Heat Wave Impacts 1 Billion Sea Creatures In The Pacific Northwest 1

Heat Wave Impacts 1 Billion Sea Creatures In The Pacific Northwest


The heat wave in the Pacific Northwest is creating lasting damage to marine life. Marine ecologists Alyssa Gehman and Emily Carrington talk about the impact, and what can be done to help.
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    1. Yes indeedy‼️‼️I’m in Texas, surely the fossil fuels headquarters for lobbyists in the US‼️

    1. My two favorite cities in the world… ugh, deepest regrets we’re in the situation we are!🌎💚✌🏽⚖️‼️
      The Mother Earth needs us desperately..

    1. @Lily Jade You can go electric, Einstein. But if you like cancer and other diseases, good for you

    2. @Michael Downer
      There is no single issue that is “most important”. We need a wide variety of solutions.

    1. @sockpuppetbitme Check out hoover Digest of Stanford U article “Sunscreen for planet Earth.” They started stratospheric aerosol injections 1998 to partially block out the sun There’s many other methods of geoengineering. We made it rain in Vietnam war, cloud seeding is 70 yo technology or older, they have targeted microwaves heat and energy weapons, haarp heats up the ionosphere to change the trajectory of the jet stream and there’s several of them now, they detonate bombs in parts of the atmosphere to cause changes. And much of this is done in the name of fighting climate change yet never factored into their equations showing climate change. When planes quit flying for covid skies weren’t covered for a year and that’s one reason plus they have targeted energy weapons tech and can easily set fires. Look the reality is theyve hid UFOs and that’s been true all along they’re in on it, of course they still have tech far beyond what they tell the public and several countries can change weather and it’s having an impact but it’s not just heat it’s cold hurricanes wildfires etc. That’s not because we’re allowed to drive or have ac like they would have you believe
      It’s just like Fauci turned out to be behind creating covid it’s a control tactic they cause crisis blame us then the solution is loss of freedom new laws etc

    2. @Not RixAmoris so you are saying muscles have never died because of heat? this is the first time it has ever happened?

    3. @sockpuppetbitme yeah like birds eyes bleeding falling out of the sky that’s not because it’s hot they’re being cooked in the air by “something” they really know exactly what it is. They’ve been fing with the climate and air and radiation from 5G all the cell towers, there’s a billion reasons besides carbon. More carbon was in the atmosphere in the prehistoric times 1 volcano cam release more carbon than years of human activity

    4. @Paul Wilson no mussels as in shellfish and do they always die during heat waves…come one now beta that is unusual coz it isnt then mussels should be an endangered animal or extinct even.

  1. Tragic! Unfortunately we don’t have GOP leaders who will support Biden’s climate agenda. Therefore, we will all suffer..

    1. Yes, sure but everybody knows worldwide output of carbon is growing larger all the time because China knows BS

    2. @Sam Harris Spending a lot of energy worrying about China.
      The best way to lose a race is to spend your time looking over your shoulder worried about the competition.
      If Elon Musk ran SpaceX with that attitude, he’d still be trying to get his first rocket orbital.
      Just because China is wrong, doesn’t mean we need to be also.

  2. I hate to say this but this may happen again a month from now or in all probability a year from, and maybe even worse.

    1. That’s the scary thing, Joe. If it happens again and again, there will be no recovery from it. The scientist mentions eel grass. The whole west coast salmon ecosystem depends on eel grass. We’ve been seeing a mass extinction of our purple starfish here for the last couple of years. Climate change is real. The speed which it is happening is stunning.

  3. Eastern Canada here. We now see days of major thaws and even RAIN in January and February… which are the months when the days of -35, -40’s used to be.

  4. It’s heartbreaking. Makes me sad to know that our actions as humans are changing the climate/ environment and that animals and sea life are paying the price for it.

    1. The people on that coast are robbing the millions of years old Colorado river dry. So they can live in a desert. Then complain about climate change as they watch the fires burn and won’t clean up their forests.

  5. Humanity’s greatest achievement to come will be the extermination of our very own species and the extermination of other species around us… Smh…

  6. this is just the beginning, watch what happens within five years, it maybe too late already, like the state of our democracy.

  7. Let’s have California tell us how to live our lives as they rob the Colorado river dry. It has been there for millions of years but a bunch of people living in the desert are willing to destroy it and then complain to me about climate change.

  8. Before the pandemic hit the world was going though 100 million barrels of oil every single day. One billion barrels every 10 days. America was using 33% of that oil.

  9. Sensitive ecotones have reach the very small tolerances of millions of years of evolution… Small temp/time/tide exposure bump causing cascade block chain failure

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