Heated exchange in QP over COVID-19 measures and the border

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra and Conservative public safety critic Raquel Dancho debate COVID-19 and the border.

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    1. Believing in MONEY then allowing so few to hold such wealth over the whole of Humanity and are Planet we all reside on, to be destroyed by said Oligarchs, all for greed and Faulse Power……

    1. @M Casey you do realize everything conspiracy theorists have been saying for (at least) the last 6 years has come true? So if by “causing more damage” you mean “predicting the future” then yes I completely agree

    2. @Alycia Hall Next is to learn who your Father is…now that you know it surely can’t be rub-hands-alot: whom sits as princes over the seas of peoples.

  1. Okay so just because they say trust the scientists doesn’t mean you should.
    And might I add I am a biologist.

    Look up Unit 730 Japan.
    Science can get pretty dark.

    Just because your practice science doesn’t mean you deserve to be trusted

    1. grow up seriously you’re going down the cry route? You infant so did the liberals when Harper was in office for 9 years.

  2. We need crb back .. ..im self employed…..was……..my income is down 100 percent …this new variant has renewed paranoia in society ….there goes my Christmas…thanks government ….

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