Hear what US did to drone before it crashed into Black Sea

The United States erased sensitive software on the MQ-9 Reaper drone remotely before it crashed into the Black Sea to prevent Russia from collecting secret information, according to two US officials. #CNN #News


    1. @Brent Bauer I don’t believe that was what they were trying to do – as I understood the report they have no assets in the Black sea that could even attempt to get there before the Russians.

    2. @Shrujanam Syama Maybe but a) they can’t even produce cars at the moment and b) IF (admitted fairly big if, as I don’t know) there’s nothing particularly advanced/classified on there and the sensitive stuff was erased they may legit not regard retrieving it as worth bothering with.

      The report did say they learned lessons from a similar situation with China, so I think they decided to put the craft at risk with an event with this outcome having been considered. They don’t seem to have gotten too excited about it in any case.

    3. Putin must be held accountable. And all those who have committed crimes against the people of Ukraine

    4. @Marianna Batz Yeah true, but I can kinda see why Ruskies would do something like what they did to that drone – it’s hardly the most egregious of their acts!

  1. It is the bare minimum that I expect from the US military and intelligence services to design systems that erase sensitive data before it falls into enemy hands. From a programmer’s point of view it’s not hard to code software or firmware that erases itself once a certain trigger occurs. In the drone’s case when it self-detects that it’s crashing down from the sky. For example, when the altitude during flight suddenly and abruptly drops and the AI decides that it is due to an attack.

    1. I love it when “programmers” use the term AI wrong. You just you they are just script kiddies. Funny AF.

    2. Simply deleting files off a hard drive won’t do the job. DOD requires a 7 pass delete/write over deleted data to keep people like me from recovering classified/sensitive data. I imagine 2 passes would keep the Russians out. DOD requirements have been around for 20 years or better. Solid State data storage is a different matter which I won’t discuss here..

    3. @dwmcever I doubt they still use harddisks in these drones. way to slow to delete data fast. also. let’s not forget that the storage device is probably fully encrypted. when you dismount such media it probably is all scrambled anyways.

    4. Putin must be held accountable. And all those who have committed crimes against the people of Ukraine

    1. ​@The Savage Wombat “nudged” by a 67k lb aircraft traveling at 200mph delta…yea disappointing indeed. 🙄

    2. @Phillip Ellison There is now footage online of the collision, check it out. The strike and damage are visible.

    3. I mean…. for a few hundred $ you can you make your own drone, most people will have a pretty good understanding on how a drone works after building a few of them.

    4. Putin must be held accountable. And all those who have committed crimes against the people of Ukraine

  2. Next time they should make a drone that swims, duh, “spy drone”, just in case it gets whacked from the sky with a shovel.

    1. Putin must be held accountable. And all those who have committed crimes against the people of Ukraine

  3. Turkey definitely has naval surface assets that could get there relatively quickly….but underwater salvage would be another matter. I would think we would ask Turkey to get surface ships to the splash down location until we can get underwater salvage resources there which depend on Turkey’s control of The Bosphorus Strait anyway.

    1. @Lawrence Mitchell The drone lost in the SU27 wake turbulence…Or the drone engine swallowed the dumped fuel and got choked before it fell into the sea…

    2. @radji CHAKER Looking at today’s released footage, that propeller has been bent…..very incompetent flying by the Russian Pilot. A SU-27 is considerably less manuaverable at lower speeds.

    3. @Lawrence Mitchell No physical contact at all….Fuel vapors+ wake turbulence disturbed the aerodynamics and the engine of the drone…

    4. @radji CHAKER  I guess that’s possible…..but I don’t think either scenario is proven/disproven by the limited video we’ve seen. That’s risky for a manned aircraft to fly that close to another aircraft…..risky to the pilot. It won’t escalate anything though. Russia keeps saying they are at War with NATO; but 1) Ukraine is resisting quite well 2) If Russia wants to fight NATO, they know where to find us.

  4. Still, the radios and sensors can be problematic for foreign intelligence. Good thing we’re moving on from that platform.

    1. Few have been lost in the past, they know what’s on them already and best russia can do is desperately buy moped drones from Iran …best thing was just clearing the software and OS

  5. MQ-9 Reaper can reach an altitude of up to 50,000 feet and has a range of about 1,400 nautical miles. Introduced in 2007, the Reaper replaced the smaller Predator drones in the Air Force’s inventory. The cost of each Reaper is roughly $32 million

    1. Putin must be held accountable. And all those who have committed crimes against the people of Ukraine

    1. ​​@TwstedTV it’s not enough to just delete the information, that’s why the state is trying to take out the drone right now, the thing that falls is not a wallmart toy

  6. I hope there’s something top secret they’re not telling us. Because what they’re saying is just a slap on the hand. I would think that they would be more intelligent. 😮

    1. @Blazing Guy it’s called humour, making light of a bad situation. No wonder people are afraid to make jokes. Try to laugh sometimes, it makes the world a better place.

    2. @Hiram Abiff bro i get it
      I think you didn’t understand it clearly
      But if the comment was seriously sarcastic then i would like it
      He just copied like others did in other videos
      That too it was not at all good😑

    3. Putin must be held accountable. And all those who have committed crimes against the people of Ukraine

  7. Some reports online say that some helicopters were sent from Romania towards the downing site but were chased away. Some other surveillance aircraft of NATO hovered around the Romanian coastline and tried to monitor the crash site from a distance.

    1. When NATO will provoke Russia ,we will be expecting these kinds of comments.its high time to speak truth and stop taking sides.the NATO’s assistance to Ukraine might result to confrontation with Russia. Let’s give peace a chance

  8. These really ought to have self-destruct functionality in them. Not only to get rid of everything, but also to potentially use them as kamikaze drones in the event that you know you won’t be able to recover it.

  9. We wish the Drone Families to take Heart and our Condolences goes out to them All on behalf of the World 💯🤡🤡

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