Heated Debate as JSC Studies New Firearm Bill | TVJ News – Mar 9 2022

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  1. The Man talking is a big Fool…. this is why the system is so broken…am thinking gun’s should be given to everyone at this point because it’s only Law Abiding Citizen don’t have and can’t get any to protect them self against gun Man..

  2. The JRA is outdated in its thinking period! Its major concern is the limitations that the proposed amendments will have on children under 16 competing in rifle competition worldwide is laughable at best. What country do these people live in,because it certainly cannot be Jamaica! We have a massive crime and violence problem with most murderers committed by firearms yet they want things to remain the same. The JRA worries about rifle competition while all well thinking citizens thinks about their safety and right to live in peace. JRA,archaic at best!

  3. This lady is arguing with semantics here,the proposal covers ALL RIFLES,LEGAL AND ILLEGAL MADAM! Jamaica have too many problems for her to be majoring in the minor. Waste of time and taxpayers money arguing for nonsense like this. Get a grip lady!

  4. If you can compare with the calibers used by the armed criminals not many of them use .22LR or none at all. .22LR is a vermin caliber that can kill but mostly used to shoot small animals or used for training purposes cause its considered cheap ammo for now.
    .223, 5.56, 7.62, 9MM, .40CAL, .45CAL OR .50BMG is what the criminals carry cause they love the firepower. .22LR is the smallest of all calibers.

    All of the guns laws and gun control laws hasn’t changed anything here in Jamaica and this bill will not do harm against the criminals just the Legal Firearm Holders.

  5. They are arguing two different things.
    There must be a controlled way to allow sports participation in rifle shooting which restrictions are in place. This is for the privilege few yes but it is what it is.

  6. Why not ban Horace Chang fire him from the post, the statistics says he’s not doing a good job

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