1. From the dictionary: Malice (noun) the desire to harm someone; ill will. This libel includes “they used to execute people for this”. I think I can spot the malice.

    1. @L Hoyt As a non american, from a European perspective I am constantly amazed at the writings of some people, either it is done for a purpose, to cause an argument or they are really serious about their deluded comments. Then I remember that 75+ Million Adult Americans voted for Trump….

  2. When you are a bombastic, mendacious, braggadocious , bully all your life there has to be accountability. “The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine”.

    1. @Robert Stanford
      Yes the wheels of justice are turning. You can bet some people have decided to cooperate with Durham, the people who might be charged with espionage.

    2. @Robin Blackmoor
      I have been listening to Supreme Court oral argument since before you were born. Durham’s court filings are a shorter read than some Supreme Court opinions. I’m not in a fantasy world, but since Bostock v Clayton County and since Democrats have turned a blind eye to transgender bullies beating up on girls in sports, I have been living in the Twilight Zone. I’d be happy to discuss it with you, but doubtful you have any knowledge about that case or any concern about athletics.

    3. @Jonathan Sterling get some help. When people with strong delusions have those delusions shattered, which is your future, they often will harm themselves. Please get help.

    1. @Angel Daisy I will continue to support our Republic. You see, y’all don’t like Trump and refused to do what he wanted. And I don’t like biden and will continue to ignore him. When he was elected, I made a promised to give biden the very same honor, respect, and disdain that democrats so kindly bestowed upon President Donald Trump for 4 years +.

    2. @Stacey Krause There is no ‘Durham Report’ yet. The report doesn’t come until the investigation is over; and his investigation isn’t over yet. This is about just one court filing.

    3. @Ace1King1 I never said the decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. I only indicated my preference for choice should it be necessary, and that choice shouldn’t be eliminated from a list of options without considering individual factors. My point is *NO ONE* should cite the issue as their *major* point in deciding whom to vote for. It’s disingenuous at best, and dangerous at worst.
      It’s not my place to judge whether it’s morally right or wrong for someone else. It frustrates me to no end when people do that. Thank you for taking the time to read all that. I know it was long; but I felt it was necessary.

  3. Clinton: “you guys are coming very close to ‘actual malice'”
    Fox’s lawyer’s: “maybe we should hold back.”

  4. Doesn’t matter, the lie has been told to it projected audience, they’ve heard it, the genie is out of the bottle, all they have to do is tell the lie not followup with the truth.

    1. @Nancy Kaczor name one thing he lied about that has actual documentation and not hear say or msm propaganda?

  5. It’s interesting to hear the term cover being used to describe the spreading of lies. What’s wrong with holding media accountable to a set of journalistic standards if they what to hold the public trust by using the label News?

    1. @SMS no not surprised that’s the number I’ve read also. I’m with you. There is no reason for the ignorance in the US. Just about everyone has a cell phone and a quick Google search shows plenty of sights to gain knowledge. We have a lot of ignorance, hate and racism in this country which is why Trump can pull off the greatest Con of all time.

    1. @BriarDan strange since fox ratings are up while cnn’s is in the toilet,i hear reruns of pepper pig is looked at more than cnn😂

  6. She mentioned suing the false story propagators and magically, the storyline vanished.
    The high likihood of discovery during a trial was more than enough for Fox to drop it all.

    1. @Starley Shelton oh so flushing papers in the toilet is not destroying them,ok 😅😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤡🤡🤐🤐

    2. @wreckin ball Damn. Everybody hopped on you didn’t they?
      She spent 11 hours talking to them.
      Yeah. I cheated.
      It’s a long thread.

    1. @Labhra Bog Woman You are just jealous that my parents are normal and yours call themselves ‘transgenders.’

    2. @Earl Morton Haunt whom, given the fact that it isn’t incriminating? Do you know when he said it, if he did, and in what context? Since you street Trump-haters apparently know more than Trump-hating Mueller and his fellow Trump-haters on his legal team, perhaps you people should have done the investigation or perhaps now present to law enforcement the supposed incriminating evidence that you all have.

    1. @Bradyn Lotterman Obviously it’s still going right over your head. Do I really have to explain why you are MAKING MY POINT when you say you called the BLM/Antifa rioters in Kenosha thugs first/also or are you going to figure it out by yourself?

    2. @Bradyn Lotterman And there is another telltale sign. I’m not painting anyone to be anything. I am simply pointing out your actions. I told you you’re in over your head.

      You see, I am only pointing out things YOU are saying. Anyone can tell you these are things a racist would say.
      And anyone can tell you the racist response would be to turn it on the accuser.

      As opposed to your seeing the similarities between the two (what you said and what a racist would say) and, as a result, EXPLAINING why your response is different.

    3. @reggie powell anyone burning down the businesses of innocent people in any community qualifies as a THUG. No matter what organization they claim to be with. No matter the color of their skin. End of story.

    4. @reggie powell beside this is about HRC and NOT Kyle Rittenhouse. By agreeing to fall into argument or debate about anything else you are doing exactly as wished.

  7. What I find really funny, is that right wing media are attacking Hillary Clinton accusing her of being exactly what Trump is.

    1. @Rodney Oneil Don’t be so sure. I wish/hope you’re right but I have zero expectations that Trump especially will be held accountable in any meaningful way. I expect right wing media to just get worse. I love your optimism tho.

  8. Just another one of those extinct mythical “Kraken’s” we keep hearing about, but are never actually seen. 🤣😉👍

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