1. The greatest challenge of this world is knowing enough about a subject to think you are right, but not knowing enough about the subject to know you are wrong…

  2. Reminder to all the people who want less mass shootings. Make sure to update your voter registration!! Only have a few days left to do so for voting!!!! At least in my area, the due date is the June 9th or you won’t be able to vote!

    1. @Big Blue interesting that you think I’m a democrat because I want less mass shootings. What does that say about you?

  3. Florida (under a Republican governor) raised the age to purchase a gun (any gun) to 21 after the Parkland shooting. I originally opposed the idea, but the more I look at how many (almost all) of these school and hate shooters are under 21, I think I was wrong. I’m a supporter of gun rights, but at this point maybe raising the age to purchase semi-automatic rifles to 21 would be beneficial.

    1. ​@Neville Taylor You missed the point. You think your grandson is responsible enough to sign binding contract giving himself over to the government to be *killed in combat* in a foreign land … but you don’t think he’s responsible enough to own a .22?

    2. @Ebk Tonyy have you ever thought that sending an 18yo into battle was a good idea? I can speculate 28 is a better number unless your belief is that a non military person has more common sense than an 18yo veteran, trained and not out to kill innocence. Your claim is fodder

    3. My nephew was denied entrance to the marines because he actually stated he wanted to kill muslims………so kudos to the marines and I don’t partake with that side of my family anymore, I actually berated him as a monster

    4. @Kaiser Milo I think that learning to handle a firearm in a disciplined environment being taught by people with a high level expertize is better than someone just buying a gun without any knowledge of how to safely handle one. The rest is a different topic of conversation.

  4. Having to clarify “reasonable Republicans” let’s you know how crazy they have gotten.

  5. We will all soon hear their political careers are now Over and done with like liz cheny and the other rodents of that crowd.

  6. Any politician who won’t vote a certain way because they my lose re-election, shouldn’t be in office. It’s not a job, it’s a service.

    1. A service to whom he is a representative, a voice in the federal government who represents his/her constituents concerns and desires but, never a floozy for those reckless ideologs

  7. I’m just thinking, If the Americans make it illegal to receive fund money from weapons organizations or weapons manufacturers, maybe there would be no problem in introducing laws that limit the possibilities of buying weapons.

    1. Have you ever bout a gun? Then how would you know what you need to buy a gun. I can even buy rifle ammo with having some form of ID that says I am atleast 18 years of age.

  8. Please!!!!!! GOP support it until its time to vote and then they send Rand Paul to hold it up and then at the last minute they all change their minds. How many times has Mitch McConnell done exactly that?

  9. If you’re not allowing your kid to have light up shoes with that unreasonable amount of fear controlling your decision making process, then maybe you shouldn’t be SUBJECTIVELY adding to this complex issue.

  10. Until their children are gunned down. You have to show ID to prove you’re 21 to buy cigarettes.

  11. A “strategist” and a *former* state representative who served a whole six years … really great sample you got there.

  12. Owning vehicles requires registration, licenses, classes/tests, sobriety, and titles. Adopt the same for guns.

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