1. While it’s higher temps in some places in Canada it’s cooler in other parts Canada. Average temps in Canada are still average as usual.

    1. Yep 👍 It’s called observed Junior. Nothing scientific about it. Been around since the 60’s. Climate is always changing.

    2. @Don’t Poke The Bear 👍😎 Same here. Get old enough, and you’ll notice the seasons; the repeatition, as well as the occasional aberations…

    3. @td603 td603 There’s plenty of data throughout the Youtube comment sections proving you’re a liberal shill and a complete imbecile !!!

    1. Those taxes have reduced emissions. Fact! But obviously facts aren’t important to science illiterates

  2. its always hot in the middle of july, let me guess they are pushing the climate change narrative.

  3. There’s a sidebar with temperatures in cities. The highest was 31, lowest I saw was 7.
    Climate change has melted Santa’s slave elf plantation. Elves are heading south in droves. Some have taken jobs as garden gnomes, but others are boiling in the streets.

  4. maybe warmer where you are, its july 4th here in the Canadian Rockies and we are wearing our jackets, be nice if it was warmer here, I wish the global warming were true

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