1. I would hope that CNN is attuned to my personal needs, as the less I hear of, see, or read of any of Trump’s sickly offspring the better I’m going to feel.

    1. @Samantha why are you quaking in your boots? It’s just a question.
      I do have children hence me not defending or being a Biden supporter.
      You? You’re going to continue and defend a family very credibly accused and being investigated for some of the worst crimes imaginable? I bet you vote for it too…
      You clearly aren’t informed. You didn’t even know about this investigation which has been very publicized. Please try taking your own advice and open your mind, ears, and eyes. You clearly are missing a lot.

    2. @Trial by Wombat funny you can’t recognize sarcasm. ” Hence me not..” what does that even mean? It’s not a proper sentence. I’m not American so I am removed from prejudement and very well informed. As I have demonstrated from my previous comments I acknowledge the existence of certain evidence yet question the validity and motivation behind the the presentation of said evidence. Vish presents the evidence but admits he’s angry over a conviction for possession of 1000 gm of shrooms. So he teams up with Steve Bannon……then msm doesn’t take it to air as an October surprise 2022….are you following? Do you still think I’m uninformed? I can keep going

    3. @Samantha so you’re commenting on another nation’s politics and clearly know little about not to mention having issues with grammar?
      Here’s me leaving the conversation with a person who clearly can’t be taken seriously 🤷🏾‍♂️
      Have a nice day Biden defender 😊
      Funny to see “carpet baggers” from other nations with little to no knowledge drop their opinions on US sources. Lol

    1. @J Scott Upton only one of those two have ever been accused of rape or sexual assault. 🤔 maybe all those women lied…

  2. Ivanka, I don’t think you were ever truly engaged in politics. I believe what you were doing was professional grifting.

    1. @Thomas John I didn’t discount that, I’m pointing out the hypocrisy. America fought Kings, but here we stand voting them in. Oh, Hunter made money on his last name? So did Jared Kushner. Oh the Democrats burnt cities down? Oh yeah Don the Con stood there and watched. Did you know the president is suppose to uphold the law? Trump let his want for revenge be taken out on his Republican voting base in those cities. Remember how Trump said, I don’t like POW’s because they were captured? Democrat ran cities have Republicans that vote red, even when their votes don’t seem to matter. Trump created POW’s in blue cities. FJB FDT.

    2. @Thomas John let me redirect your attention to the title of this video. Ivanka doesn’t want to campaign. (Why would she? She went from being Don the Cons daughter to a multi billion dollar holder of a “donation” from the Saudi Crown Prince, while her daddy was building golf courses in the same country during his presidency, even though they claim the Trump business halted.) Internet is right there, people can educate themselves.

    3. @Jackie Sheahart by the looks of that mugshot whoever it is next to Jackie Sheahart….looks like they been partying with Hunter.
      Night night.

    4. Name of Trump’s wife is Ivanka 😂😂, it is Russian name 😅 that why Trump so much like Russia 😂, Ukrainian people called all Russian soldiers – or «Ivan» or «Orcs »🤣🤣🤣

  3. Translation: l can’t be involved in his shenanigans again. I have the rest of my life to restore my reputation

    1. What reputation? She doesn’t have any. Wait let me rephrase that she does have a reputation she was the daughter wife

  4. Translation: she was only involved to line her and Jarrett’s pockets she never once cared about politics at all it was all about money with her

    1. You put false interpretations into her interests. Trump has never been prosecuted for any crimes. You are a false professor!

  5. “If he’s in Washington and we are here Jared, he can’t force me to sit on his “lap” for creepy pictures”- probably Ivanka …

  6. He may actually have just fast tracked his legal troubles and kicked them into high gear rather than slow them down. I think he’s going to use his “campaign” as an excuse to try to delay the legal process but I think he’s going to further harm the Republican party in the end. There is no way he’s getting their nomination if they actually want to repair their party and it’s former dignity. He may have to run as an independent, good luck with that.

    1. @Obito117 that’s the problem with both sides, insisting the other always was and always will be wrong. You’re just like your so called enemies. So, what makes you better ?

  7. Can this guy just go to prison already!? He stole top secret documents and probably sold them to who knows!!! Damn!

    1. The justice system needs to prove to the American people that NOBODY is above the law and is sadly failing us if Trump is not convicted.

    2. The DOJ should have indicted Trump PRIOR to this announcement. They already had more than enough evidence in the stolen docs case. Now Trump has the upper hand. When the indictment comes he can claim it’s just a political hit job to stop his 2024 campaign.

  8. Remember how humiliated she was when she traveled to Europe with daddy and no one would talk with her or take her seriously?

    1. @Guns don’t kill. Prozac does. Ah the classic pre-school “I know you are but what am I?” response. Thanks for proving my point. Thats even dumber than your last comment. Its not your fault though mate, you didnt have good parents, cant choose your genes.

  9. Wasn’t she the same one that said she planned to be just a daughter when he got into the oval office last time? She’s a liar just like her dad. She, her father and her two older brothers should all go to prison for insurance fraud. #deplorable!

    1. Do they figure they got as much money as possible from their connections to the Whitehouse? Or trying to avoid criminality?

  10. She got her financial deals whilst “working” for the government (yes, we paid her salary). But, she is still fair game for criminal and ethical violations whilst “serving” as advisor.

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