Heaviest rainfall in a century devastates parts of Western Europe 1

Heaviest rainfall in a century devastates parts of Western Europe


About 1,300 people remain unaccounted for in Germany after the heaviest rainfall in a century caused deadly flash floods to devastate parts of Western Europe, prompting a large-scale rescue effort. CNN's Nina Dos Santos reports. #CNN #CNNI #News


  1. To the person reading this: Even though I don’t know you, I wish you the best of what life has to offer 🤩

    1. @Ordinary Mo it’s good but when it’s coming from a spammer it’s just annoying and makes you feel worst

  2. Seems 100 year weather events are a weekly thing. We had 130 degree fahrenheit (55C) temps in Western US.

    1. @Al Jirou Tony Heller? I’d rather listen to the overwhelming number of scientists who have studied this for decades than some birther on social media.
      But you be you

    2. Leftists bullshit. Yes there are some events but those rainfalls were not the highest in a century, we had a flooding in the 1950s and 1970s and 2002, this flooding now is exaggerated by the media for their massive climate change propaganda and the people who aren’t used to think for themselves are believing that this flooding was even worse. The heat in Kanada and the US is a different thing, but there was one event like that. Seeing that taxes on CO2 and transformation to electric mobility will destroy the economy in the EU, other countries won’t follow and the narrative on nuclear energy didn’t help either, cause we need those to stop the coal power plants.

    3. @ABSOLUTE TRUTH ANTIFAWe won’t reach anything if other countries doesn’t follow us. They won’t destroy their economy over two degrees more.

    4. Always knew individuals from Oregon and Washington state were on drugs, 130° your max record temperatures were barely 105-110° 😂😂😂 Lay off the rioting and drugs, you might grasp reality a little better!

    5. It’s all that stuff written in the Bible. The democratic party is a front for the devils legion, always was, all democrats serve the Antichrist.
      Did the devil turn you
      To make you an abomination to God yet?

    1. @Rob Arkell You don’t have to be “right wing” to notice that there is an obvious authoritarian agenda behind all of this “climate” and “pandemic” fearmongering. You only have to be nonpartisan to recognize it for what it is. This is all a control mechanism.

    2. @L Rom And volcanic eruptions also cause change to our climate. So what? I’m not going to run for the hills because a volcano erupts 3000 miles away from me, anymore than I’m going to make you apologize for breathing and farting. The entire premise of the hysteria behind this climate change garbage is absurdly irrational.

    3. @L Rom When you say things like “you don’t understand the science”, what you’re actually saying is that I don’t agree with the scientific hypothesis that you believe to be true… “Science” isn’t a dogma. It’s a series of theories that are constantly challenged and evolving based on continuous research and scrutiny. I’m not the one who is pretending to know everything. You are!

    4. @Joe Boyko “I don’t believe the scientific hypothesis that you believe to be true”
      So tell us Joe. What’s your background in climate science? You must have studied this topic extensively to have such an educated opinion that goes against an overwhelming majority of career scientists who have dedicated their lives to this topic.

  3. Thank you for information! I’m from Germany, somehow I didn’t hear that Italy and France come to help for the cleanup. It’s great to have friends in danger and need. We all must help each other. I’m so happy that this wasn’t where we live. In NRW my brothers live, but not whole NRW is affected by that plenty of rain. I pray for them and if I can spend money I will. Help is the best we who’re not hit can do.

    1. I completely agree, solidarity should always be UE first commandment.

    2. Problem is, all countries are gonna get worse and all will have their own issues, thus no one will come to aid each other later. This is just the start and a small taste of what is fully incoming.

    3. I’m not sure if they are. IT’s super hard to find anything about that, but from the last i heard, Italy, UK, Austria all offered Help but germany hasn’t actually asked for it yet. Italy and France sent help to Belgium after on Wednesday Belgium asked the EU for Help. It seems like germany hasn’t done that yet. At least there’s nothing about this on any official sites i can find. Correct me if i’m wrong.

  4. My condolences to all of those who have lost loved ones, friends and their homes and business’.
    I’m so sorry. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. @Zack Hall

      Even if they did so what at least this person is being kind and thought ans showing Empathy we need more of that in the world today

    2. Sorry for what?
      Are you still running with Hillarys Russian collusion lie after record breaking democratic election fraud?

  5. We see who is in control, Mother nature is getting PISSED OFF! Lord helps us all, Everyone. Very troubling.

    1. @Patti Fabiani Yes, It’s not good at all. Thank goodness that SOME people care, But I believe we’re very close to climate collapse. Take care. 😃

    2. @Yahnathan Tasian I understand. Its just a figure of speech. 😃 We need to lighten up. Be well.

    3. Lord?!? Mother Earth has had it with the human plague on her skin!! Before we had these events every 100 years, now we have extreme weather all over the planet, several times a year!

  6. In a couple of years people will be commenting, “old news” when talking about floods, droughts, and forest fires. The straw that broke the camel’s back, has been placed.

    1. @lch jr Yes they did. You just didn’t hear about it, only in very exeptional circumstances. News and video nowadays is instant the world over thanks to the internet. Back in the day that took much longer and often had past it’s news date.

    2. @Tele Bubba Hahaha, millennials and GenZs are so funny “imagining” what the past was like before their time. They think anything before 2015 was The Flintstone Age. We’ve had “instant” news broadcasts for more half a century, thanks to news wires and satellite television. When JFK was shot and killed, when Mt. Saint Helens erupted, when the Challenger disaster and 9/11 happened, the news was so fast that it actually covered the events live.

      This type of nonsense that you’ve posted is why older generations make fun of GenZs and millennials. You could just ASK members what the past was like but you guys are so arrogant that you just make up history for yourselves. 🤣

    3. @lch jr , where do you live? Certainly not in Canada. Every year for the past 7 or so years, there have been major forest fires. Many places are suffering from drought in Canada as well. The temperature reached 114°F just outside of Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia. This is most certainly Not normal weather. Bury your head in the sand if it makes you feel better, but remember, that sand is gonna get hella hot!

    4. @Tele Bubba it’s the same way tornadoes happen every year but we only see the really bad ones. Mild droughts and floods have been a norm for many places, but now we’re getting “once in a century” weather events multiple times each year.

      If 1 person dies in a car crash it might not make the news, but if 100 die daily people are going to ask why

  7. i come from Germany a small village called Wershofen and it was totally crazy I have looked down the window and after one hour of raining our whole basement was fllood and we had to left our house after half s day our village was a see!

    1. Tut mir leid das zu hören. Komme aus ostbayern und wir hatten 2012 eine ähnliche Situation. Viel Kraft euch und mein Beileid

    1. I moved from Switzerland to Central Canada two years ago for a job, and over here we’re currently fighting a pretty bad drought and wildfires…
      My previous home is getting flooded, while my current home struggled to get any water and is literally on fire. It’s so heart breaking 🙁

    2. I am very sorry to hear that Switzerland is having it bad to. God bless you all over there and please take care. I truly believe that this planet has seen its Better Days and it is dying period and it’s the human race that has destroyed it

  8. It would take literally nothing from Mother Nature to throw our entire existence as a species into irreversible chaos!!!

    1. A good first step to reduce climate pollution: citizensclimatelobby.org/basics-carbon-fee-dividend. Please tell Congress you want them to act by writing them at cclusa.org/write. Thanks!

    2. Scientists have constantly reiterated, this relatively stable period in Earth’s history is a huge anomaly. Our mistake was thinking that the way things were, are the way things will always be. I for see humanity becoming much more nomadic with pockets of permanent settlement in the future. That or our living space and buildings will work more with nature rather than being an obstacle on the landscape. For instance, in area prone to flooding, homes might be able to float as waters rise, rather than being cemented to the Earth.

  9. So the US is nearing its worst drought in modern history but Europe is getting this? Found where our rain went guys.
    On a serious note, sorry for you all there you’ll be in my prayers.

  10. It’s going to get worse for everyone. I live in Washington state the heat dome was bad hundreds dead it is still above 95 everyday. Condolences to Germany.

    1. Most of these may be just because of the partly total loss of communication and many also may have been reported multiple times by friends and relatives. But the death toll will be rising, I’m afraid.

  11. Florida is one of the more extreme states that are experiencing a climate crisis yet, this Gov. Desantis does nothing at all, but climb his own ladder of success. Scary

  12. If the human race keeps up on the path it is going, we are at the end and it will be soon.

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