1. It’s essentially a storage issue! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    How can anyone take this clown seriously.

    1. Does he have to spell it out for you? He’s saying if they attack inside other countries borders to get where we are supplying Ukraine with weapons then it would mean pulling nato into the war. Only clown here is you and your bipartisanship.

  2. Politicians, you either hate them or love them. It’s hard to hate someone but it’s not hard to dislike one, either.

    1. @Richter Von Streed it’s a fact, you know that. the world is watching. we need a savior from this downward spiral caused by Democrat ineptitude. you might not like hearing the truth.

    2. @Pilot Paulie Have you ever heard Elon Musk speak? His stuttering omg. But he is still 1000 x smarter than you.

  3. You know what’s more scary? Rubio, Scott and DeSantis voted against the hurricane relief fund is like going against Floridians. All three needs to resign.

    1. @Jimmy Young How is that more scary? Making jokes while people lost their homes and their livelyhoods. Then being dragged even lower by the people who were supposed to protect them.

    1. The guy didn’t even the gut to condemn Trump for the riot.And yet he…on the Senate intelligence comedy.The irony.

    2. Can’t wait to vote against you Rubio!! And Desantis. Did you see his new adds? He goes on about teachers indoctrinating kids etc… when we are short 9.5k teachers in Florida. He’s ridiculous and self serving.

  4. Putin faced severe embarrassment when Ukrainian soldiers liberated the key eastern city of Lyman, raising the blue and yellow national flag above its entrance sign, hours after Putin announced that the area was Moscow’s β€œfor ever”.

    Ukraine’s armed forces said they had entirely surrounded the city, trapping thousands of Russian soldiers inside. The governor of Luhansk province, Serhiy Haidai, said the besieged troops had begged on Friday to be allowed to leave Lyman. Their commanders refused. 🀣

    With no way out, the Russians could either surrender, try to escape or die together, Haidai said.

  5. Shouldn’t this Florida politician be very, very, VERY busy with one particular thing going on in his state? Where does he find the time for this?

    1. President Reagan did really understood politics…not to take an attitude of fear!!! This war caused by Russia must be won by Ukraine.

    2. Oh yeah, because politicians who acted on behalf of corporate interest have to flip burgers instead of getting into some board of directors position after they’ve been voted out. Right….

  6. This is that last party / person I want to hear from in a time such as this. Real leadership is needed. Don’t waste our time with segments like this.

  7. Where the heck did that jab at the Chinese come from? That was odd. Its almost like he had a queue of talking points to get through regardless of the context.

    1. It was odd but I hope he was trying to say only superpowers could do this. I took it as a compliment to them intended or not. He said China is one of very few nations that has the necessary technical capabilities as the U.S. or Russia.
      However Rubio’s technical abilities make your interpretation more likely!

  8. Seems some times it’s better to not give ideas to evil, as it seems evil comes up with enough of its own ideas.

    1. The Republicans are expert at pointing out so called problems but never any solutions and the prisoner swap is just another example

  9. Damn, I lost big money guessing what he was more afraid of than a nuclear attack before clicking on the video. Was for sure thinking he was more afraid of losing his Senate seat.

  10. It’s good to hear politicians talk about something other than the typical fight to the top of the dung heap for a change.

  11. Let’s see. What would any Republican Senator be most afraid of? Probably informed, intelligent voters; well-drawn voting districts; and an independent judiciary.

  12. ” Would NATO respond?” Well, “I think it would depend…….” Of course NATO would respond. That’s the whole point of NATO. Biden said only a day or so ago, NATO would defend every inch of its territory.

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