well with they have so they don’t need more…” is a huge mistake. we should say “they are doing well so we will provide them even more powerful weapons”. Maybe they find the force of doing what they do by thinking “we will so so well that they will provide us more, but when they see they never get more powerful weapons, they may loose their drive.

  3. Technology is helping autocrats rise to power and stay in power. Helping a few evil people dominate and control a large number of people.

    1. 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯
      Glad some folks see it for what it is. I am buckling up for what seems to be a rough road ahead.

    2. The US was screwed the day bush threatened congress into signing that thieving patriot act scam, patriot act enables technology to survey everyone and manipulate tehm 200 bill a year just selling private data

    3. With every advance in weapons and security technology it becomes ever more difficult for the many to overthrow the few in control of government and that technology. We stop the authoritarians in 2022 or we risk losing our freedom here in the US>

    1. @enis Elmenic You are not only funny but also biblical illiterate. Who is death? The rider of the green horse in the 4th seal. Revelation 6:8. He also is named Traduser in Hebrews 2:14. Your god got booted out of Heaven in Revelation 12:7. 😁

    2. @BR549 OU812 Thou shalt not do murder. There is no eternal life for murderer. 1 John 3:15. Murderer will be erased as never existed before. Revelation 21:8. Bye bye

    3. @Trump:Twitter in sane hands – Musk:I was an Alien Bad figs of Jeremiah 24 are goners. They will be erased as never existed before. They are Tares in Matthew 13:29,39. John 8:44. Revelation 2:9, 3:9. Bye

    4. @Alabama Man Some war pigs are needed to fight other war pigs or the world will be dominated by the dictator war pigs.

  4. Yes, they are doing fairly well with what they have been given, at a huge cost. Now they need now need equipment to fend off the missile and drone attacks that are damaging their infrastructure.

  5. Did you guys not post what she said about Crime during this? I would like to see what she said. Anyone know where I can see it? Looks like they didn’t include it in the clip. :/

    1. She said the most crime happens in red states….She said, “that’s a fact!” What she didn’t say was that the high crime areas are BLUE cities…which happen to be in red states. This woman needs to retire for good and keep quiet.

  6. Some people are either not really human or they have a demon inside of them whose goal is to destroy mankind while pretending to be benevolent and human.

    1. Maybe a “Cain & Able: classic christian bible story excuse, rationale, etc. taken literal like a Trump or taken to another level like a Putin.

    2. @dutchy mcsmokeyton Helsinki. you might have seen it on T.V absolutely disgracing the United States of America on the world stage. Charlottesville klan/white supremacist rally and the “good people on both sides” I’m sure you saw that on T.V as well. 2020 Debate, Proud Boys stand down and stand by, saw that one on T.V. Korea, saluting members of the brutal North Korean regime. it was on T.V. not a rumor or conspiracy theory. Deadly global pandemic, A China hoax that will disappear in a few weeks, just see if we can inject bleach…while killing over 1 million American citizens (also crashing the U.S. economy in the process). These are just a few off the top of my head. P.S, oh yea, one of the worst and most despicable, mocking a handicapped person at one of his “rallies” like an idiotic 12 year old punk. These are facts and can be easily viewed in case you didn’t see him in live in action for yourself.

  7. This comes from a person who literally destroyed documents and servers for her own agenda. Remember that.
    She is above the law.

  8. The Iranian movement needs help. I really hope our govt takes notice and helps. I’d like for my tax dollars to help them and the people of Ukraine…

    1. Only CNN would give this lady a platform to speak on. She is a has been that never was. But congratulations on the CNN. Promoting more propped agenda more lies.

      This is the same lady that left american soldiers in Bengazzi to die.

    2. The democratic right to vote is not the problem. Most people are good. The problem are those who steal elections and become dictators like in Russia, Iran China and North Korea. I believe in the free Democracy we live in today is best for the majority of American citizens. If Trump took his presidency by force, the USA would not be any different than Iran. I am a conservative but respect the majorities choice to choose who deem the best vote for the country. Leadership cannot be forced. True respect is earned by one’s merits. Respect for tyrants is just fear disguised as Respect .

  9. Anyone casting jokes about an 80 year old man being “hammered”, regardless who that 80 year old individual is, has less class and character than the perpetrator.

    1. really?!
      I wonder, if your wife would have been raped/tortured/killed by Russian, or your children/family.. would you still think of Putin as an _old man,_

  10. Great interview…..you have to be intelligent to ask intelligent questions and get intelligent answers. Something we lost in 2016. Look at the mess we’re in. All Trumps fault.

  11. She’s smart, and mostly correct. But she didn’t mention the need to respect and enforce laws, and punish offenders.

  12. Great interview, CNN. Hillary has great insight as a result of her years experience in global affairs. I especially liked what she said about keeping our own house in order and keeping focusing on actualizing legislation that has already been passed. Everyone should realize that all that positive change will be undone by Repubs if they win back Congress. No more insulin drug caps, etc. Republicans only plan is to disrupt, they have no solutions.

  13. This lady said there were “basket of deplorables” and boy was she so right. Today deplorables are all over the republican party

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