1. @Billie Bradshaw How is it not zelinsky’s fault? What happened to the Minsk agreements? Did he not run on the platform of bringing peace and ending the war in Ukraine and signing and implementing the Minsk Agreement, What happened? The moment he became president he did a complete about face and the exact opposite. He had a chance to end the war back in March Of last year during the negotiation in Turkey. Him and Russians were close to a peaceful end to the war. That would have been the perfect time to sign peaceful and to the wall especially since the Russians had barely taken much of Ukrainian territory. I believe back then the Russians had only captured Kherson. A sensible person would have ended the war back then. He was the one who walked away from the table at the behest of that unkempt off called Boris Johnson. It was Boris Johnson who flew into Kiev and torpedo the negotiations going on in Turkey back in March of last year. So again I ask, how is he not responsible? This is what happens when you have a clown as a president who puts the interest of a foreign military organization, and the interest of foreign governments over the interest of his own country and people. He can beg for weapons all he wants and try to resist the inevitable all he wants. The end would be the same. All of the donbas will be taken. NATO won’t lift a finger because they couldn’t care less even if they tried. Ukraine to them is just their sacrificial lamb in their hybrid war against Russia. In the end Ukraine will be the biggest loser because it would be the country that gets destroyed. So yeah I am certain Zelensky has done a formidable job of improving Ukraines economic status and development by getting it thoroughly wrecked.

    2. @Frederic Beaudet Ukraine a victim, really? A country that willingly allowed itself to be used by foreign governments and a military organization as a tool, a battering
      ram against its neighbor somehow is the victim to you in your upside down logic.

    3. Nah, they see very clearly that the globalists that are toppling government after government so they can create a nwo is the true enemy. Your enemy too, but your just to blind and brainwashed to notice.


    1. Thank You President Putin for having huge restraint in not nuking us into oblivion. Your patience and temperance is above all the humans.
      If I was you I would have taken the west out long ago. But You Have Way More Patience Than Me. You are an amazing man. Thank You and God Bless You ➕➕➕➕➕➕➕


  1. This is what Russians ( Soviets) did in Afghanistan, for 10 years they kept saying they were wining but suddenly lost and broke into pieces.

    1. The same way the United States said they were winning in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and every other war / proxy war. NO ONE wins in Afghanistan. 4,000 years of history demonstrates that.
      As for the USSR. The Russian Federation is not the USSR.

  2. Let’s be real, if I’m a Russian citizen, I would never give an honest answer to some reporter on the street, not if I valued my life and the lives of my family.

    1. @JuicyJ ваше правительство загоняет вашу страну в яму

    2. @wileycoyotegenius1 good luck with your delusional alternative reality and delusional old man that will lose to Ukraine without NATO boots.


    2. You would be very SURPRISED of the many words in Russian which have English or French roots, in the Courts of the Tsars, Russian was NEVER spoken, they ALL spoke French! Russia’s FIRST Admiral of Russia under Catherine the Great was a former HERO of the American Revolution, a man who went by the name, John Paul Jones, though there is still question if that was his REAL name!

    3. @Mark Berryhill I think you’ll find the phrase “diddly squat” is spoken in English. No one speaks a language called “American”.

  3. I don’t think that the people that they are trying to interview on the streets of Moscow are really supporting the war, as much as it is that they could go to jail if the criticize the war in Ukraine

    If some random person put a camera in my face and asked me how I felt about the war, knowing that it is illegal to criticize the war, I’d come up with some sugary support for the war as well

    The one person who was even slightly honest was the old lady, who probably didn’t care what they would do to her for speaking her mind

    1. @Will If few Russians support the war, why don’t they go to protest rallies? And don’t tell me that they will all be arrested…how can tens of millions of people be arrested?

    2. @Gaetano Наивные вы.. Вас то чем кормят? Той же самой пропагандой.Что не новости так сплошное враньё. Поэтому я правильно сказала. Сидите за океаном смотрите телевизор и верите всему. А я нахожусь в эпицентре событий.

  4. I seem to remember that the Germans were quite good at building tanks, I doubt they’ve got worse at it.

    1. @EhEhEhEINSTEIN In the battle of Kursk one Tiger beat 50 T-34’s. Theres a video on here. 1 Tiger Tank vs 50 T-34s – A True Story

  5. So far, a relatively small amount of “western” weapons have decimated certain parts of the Russian military. I dont see why this would be any different, cause lets not forget when the Abrams was designed, it was designed specifically for fighting the Russians, just like Himars was. And we’ve all seen how effective Himars has been.

    1. NO lets actually forget the Abrams, because they aren’t going to have any effect on this pointless war if they are only going to be delivered in twelve months time.

    2. @AquaFox
      Abrams tank was not so bad during Gulf war, but not as great in Syria, Yemen Civil war, when Houthis were able to destroy these machines with old, Soviet AT equipment, made almost 60 years ago. But the T-90’s low profile is like a rockstar of classic Soviet simplistic reliability and high tech features. T90 is faster and probably 30 tons lighter and more nimble and uses an auto loading system for its main gun.

    3. Exactly. They also said that sending a dozen long range rocket artillery systems wouldn’t do anything to affect the world either. And the warehouses started burning by the hundreds

  6. I don’t understand this “spring offensive”. This time last year they said winter was the best time for an assault because come spring and the thawing of the ground, mud would bog down the tracked vehicles. I guess it doesn’t matter if Russia stuck to highways and roads like last year.

  7. I truly hope they put the maximum emphasis on training and tactics before deploying the things, even if it means waiting a while. …..

  8. As many Leopard II’s as possible 500 is a nice round number. Maintenance and repair is a huge problem with main battle tanks.
    Having a striking force of tanks that are all of the same make and model is very important.

    1. I can’t believe the number of people who trust in tanks! Ever heard of the Russian KORNET anti tank , anti aircraft missile??? Abrams and Leopards are going to BURN

    2. @axlfrhalo
      So you are saying that NATO will use nukes rather than fighting a conventional war against Russia directly.

    1. Mind Begs the Question:
      Deploying Weapons,Mercenaries
      In USA backyard (Cuba) – Security Threat
      In Russias backyard (Ukraine) – not Security Threat?

  9. These main battle tanks will help but the Bradley and other fighting vehicles also important. They can kill tanks with their on-board missiles and transport troop carrying tank killing missiles at the same time.

  10. The number of tanks is very important. But what’s critical to remember is the vehicles that must travel with tanks for an effective assault, an integrated arms team of tanks, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, and Armored Personnel Carriers is essential. The Russians sent out tanks without such an integrated tactical support structure, and the Ukrainian game of Tank Turret Toss began. Those essential support vehicles have also been promised to Ukraine, the Bradley’s, Strykers, and similar vehicles from other nations. But how many, and when? The arrival of them and working to turn them into an integrated assault team working with each tank will make the critical difference between an effective assault force and a Russian version of Tank Turret Toss. I worry about the fact that it will be a mix and match between vehicles from different countries, with lots of differences to be worked out. For effective war to regain their nation, Ukraine will need these vehicles, ammo, communications, and support from drones, artillery, and aircraft. Any lack in any of these other areas will cripple the effectiveness of the whole. A combined arms approach to an assault is key to success, unlike the stupid way the Russians have been fighting, burning through troops with unsupported or poorly supported attacks. Sending out tanks with no infantry support. Sending out infantry with no mobility, No IFV, not even APC support. The Russian officers are incredibly bad at their jobs. Any video-game playing kid from the USA could do better. BTW, I used to be a tank driver, a real tank driver, not a video-game tank driver.

  11. Leopard-2A6 has 1,000mm thick armour and can penetrate 800mm at 2km at night. The Russian T-90 only has 600mm armour and it’s best ammo can’t penetrate the Leopard, Abrams or Challenger (not from the front). Russian ATGM’s are also virtually impotent. However, there will obviously be losses since the sides and rear are vulnerable.

  12. There is a very good reason that many more countries’ militaries have purchased the Leopard II battle tanks and not Russian T72 or T80s.

  13. Russians: “The tanks are not significant and will not affect our invasion of Ukraine.”
    Russians also: “The tanks will escalate the war and we will respond.”

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