1. Well, he may have won in Florida,but not really liked in the rest of America,and I see no difference between him and trump.

    1. @David Guelette I love DeSantis. I don’t live in FL. He’s the most popular gov in America. P.S. Nothing moderate about Biden. He turned into the demented version of socialist Bernie Sanders.

  2. No matter who wins the GOP 2024 presidential nomination, that person is going to have to pledge to pursue a nationwide abortion ban. While that will not guarantee defeat in the general election, it will go a long way toward doing so.

    1. @Barry Berisha No. It won’t. The only reason the Supreme Court sent it back to the states is that abortion was never a Constitutional Subject. Most states will keep abortion rights.

    2. @kay armstrong I can’t believe after a midterm election that wasn’t supposed to be close you are saying that when so many people literally voted on that issue and they will continue to do so until it’s codified into law.

    3. The GOP nominee, if he has any brains, will frame it as a state’s rights issue and not do anything on a national level.

  3. Anyone hyping DeSanctimonious should check out that shocking footage of him walking into a room and viciously ripping apart several well-meaning teenagers who were wearing covid masks. His whole little face was contorted by rage and hate. The poor kids had no idea what hit them.

    1. Even though he sent his own kids to a private school with some of the most strict covid rules in his state.
      Attacking those kids for following medical advice was performance art to please the radicals who demand a never ending supply of red meat.

    2. BS, it was every bit as bad as it appeared. What an incompetent, petulant goon Dicksantis is. On display bullying a teenager. Glad to see that kid stand up for himself.

  4. I patriotically love that Trump single-handedly split the Republican Party in two and gave Democrats the easiest win in US history for 2024.

    1. This is why America needs Trump to win the nomination. It will be an automatic free win for the Democrats, and the constitution remains.

    2. This is not about winning..this is about right and wrong and leadership whom are for all Americans. Just piggybacking off your comments..happy Holidays

    1. @Michael Moy DeSantis served in the Navy for a seals team and is still in the reserves. Has degrees from both Yale and Harvard!!! DeSantis is REALLY SMART. Rebuilt several bridges in 3 days after the hurricane. Represents 22 Million people. Has more people now than NY but operates on 1/3 of the budget. Has been endorsed by every cop. Has created the most jobs next to Texas. Never closed down the booming economy during Covid but made a special issue of protecting the elderly and is only #15 on the list of Covid deaths. He’s a ROCKSTAR, and I don’t even live there. DeSantis 2024!!

    2. @kay armstrong There are some folks who are really smart that aren’t the most comfortable in interviews and debates. Sununu does really well in interviews and debates. Desantis doesn’t seems as comfortable doing them.

  5. Of course he got a standing ovation, all those people were there to see him, DUH. or being held hostage…one of the 2.

    1. DeSadist Tortured Hostages at Guantanamo Bay. DeSadist must be revealed, and stopped. The story is public, look it up.

  6. Take note of how all these Republicans are saying “we don’t want Trump 2024 because we don’t want to lose” rather than “we condemn Trump because he’s a terrible person and was an incompetent president”.

    1. @Harold Moore When?? Under Biden no one can say their quality of living is better. Everything is worse under Biden.

    2. @Leroy100 Or why hasn’t the Jan6 committee looked at the 6 months of deadly destructive Riots that took place across this Nation??

    3. @Lab A Door We are worse off under Biden – how can you not admit that?? Everything is worse now! Even his Covid numbers are worse!

  7. If what he did in Florida is reminiscent of his leadership, then, God help us! He’ll be worse, just an educated Donald Trump on steroids.

  8. So him literally rigging the system by drawing his own maps didn’t help him when in Florida? Democrats not really trying in Florida didn’t help him win. Yeah he can win in very red states but every where else he has major problems and a record he has to run on.

    1. I agree. Its like that lady in Arizona winning a race and never debated or come up with anything to better her state. Or a guy who (understandably) can’t form a sentence or comprehend a question won in his state.

    2. @Senia T I can’t think of anyone who fits that description. Herschel Walker didn’t win in his state, he came in second place and is heading for a runoff, and John Fetterman has no problems with comprehension, his issues are auditory and verbal (and probably not permanent), so it’s a mystery who you would be referring to.

    1. I think its concerning that people would not be concerned about the credentials of their teachers. All my teachers in grade and high school had masters degrees in their field and also education. That is a world of difference from a teacher with a 2 year degree.

    2. @Jimmy Young Losing population to Florida? LOL! The premise of a state’s population growth as a political competition is absurd. And an even more ludicrous implication is that people move because of states’ politics. However, if it were true, I hope every wannabe DeSantis disciple moves to Florida. That would ensure they are the whining, I mean winning, state.

  9. America has basically moved from being a liberal democracy to an electoral Oligarchy maintained in place by a corporate duopoly, but the GOP want to go further, they want to do away with the “duopoly” side of things, and move us into an era of true neo-fascist autocracy. All to make sure that what slim functioning aspects of democracy that are still present within the system don’t threaten to bring about enough reform that it may alow the rest of the people to actually claw back a tiny portion of political power back from the corporate oligarchy… that’s literally all! They’re not even worried in the slightest that either corporatism its self or the oligarchs that it supports could ever be “dethroned” from the seat of power in the USA, (that would require deep, massive systemic change and a heavy dose of wealth redistribution through the introduction of a level of economic democracy that probably can’t be obtained via electoralism anymore in the US in its present political state anyway), So they’re not worried about that, but just about the their eventually being enough reform that they might have to share SOME of that power, wealth and privilege with the ordinary citizens of this country… that’s all it is that makes them so sick, the very idea disgusts them. And they’re literally ready to roll out the red carpet for fascists in order to not have to live with even a slight risk that it might happen. They’re the political embodiment exactly the kind of selfish cowardice that enable an illegitimate ruling class to completely hollow out a democracy just for their own personal benefit.

    1. Like the Great 2 Trillion Tax giveaway in Making America Great again LMAO and the Flim Flam Man sold it hook line n sinker LMAO suckers

    2. After reading your rant I only really wonder two things, have you really ever spoken to a Republican in a civil way where you just talk ideas? And if you had a magic wand how would you do things?

  10. While Florida has trended red in recent years, this is in large part to the baby boomers retiring there, as many head for the sunshine state. But the oldest of the baby boomers are reaching the end of their voting years, a trend that will continue. And it remains to be seen if A. Florida remains the number one destination for the eastern retirees and B. if Gen X has as many republicans/conservatives as the Baby Boomers have. Bigger and more devastating storms with more flooding may deter some from investing their retirement years there. Gen Z is much more racially and ethnically diverse than the Baby Boomers.

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