1. More of her please. Some of the best analysis of Putin’s Russia I’ve seen. Get her back on the air!!!

    1. She just says what you want to hear and she just hears this view from all the Anti-russians in Russia that are socialising with her. Plus she lookslike an angry old lady. She totally underestimates the support in Russia but that’s a good thing

    2. The most important point that people gloss over is that putin cannot lose. That’s why escalating this thing with billions and billions of dollars to ukraine is a very, very risky deal.

    3. @ahenstew85 It’s as if you think their opinions are static. As more people flee, more doubt will creep into the minds of the “leave us alone group”. Then panic, then more resistance, and maybe even revolt.

    1. @randal gibbons These lyrics have going through my head for the last 8 months. 40 years ago we thought the Cold War was coming to an end.

    1. Only one I believe about Putin. See needs to be president of Russia. Wouldn’t that be great for the people of Russia and Ukraine.

    2. Finally someone you can believe about what’s going on with Putin. Very smart person who tells the truth. Instead of saying Putin is rational or irrational just say he’s insane and heartless when it comes to his people and the war with Ukraine.

  2. She is incredible in her knowledge and analysis. Please keep her going when you need a balanced view on “Russia today” or “Russia tomorrow”, even if the latter sounds as an oxymoron

  3. Nina definitely adds a very enlightening view of Russian society in this present predicament. I hope we will be hearing much more on her analysis of future developments, it is more convincing coming from an articulate Russian source.

    1. My 60+ fb contact in St Petersburg, a university lecturer, told me the same for years already and is now a refugee in a neighbouring country.

  4. She provides reporting on the emotional landscape of Russia that is hard to get elsewhere. We need more insight like this….

    1. Because she is actually Russian; so she can understand the country to the full extent – mentally, culturally, and politically.

    2. She is extremely based 💀 yall American media only call upon people who say what you want to hear😂 bunch of clowns.

    3. @EZY
      Hey we gotta look at the emotional landscape and see how people feel about war 😅 as if it’s not unanimously undesirable.

  5. Wow, so much truth and expression by this lady. She really has the pulse on people in Russia in a way that is completely real without rhetoric and bullshit. Hardly do you ever find this in reporting. She is a gem right now.

  6. Finally someone who knows what she’s talking about, not just some self declared “expert” doing guesswork from 10000miles away. Thanks prof. Khushcheva

  7. First sentence she shows she really knows how to break it down better than anyone else I’ve heard yet. Why isn’t she getting more coverage she’s the best yet.

  8. I was lucky enough to have her as my Master’s Thesis advisor. Obviously a wealth of wisdom, but she’s also an incredibly kind and warm person.

    1. How fortunate…this brief interview impressed me with her knowledge, insight and perceptiveness …hope you have passed your degree! Cheers from New Zealand 🇳🇿🇳🇿🐑🐑

  9. She articulated her answer in a way that anyone can understand. A genuine, authentic and relatable response 👏👏👏

  10. I typically hate political guests on news/talk shows, but this woman is really good. She is very insightful. No song and dance. Just a straight up analysis. The media should have more interviews like this. People might actually watch.

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