Hear what McCarthy said about Liz Cheney on hot mic 1

Hear what McCarthy said about Liz Cheney on hot mic


House minority leader Kevin McCarthy was caught on a hot mic, prior to a Fox News interview, saying that he has lost confidence in Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) minutes before he went on live TV and said that his caucus was unhappy with Cheney.

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  1. We live in a world, where people are punished for being honest. Character and integrity, being killed while they cheer!

    1. @TR Hansen Oh, excuse me. He was “only” beaten and sprayed with pepper spray. The attackers did have bear spray and were preparing to deploy it on others who stood in the way of their seditious conspiracy.

    2. @Dan Gerous Yeah, yeah. . .Democrats were the party of slavery (yawn). Then I counter Nixon Strategy and yiou’re checkmated. Gee Whiz. . .the Whigs were the party of slavery too. Now. . .you are the one shutting down the right to vote in Georgia. Why? Because you’re losers and want to game the system. Can you please challenge me at least a little? Yeah, yeah. . .climate change is a hoax. Look, I’ve heard all this claptrap before. Even the Noah’s ark one.

      We have the fossils. We won the debate on that one too.

    3. @Dan Gerous Trump did not coin the phrase MAGA, it was a Ronald Reagan campaign slogan first….

  2. I don’t know if it’s been said here or elsewhere but I never hear it from our elected officials or on the news. These people are not elected to represent the the Republican party, or the DemocratIc party, they’re elected to represent their constituents! #TaxationWithoutRepresentation

    1. Damn straight son! Our taxes go straight into the pockets of Corporations. We pay as much taxes as a socialist country, but we don’t get free healthcare, educations, 30 days of paid vacation, or a retirement. We pay for the white Republicans to collect welfare who refuse to work.

    2. @Andy Lord do you know any politician that is looking 20-50 years ahead? Or are they just thinking about their next reelection campaign? Your response bolsters my argument for term limits with all due respect, a citizen who knows they don’t need to worry about being re elected is someone who is going to put the interest of the nation and it’s people first- imho

  3. They have to do a secret vote so they can deny they voted for it. They’d lose their spine if they had to put their names on the vote.

    1. I think a secret ballot works in her favor. I’ll bet there’s a lot more Republicans out there who agree with her, but are not as confident as she is.

    2. @Al Bundy America is the world’s largest oil producing nation, and has the highest oil refining capacity.
      If gas is $8/gal next year it’s because Trump dumped so much currency into the market and caused inflation.

      Inflation always lags by a few months/years.

      Biden certainly isn’t helping the looming inflation crisis, but he didn’t cause it.

  4. Now this actually sounds more like “cancel culture” – the term so many are misusing.

    1. @MysticFiddler1 Real Republican? You mean she kills Muslims instead of Americans? Her daddy single handedly created Isis. But you wouldn’t know anything about that because any type of Republican is completely ignorant.

    2. Litmus test. Should a cop lose his job for making fun of Queen LeBron in a tiktok video??

    3. @Andy Lord Ask a person from Wyoming…one of the most conservative states. They will tell you who the RINO is in 2022. And the Utah Republican caucus got together just a couple days ago and straight up booed Romney….his days are numbered as well. So, again….the voters will tell you who the RINO is when they vote these guys out. Trump is more of a populist, not a republican…it’s just that republicans (conservatives) are a lot closer to populism than democrats, although your moderate liberals are starting to drift towards populism after Biden’s 100 days of stupidity.

  5. He should call his blog “Person Woman Man Camera TeeVee”.
    A catchy title, which makes him sound smart and have a good memory like no-ones ever seen before.

  6. Nice touch it adds believability to the bad soap opera that the 1% is forcing upon the world

    1. Rumble, BitChute and Brand New Tube have uncensored news…..video: Plandemic parts 1 and 2

    2. @Brian Hard Explain? Republican Party is simply weeding out its corrupt establishment that have failed the party. Why keep the same leadership?

      Democrats are in control of this country’s entire culture and mainstream media. You aren’t concerned about that?

    1. LMAO Yeah Buddy I agree with you because I don’t belong to either party platform of lies and Misinformation

    1. @Mike Brian ether your grandfather doesn’t know the new Republican Party, or he was an idiot.

  7. Its a sad state of affairs looking in from the outside. How jus how can a kid lover keep their seat while a person with a moral compass is being forced out. My my my.

  8. They don’t want a ‘non-threatening’ female, they want one that does what she’s told by them.

  9. It will be interesting to see what the history books will read. I feel sorry for any modern history teacher. When I took modern history in high school the teacher blew off the class showing cartoons. I always thought he was just being lazy. Now that I’m older, I understand how genius he was to avoid such a controversial topic.

  10. Wow. Kev earned a bit of respect for that, from me. There might be hope for him, after all.

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